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Legendas: Inglês, Espanhol

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English LanguageWritingManagementCommunicationEmailingMeeting

100% online

Comece imediatamente e aprenda em seu próprio cronograma.

Prazos flexíveis

Redefinir os prazos de acordo com sua programação.

Nível intermediário


Legendas: Inglês, Espanhol

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Staffing and Hiring Decisions

In this module, you’ll follow Elizabeth through the process of building her team. You’ll look at the way she communicates depending on the situation. From this observation, you’ll be better equipped to make requests using direct and indirect approaches. by analyzing her interactions with her team, her language choices, and the communication patterns she follows. Through the discussion boards and peer reviewed assignment you will synthesize your new skills in real life conversations and activities.

7 vídeos ((Total 43 mín.)), 4 leituras, 8 testes
7 videos
1.5 More on the Indirect Approach7min
1.8 Summarizing Basics5min
1.12 Making Direct and Indirect Requests7min
1.14 Week 1 Review9min
4 leituras
1.2 Vocabulary Preview: Staffing and Hiring10min
1.6 Example: An Indirect Message10min
1.10 "Hire Smarter, Work Better"10min
1.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Staffing and Hiring10min
6 exercícios práticos
1.4 Direct and Indirect Approaches10min
1.7 The Indirect Approach16min
1.9 Summarizing Basics6min
1.11 Hire Smarter, Work Better Summary4min
1.13 Making Direct and Indirect Requests10min
1.16 Week 1 Test30min
5 horas para concluir

Meeting Management

Effective business meetings require planning, leadership, and language skills and without these skills, meetings can be unproductive or even boring. Although this module covers topics related to meeting management, it’s definitely not boring because we we have Elizabeth and her team to guide us through the learning process. In this module, you’ll watch and learn from Elizabeth and her team. After completing Meeting Management, you’ll be able to plan and facilitate an effective meeting; summarize key points of an agenda item; and begin to develop strategies to help you to be better understood.

6 vídeos ((Total 41 mín.)), 6 leituras, 7 testes
6 videos
2.8 Future Tense Contractions5min
2.12 Writing Effective Summaries7min
2.14 Week 2 Review9min
6 leituras
2.2 Vocabulary Preview: Meeting Management10min
2.4 Example: Agenda10min
2.10 The Future of Meetings10min
2.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Meeting Management10min
"A Conference Call in Real Life" - satire10min
Global Meeting Planner10min
6 exercícios práticos
2.5 Effective Meeting Practices18min
2.7 Conference Calling Strategies6min
2.9 Future Tense Contractions8min
2.11 Future of Meetings2min
2.13 Writing Effective Summaries8min
2.16 Week 2 Test30min
5 horas para concluir

Leading and Teaming

Interrupt with confidence, ask for clarification and get the answer you want; hold the floor and keep it: these are some of the skills you’ll learn and apply in Leading and Teaming.

6 vídeos ((Total 38 mín.)), 7 leituras, 6 testes
6 videos
3.7 Strategies to interrupt/Hold the floor5min
3.11 Infinitives and Gerunds8min
3.13 Week 3 Review6min
7 leituras
3.2 Vocabulary Preview: Leading and Teaming10min
3.4 Amy Cuddy's TED Talk on "Power Posing"10min
3.9 Phrases for Interruption and Clarification10min
3.14 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Leading and Teaming10min
The Lewis Model of Cultural Norms10min
Hofstede's Cultural Comparison Tool10min
Directions for Submitting Video/Audio10min
5 exercícios práticos
3.6 Communication Lesson Review14min
3.8 Strategies to interrupt/Ask for clarification6min
3.10 Phrases for Interruption and Clarification4min
3.12 Infinitives and Gerunds8min
3.15 Week 3 Test26min
5 horas para concluir

Planning, Organizing, and Delegating

Keeping the business or project running as projected requires planning. This requires information to be organized in convenient packages, like status reports and emails. Planning, Organizing, and Delegating focuses on the language of both. After completing this module, you’ll be able to use concise language to summarize key pieces of information into smaller packages.

7 vídeos ((Total 54 mín.)), 5 leituras, 7 testes
7 videos
4.8 Business Communication/Concise Language8min
4.12 Reading Numbers13min
4.14 Week 4 Review: Part 16min
4.15 Week 4 Review: Part 25min
5 leituras
4.2 Vocabulary Preview: Planning, Organizing & Delegating10min
4.6 Example: Status Report10min
4.10 Business Writing Tips-Changing Nouns to Verbs10min
4.16 Incomplete Status Report10min
4.17 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Planning, Organizing & Delegating10min
6 exercícios práticos
4.4 Writing Effective Emails16min
4.7 Communicating Status Reports10min
4.9 Business Communication/Concise Language8min
4.11 Changing Nouns to Verbs2min
4.13 Reading Numbers8min
4.18 Week 4 Test30min
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por MAJun 10th 2017

One of the most amazing courses I have attended on Coursera so far. The instructors have done a spectacular job. Thanks Coursera and mentors!

por AKFeb 26th 2018

Thank you for all the lectures from ASU. The course gave me new knowledge and information in English Business. Thanks a lot!



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