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This course, Instructional Design Foundations, introduces learners to the conceptual and theoretical foundations of instructional design as well as the analysis aspect of instructional systems design in order to create an innovative instructional solution to performance problems in organizations. This particular course also introduces learners to concepts covered in the Instructional Design MasterTrack Certificate. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: ●Describe the major concepts of instructional systems design ●Describe the major learning and instructional theories ●Describe the process of instructional design and instructional design models ●Describe various analysis activities for instructional design...

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15 de abr de 2021

Very clear course, provides definitions and/or discussion of terms that at are useful for a clearer understanding of the ID process. Good continuity between topics and good use of diagrams.


4 de jul de 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is well taught and well organised. The material provided a thorough overview of the field, and the readings were particularly fascinating and helpful.

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por Josh P

7 de jan de 2021

The reason why I don't give this course a 4 or 5 star review is because it seems the administrators/facilitators of this course haven't looked into and changed the issues that learners are identifying in the discussion forum with Week 4 quiz- particularly questions #3 and #5. Either the wrong answers were mistakenly checked as correct answers in the quiz builder, or the content does not line up correctly with the questions, because there are inconsistencies with the content and those quiz questions. I spent several hours re-attempting this quiz and became very confused with the content and also very frustrated. In the end, I had to search in the discussion forum for the correct answers that someone kindly provided, or else I would've spent multiple additional days re-taking this quiz until I passed by luck.

por Jerry L P

25 de fev de 2022

It was an informative class. I learned a lot/brushed up on a lot of information. The only problem I had was the setup does not match what they are teaching you. The majority of things are multiple choice or click all the right answers and there is no guidance if you get things wrong nor partial credit. There were two projects which aligned more with my learning style. The other things are however the majority of the course. I would suggest giving an either or option. Also, the answers to the quizzes do not directly match what was said in the videos so you have to sit and guess what they mean some times.

por Jonathan F

5 de mar de 2022

This course has a lot of important information, but considering it is about instructional design, you would think the course would be superior. In reality, the course material is nothing more than a series of videos and readings. In additoin, I found the Quizes at the end of each unit to be maddening. For one quiz (unit 3) Coursera stated that 87% of the learners who took the quiz did not pass (with an 80%) on the first try. That tells you that there is a disconnect between how the material is being taught and how the learners are being assessed.

por Ana C

19 de abr de 2021

I enjoyed the course as a starting point, although some of the content seemed ambiguous and/or not clear which resulted in confusion when completing assignments. The assignments should be reviewed to match what the slides and lectures stated exactly. Also, I felt the need for slides with clear concept definitions and summaries at the end of each video. Videos could be a bit more lively as well to increase engagement. More practical examples would enrich the course even more. Overall, it was a good course for those looking for a starting point.

por Judy O

19 de fev de 2021

As a first time participant to both the institution and the course material I believe that the duration of course should be extended to 6 weeks. The course content was presented in a clear and precise manner by all lecturers however sometimes it was difficult to fully understand what they were trying to say.

In terms of examination result I would suggest that answers be given upon fully completing of the course. In this way the participants would have a better appreciation as to why some of the answers were incorrect

por Nora-Lee W

16 de mar de 2022

Useful information, providing concepts, processes, and resources that are relevant. However, for a course on instructional design, it is not very innovative or engaging. This may be a constraint of Coursera format requirements or MOOCs in general but the over-reliance on videos is disappointing and the timeframes for required reading s (10 minutes in week 2, for instance) are somtimes way off. It would have been really valuable to experience great instructional design while learning about its theory.

por Maria Y

26 de fev de 2021

This course delivers what it states - it gives you the basics of Instructional Design theories. But does it inspire you? No. Does it make you want to dive into the exciting waters of instructional design? No. Does it get you bored to death? Yes. Does it make you the happiest person in the world when it is finally over? Yes, it does! Nobody takes such seriously sounding course to have fun, yet, I believe, people who are experts in writing instructions should be more inspirational and learner oriented.

por Canan M K K

4 de jun de 2021

Thank you for this content. I gave three starts because I believe the course is very theory driven with very very little number of examples provided from real life. Either at each step or overall at the end; some real-life examples and case studies would be very helpful. Also; I wish the training itself followed the suggestions it is providing. I believe it could have been a much more engaging and interactive training with right balance of theory, examples and application.

por Claire W

7 de jul de 2020

After finishing it I feel that as a standalone course it really doesn't cover enough content to be a benefit. It doesn't finish at a natural pause in topics, but rather feels as if it ends while you are still partway through. As it is part of a mastertrack certificate, I guess it really only makes sense to do the course if you are planning to complete the whole certificate.

por Stephanie R

7 de jun de 2022

This course has some helpful content! I would have liked it to be a bit more interactive and had more assignments rather than the very long and rather complex quizzes. Overall, I feel like I have learned more about client and needs analysis and using my understanding of different learning and cognitive styles to design beneficial and inclusive courses.

por Kokeita M

30 de abr de 2020

This is an efficient, convenient way to learn the Instructional Design Foundations and Applications. However, there is no interaction with any of the instructors. The course offers very little practice or ability to apply what you learn. If you enjoy watching videos and reading, this course is ideal for you!

