Jenny Young

International Educator


Jenny Young has taught English Language Learners for thirteen years. Her students have come from over 35 different countries, have ranged from ages 12-83, spoken 24 languages and been very basic to advanced speakers. She received a degree in English Education from Brigham Young University followed by a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instructional Design from Grand Canyon University. Before teaching English in Taiwan, Jenny studied both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. She currently teaches online in a Pathways program where her students are from Ghana, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, and Russia.


Inglês empresarial: Gestão e Liderança

Business English: Final Project

Business English: Marketing and Sales

Business English: Finance and Economics

Business English: Management and Leadership

Inglés Empresarial: Finanzas y Economía

商务英语课程:财经英语 Finance & Economics

Inglés Empresarial: Proyecto Final

Inglés Empresarial: el márketing y ventas

商务英语课程:市场与营销英语 Marketing & Sales

总计划案 Final Project

商务英语课程:管理与领导力英语 Management & Leadership