Os cursos de pesquisa exploram assuntos de investigação, experimentação, teste, análise, trabalho de campo e exame, relacionados à pesquisa de saúde pública, pesquisa de saúde, pesquisa clínica e pesquisa de ciências básicas.

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  • In contrast to the relatively well-established career path of doctors, careers in health research can take many different pathways. Because this field is multidisciplinary, health researchers may come from many different types of backgrounds, including life sciences like chemistry and biology, social sciences such as sociology and medical anthropology, and, increasingly, computer sciences such as data science and statistical analysis.

    Regardless of your academic background, however, health researchers generally end up working for research organizations within academic institutions: think tanks, governmental agencies and policy groups, or intergovernmental bodies like the World Health Organization. Within these organizations, researchers work collaboratively, often on interdisciplinary teams, to answer pressing questions surrounding public health.

    If it isn’t determined directly by government or intergovernmental decision-making entities, research direction is often set according to direction from philanthropies and other donor organizations that provide grant funding, making grant writing an important task of many health researchers.

    Health research careers are thus a chance to work alongside brilliant colleagues on important health problems on every scale, from local to global.