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Course Overview: Python is now becoming the number 1 programming language for data science. Due to python’s simplicity and high readability, it is gaining its importance in the financial industry. The course combines both python coding and statistical concepts and applies into analyzing financial data, such as stock data. By the end of the course, you can achieve the following using python: - Import, pre-process, save and visualize financial data into pandas Dataframe - Manipulate the existing financial data by generating new variables using multiple columns - Recall and apply the important statistical concepts (random variable, frequency, distribution, population and sample, confidence interval, linear regression, etc. ) into financial contexts - Build a trading model using multiple linear regression model - Evaluate the performance of the trading model using different investment indicators Jupyter Notebook environment is configured in the course platform for practicing python coding without installing any client applications....

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13 de abr de 2021

Un curso con una perceptiva muy refrescante en cuanto a los conceptos técnico-estadísticos y sumamente prácticos. e incluso baratos, de implementar dentro del mundo de la inversión. Muy buen trabajo.


3 de ago de 2019

Great course! Very didatic explanations about financial and statistical concepts also with some interesting practical Python for Finance! Looking forward for new courses from same Univ. and prof.!

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por karim a

7 de dez de 2019


vraiment avec une immense joie que je vous écris ce message, merci à toute l'équipe qu'a su faire preuve de professionnalisme, vraiment c'est été un contenu incontournable, qui va m'aider beaucoup de mon travail de recherche, je vous encore une fois pour ce cours et je vais rester fidèle à tous vos cours en ligne.




por Yen-Wen Y

8 de dez de 2020

It is very practical, and you can really achieve something within short time, but the pace is a bit fast, and you do have to do some additional research in order to follow up. You get insight in finance, statistics and python. But it is not a pure python course, so you would want to find something else if you want to learn particularly python.

por Erick L

13 de ago de 2022

The course is easy to understand and well designed. The most impressive part was how concisely the statistic concepts was explained. However, it may require the attendee have certain extent level of Python knowledge beofre taking this course. Otherwise, it will be little chanllenge to understand the data mungging part and replicate the same

por Hei T Y

24 de jul de 2019

Good course! It demonstrates how python can be applied on financial analysis. Better to have some prior knowledge on python and statistics before taking the course because this course seems to aim at showing the relationship between textbook statistics and python in financial analysis instead of teaching you basic concepts from scratch.

por Oscar F G C

27 de abr de 2022

Es un curso muy completo y claro. La metodología muy adecuada y los talleres están bien diseñados y proporcionan claridad en todos los temas. Solo faltan más lecturas teóricas de los temas estadísticos y financieros y podrían incluirse más ejercicios prácticos que refuercen los conceptos aprendidos.

Me encantó el curso.

por Rajan V

7 de out de 2021

The course is good for those who have basic knowledge about stock market and statistics. It's very good starter and the concepts are very clearly explained. At the end one can experience the live analysis of the concepts which gives a clear direction about how to use the statistical methods for price estimation

por Rohit B

20 de mar de 2022

T​his is a really great course if you are looking to get an overview of application of Python and statistics in the domain of finance. I would call it a beginner course but would definitely recommmend it to someone interested in finance and wants a quick survey of the basic high level view of quant finance.

por Karthikeyan V

25 de fev de 2020

very good. more description of each of the words, atleast definition would be helpful. Use a white board to draw a picture or show something relevant to the words/subject. I don't know, this correct approach or not.

I did not buy the certificate, It cost a lot $50. If it is $5. I would consider.

thank you

por Lorenzo P

31 de jul de 2019

A complete course about Statistics and Econometrics tools for finance. I appreciated Jupiter notebook that made it very useful and full of practical applications. The level of the course is bachelor's degree. Recommended for whom who have a previous experience with statistics and wish a refresh on it.

por Andrii T

30 de abr de 2020

Due to the fact that it's the first course I've completed on Coursera, I can't compare this one with any others here. But I should admit that it gained me a lot of insights on my way to study Data Science. That's how the statistics should be taught - only with the assistance of proper software.

por Steve R

6 de mai de 2019

Associate Professor Xuhu Wan of HKUST ensures that a student learns both the python programming to build predictive models and the concepts of the models. To build your applied financial analysis skill set, this high caliber course ties together python programming practice with statistics.

por Alexey R

26 de set de 2021

The course is a great introduction for people who haven't had experience dealing with stock trading models. The statistical concepts given and Python lab commands provided will let students to get on the way to financial analysis, building models and further experiments with market data.

por Socrates

29 de abr de 2021

Very usefull material especially for people who looks for a beginning point . To full understand this course you need to know about statistics and computing but personally helped me a lot. I would recommend it to anyone who desire to enrich his knowledge in field of finance/trading.

por Sebastian L

30 de jun de 2020

The course was practical indeed not very difficult, i apologize it is not sponsored any longer. It mixes real and basic stochastic concepts applied to financial analysis with some Python. Perfect for not experts in neither of the 3 disciplines (Statistics, Python, Financial Markets)..

por Konney K J

11 de mar de 2022

I am very much grateful to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for the tuition especially (Xuhu Wan) and to Coursera for the financial aid which allowed me to partake and also get closer to my aspirations and goal. It was a great time, course delivery was the best.

por Ajay K

5 de mar de 2021

This course is really very good. Very much informative, and that's too in 4 weeks. You need only a little Python and Statistics background. There is no doubt that you will learn to model financial data, your Python and Statistics skills will also improve. Thanks to Prof. Xuhu Wan.

por Ambrish K

1 de mai de 2021

One of the best course I did that covers Python, statistics and finance with real examples for hands-on training and understanding the concepts. The examples of testing trading strategies in Python made the content and course much more engaging. I am so glad I did the course.

por Ingrid C

18 de jun de 2021

It increased me a lot my knowledge of Statistics and I do not regret the time I have spent with this course. I can say this course improved my studies even more!

Material and classes were perfect and very well explained!

Thank Hong Kong University for this amazing opportunity.

por María P S

27 de mar de 2020

It is a really basic introduction to Financial Analysis using Python. It is easy to do, it just focuses on important commands and indicators. Plus, you won't need to download the Python program in your computer because all the exercises can be done online in Jupyter.

por jc c

7 de jul de 2019

Great fundamental course provided by Prof Xuhu WAN. After finishing the course, I am appreciated that he put lots of good efforts in the training materials. All concepts are delivered with clear examples! Highly recommend to take this course. Thank you very much.

por Nam P D

21 de jul de 2020

The course provides great insight into how python can be used for statistical analysis. This has become extremely helpful in examining finance-related data. Professor Wan is really to understand and his explanations help ease the difficulties of concepts.

por Ho W T

6 de mai de 2020

This is course is super-useful and practical that students would have lots of exercises to get an experience of applying Python to build some simple financial models for data analysis. I highly recommend this course to people who are interested in Python!

por Joyce M

2 de mar de 2021

Gente, nunca tinha tido contato com o python e muito menos com a análise financeira foi muito gratificante esse curso, posso dizer que as avaliações não são tão facéis, vocês realmente precisam entender o conteúdo pra responder, me acrescentou bastante.

por Intentional_Error

19 de fev de 2021

There is good information in this course and the python methods i=used in financial analysis can be adapted widely. Some of the syntax used is out of date, it is easy to ffind the current syntax if you are running the models in your own IDE

por Sayan P

1 de set de 2020

The course is just perfectly conceptualized. It is a very good course to start your journey into financial data analysis. The level is intermediate and I would suggest if the course can be made slightly lower paced with two extra added weeks.