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Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore, Google AR e VR

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This class will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality (AR), and how to build an AR experience using ARCore. Through the four week course, you'll learn: - How to identify different types of AR experiences - Tools and platforms used in the AR landscape - What makes AR feel "real" - Popular use cases for AR - How to create an AR use flow - How AR experiences work - Tools like Google Poly and Unity to build AR experiences - Next steps to start building an AR experience using ARCore and other tools This course will break down complex AR concepts to make them easy to understand, while also sharing expert tips and knowledge from Daydream's ARCore team. The course is great for beginners who are just getting started with AR or ARCore....

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por V

Oct 06, 2018

Really very good course to understand the fundamental knowledge of the AR, helps in gaining the basics concepts, knowledge and motivates towards building killer Apps.

por AW

Oct 02, 2018

Great introductory course and content. If you work in this field at all, you'll probably know all the content already, but for those who don't it's a great overview.

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164 avaliações

por Kshitij Suri

Feb 14, 2019

Could use some practical implementations

por Bachriah Fatwa Dhini

Feb 14, 2019

Good intorduction

por Nour Islam Mokhtari

Feb 13, 2019

I wish the course had some programming exercises

por Jean Carlo

Feb 11, 2019

I love it

por Xavier Weber

Feb 11, 2019

Pretty interesting and well-presented. But beware, this course is super basic and easy. I would have liked some more in-depth material.

por Мухамедрахимов Есильбай Барлыбаевич

Feb 10, 2019

The good course for basic understanding what is AR technology and how it works in generally. Thank you!

por Tarso Queiroz

Feb 05, 2019

Excelente para um primeiro contato com os conceitos, tecnologias e utilização de AR.

por Andrea

Feb 01, 2019

Very very basic, no coding no prior experience required. Just a brief introduction to know where to deepen your understanding of AR

por Loïc Fejoz

Jan 31, 2019

Good introduction with clear instructions video and text.

por Shope Johnson

Jan 30, 2019

This is a very informative course. It really breaks down the fundamental concepts and principles of AR and prepares new creators for the road ahead.