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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....

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Sep 27, 2019

I absolutely enjoyed taking this course! Professor Bloom did an incredible job explaining the course material and providing additional reading materials to further my knowledge throughout this course.


Jan 26, 2019

I enjoyed this course a lot and prof. Bloom is very easy to follow. Being that I have done my studies on psychology in another language it was very important for me to take this course in English.

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por Godwin

Jul 13, 2019

This is one of the best sites for those who want to understand who they are and who are they in order to take precautious measures.The language used is simple to understand and it did help me complete my tests in time.I encourage whoever is interested to study more about psychology to signup.

por Renate H

Mar 03, 2020

Thank you so much Prof. Blum for this most interesting course. The lectures were very clear structured and easy to understand. I learned so much in that interesting course and I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in psychology. I’m happy to have been able to participate.

por Afza S

Dec 21, 2019

Loved the course, very entertaining topics kept me engaged the whole time, If the entire certificate is done by this professor Im sure I can pass with flying colors and that would be wonderful as I work in spurts and traditional education really doesn't work with me but I love learning !

por SeoJin M

Feb 04, 2020

This helped me so much for my psychology class in school. Not only it helped me understand everything that the teacher says in school but also it makes me love psychology! I just get to love it so much and am really thankful for professor Bloom who created this wonderful course for us.

por Aengus K

Feb 15, 2019

I haven't even started the course yet but it looks brilliant! Never in my life did I think I would be doing a course offered by Yale University! I thank the folks at Yale and Coursera for making it so easy and cheap for one to be able to attempt achieving what some would call a dream!

por Alejandra M T

Jan 22, 2020

I think this is a very good introduction to Psychology. The lectures are easy to follow and understand, and the readings add a lot of extra value to really solidify what was said in the lectures. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in knowing about psychology.

por michael w w

Nov 08, 2019

I thought this course was a well organized and well presented overview of the field of psychology. It’s encouraging me to delve deeper into some more specific areas. I also found Prof. Bloom’s deliver pay and supplemental readings to be nicely complementary . Highly recommended !

por Zameer B M

Sep 30, 2019

Professor Paul Bloom explained 'Introduction to Psychology' topics methodically with confidence.

Additional materials are very helpful. Videos are engaging.

I recommend this course to anyone who are interested in Psychology or just to know about our own brain and how it works.

por Sheanah H

Sep 02, 2019

amazing intro course! my first course in years and I loved it and have my passion again for psychology! Paul Bloom is an amazing prof!! Look forward to more in the future - Coursera has made this manageable for anyone wanting to further their education and skills! AMAZING!

por Deleted A

Oct 14, 2019

Enrolling in and completion of Introduction To Psychology is the Best thing I've ever done in my entire life.

I'm a much better and happier person because this course has given my life Meaning and desire to achieve more intellectually.

A big thanks to Coursera 🙏🙏🙏

por Acharya S

Jan 15, 2020

A wonderful, expansive course that touches upon the many facets of psychology and gives the learners enough room to explore by themselves. A definite recommend, I went from nearly a complete beginner to a well-grounded student in the process of doing this course.

por Valdrina

Mar 04, 2020

I really enjoyed the time spend doing this course offered by your establishment. I really enjoyed the various lectures, the presentations and the interraction with the on line information. I am going to recommend this course to others so that they can benefit;

por Aysun A N

Feb 23, 2020

I strongly recommend this course for those who are interested in psychology. I especially appreciated Professor Bloom's own insights that he provided at the end of the sessions. To me, they were the perfect summaries of the each subjects thought on this course.

por Sahil M

Dec 18, 2019

The thing that particularly interested me was the way in which Dr. Paul Bloom presented the material of Psychology. It helped me in understanding the fundamentals of the same and I would highly recommend it to someone who is interested in pursuing this field .

por Lee M

Nov 04, 2019

I really enjoyed this course from beginning to end, the format and structure was easy to use and really helpful for someone never done anything like this.

the lessons were engaging and a large part of that was Prof Bloom who was a joy to listen to.

bring on more

por David O

Jan 22, 2020

Professor Bloom used interesting, relevant, and attention-grabbing examples to explain his psychology courses. His voice is very pleasant to listen to, and the material and information provided was of high quality, very informative, and extremely interesting.

por Tiantian X

Aug 06, 2019

This course is well-structured and very helpful for beginner who want to have a basic understanding of psychology. I would definitely recommend to everyone who want to have a general understanding of psychology but have no idea about what psychology is about.

por Ananya D

May 25, 2019

I'll strongly recommend this course because not only is it just informative but also very interesting. It has ignited interest for this subject in me and I'm grateful to have come across it since it provides an excellent overview of what the subject entails.

por Parmis R

Jan 14, 2020

The course is a great introduction to psychology and the format is conducive to learning. I especially enjoyed the text included which is well written, informative and more in depth than the video lectures. Dr. Bloom is an outstanding lecturer and teacher.

por Bogna P

Oct 09, 2019

Great introductory course to psychology. I recommend it to anybody who would like a start off point to get the sense of direction they want to pursue further in the field. Super user-friendly. Lots of suggested additional readings for those inquisitive :)

por Carita M

Nov 20, 2019

I was initially intimidated with this online course because it was offered by Yale. After the first lecture, Prof. Bloom is knowledgeable and engaging. I feel I learned a lot about the history of Psychology and the different subjects within psychology.

por Kubra

Jul 21, 2019

I had a scoail psychology course before this and read articles before about psychology so i was familiar with the stuff but i liked the course and the was it was prepared.also liked the way professor shared his opinions,his teaching style at uni. etc....

por Imran M A B

Oct 21, 2019

Well I am new to this field, but not the learning part. The way this fields aspects, and course was delivered is one of the best way; I have grasp knowledge in my life. Well done professor Bloom, Yale University and Coursera for this intellectual treat.

por Lokesh M

Mar 19, 2020

The course is ideal for a person planning to explore this beautiful science. It requires no background knowledge and anyone can start learning Psychology by going through it. I would like to thank Coursera and Yale for preparing a coursework like this.

por Elena G

Feb 17, 2019

This course has enriched my awareness about the complexity of human beings. This awareness is a precious gift which can be useful in many contexts in my life and work giving me a wider view. In fact sometimes good questions are better than any answer