por Jean-Marie B

24 de jan de 2022

The structure of the course is somehow quite strange and the final quizz did not really help me to reinforce my learnings. Globally I learnt concepts and got a global view on the "instruction design" ecosystem, however the invested time versus the new acquired knowledge does not sound optimum .

por Eric B

8 de out de 2021

The course provides good information and is a solid introduction into instructional design. However, some of the lecturers are quite stale and it's hard to keep focus, despite being interested in the topic. If the lessons and lecturers were more engaging, I'd leave a higher rating.

por Re A

18 de fev de 2019

This course is packed with information. It can be hard to digest in the format presented. Please note that many of the professors are skilled but have very thick accents and the transcripts are often inadequate to get the point across.

por usha

26 de jun de 2020

Really enjoyed the sessions with Grace especially. This was an interesting course considering that I am a Design Educator. I will be able to implement what I have learned in my teaching skills

por Iulia K

13 de mai de 2020

too much theory., while instructional design is all about practice. The course needs more examples and case studies. Also, the multiple choice tests need improvements

por Christina H

30 de abr de 2022

For the quizzes, they kept glitching. I had correct answers one time, and the next time putting the same answers it was marked wrong. This happened frequently.

por Weston W

11 de jun de 2022

As a course on instructional design, it is ironic how monotonous and unengaging the delivery of this content is. That said, the content is pretty good.

por Nadiia B

29 de mai de 2020

Overall, the course has a significant amount of useful information, BUT it is VERY POORLY DESIGNED, which is an unpleasant surprise since the course is about Instructional Design:


a) Using many different lecturers deprives the course of consistency because students have to adjust to each lecturer's style of talking and pronunciation.

b) Switching back and forth from lecturers to PowerPoints does not help to concentrate on the lectures.

c) Lectures that are longer than 15 minutes are very hard for students to keep their focuson.

Suggestions: make lectures shorter, have one, two at most, lecturers; have a lecturer view start and end the video, and have narrated PowerPoints in between.


a) Quizzes - different numbers of questions in each quiz and time sensitiveness in some quizzes bring chaos in the learning process; students have to guess their instructors' exact thoughts - the Week 4 quiz is especially poorly designed.

Suggestions: have the same number of questions for each quiz throughout the course; time all or do not do it at all; make the answers clear and easily derivable from course resources.

b) Written Assignments - grading through peer reviews is a nightmare, heavily based on a subjective point of view.

Suggestions: remove the grading portion from peer reviews and leave only the feedback comments required.

Demand Hours:

a) Weekly demand hours are unbalanced - one week is heavier than another which is not helpful for students to plan their learning time.

b) Reading rates are ridiculous: 10 minutes are given to read 12 pages of scholarly reading while in reality, it can take about an hour (undergrad - 11 pp/hour, grad - 13pp/hour)

Suggestions: Balance weekly demand hours and put in feasible reading rates.

I work as an Instructional Designer in a University, and if this course is well-designed, I would consider taking the suggested MasterTrack. But since this course was designed so poorly, it became an anti-advertisement for me about the University, which offered it, and Coursera platform as a whole.

The level of frustration I got from taking this course overpowered all of the useful knowledge that I acquired from it. I do not think I am going to take another course neither from the University of Illinois nor on Coursera platform in the near future.

I rate the course TWO out of FIVE and only for the useful theoretical information that has been presented in videos and readings.

por Michael A U

25 de mai de 2020

While the professors were knowledgable about instructional design, they failed to utilize that knowledge in designing the course. Poorly edited videos, basic quizzes that only assess a narrow range of information recall, a lack of academic rigor, and to be frank, poor MOOC design betrays the founding principles the course is attempting to teach us. I expect a lot more from an instructional design course, and it has seriously put me off of the University of Illinois as a choice for my Ph.D. in ID. My advice to the course creators is to practice what you preach.

por Michael M

1 de mar de 2022

T​he fact that most people fail the quiz on first attempt shows that the course was not well designed. The student learning outcome for this course is that students pass the quiz, know the answers to the quiz questions. You need to teach to the quiz. Part of good design, from a management perspective, is not just to choose good graphics, but also to choose good presenters. This course had one of the most boring presenters I've seen - monotone and expressionless. If the person has good content, use the content, but have someone else delivery it.


21 de jun de 2019

The content is great, although some of the lecturers could be more engaging.

Moving forward, perhaps the institution could make the quizzes/homework accessible to those who only availed of the free course. I completely understand the necessity of the 'paywall', but perhaps they could follow the model of some other Coursera offerings, where all the material is available for free but you have to pay for any certification--I feel that is a good way in the future. Thanks.

por CARI C

1 de abr de 2022

Please take a look at the Module 4 quiz, that quiz needs some work.

I would recommend bringing in your Instructional Designers and offering them the opportunity to teach out some of these segments. It would be more authentic and in the future, avoid the "Select all that apply" questions, they are not good or accruate options for assessment.

por Ms. K

21 de fev de 2022

I'm sorry, but it's difficult to trust an American course about education when at least one of the instructors isn't a native speaker and has pretty poor English. I've tried watching a few videos but it's been really tough because, on top of that, the women's voices are really high pitched so quite annoying.

por Michael C

18 de jan de 2022

Majority of "instruction" in this course was the lecturers simply reading their slides. Little was added to those descriptions and I found myself focusing on writing down verbatim info from the slides so that I could score effectively on the quizzes.