Os cursos em algoritmia desenvolvem habilidades que possibilitam ao aluno articular processos de solução de problemas e aplicar esses processos de forma eficiente em um software. O aluno aprenderá como criar algoritmos para pesquisas, classificação e optimização e como aplicá-los para solucionar questões práticas.


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  • An algorithm is a step-by-step process used to solve a problem or reach a desired goal. It's a simple concept; you use your own algorithms for everyday tasks like deciding whether to drive or take the subway to work, or determining what you need from the grocery store. Software programs are an example of much more powerful algorithms, with computing resources used to execute multiple complex algorithms in parallel to solve much higher-level problems.

    As computers become more and more powerful, algorithms are helping them take on a life of their own - literally! Machine learning techniques rely on algorithms that learn and improve over time without need for a programmer's guidance. These techniques can be used to train algorithms for relatively simple tasks like image recognition or the automation and optimization of business workflows. And at their most complex, these algorithms are at the core of building the deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that many experts expect will transform our world even more than the advent of the internet!