These courses equipped Fred with leadership skills that transcend everyday business acumen.

These courses equipped Fred with leadership skills that transcend everyday business acumen.

Leadership recommendations from a public policy analyst

Fred shapes society through research and problem-solving, creating awareness about social and political issues while crafting solutions that he hopes will become public policy or even law. He spends his free time reading, writing, analyzing information, taking MOOCs, and listening to music.

Fred’s leadership collection has helped him as a researcher to effectively analyze matters in both private and public sectors and to determine what is imperative when preparing briefings for his executive team. As a public policy analyst, his job requires him to deploy leadership skills to navigate a partisan environment and effectively use language that is bridge-building, rather than divisive, in nature. These courses have helped him be a resourceful team member and skillfully work alongside people that he might not otherwise agree with. The collection has also helped him become an effective environment scanner, keeping abreast of the latest advances in policy-making, both within his country and in the wider context.

Taking these courses will equip you to provide 21st-century leadership direction. You will become conversant in the process of data-driven decision making in a variety of leadership settings. You will then understand the processes involved with leading independently and knowledgeably. In today’s world, where AI is advancing at exponential rates, leaders also need to improve their soft skills such as creativity, intuition, and personal empathy. This collection will help you do that.

Why Fred recommends these courses

Strategic Leadership and Management: Learn how to manage the velocity and volume of issues that leaders face today.

Leading People and Teams: A key function of leadership is tuning in to the needs of the people you are leading. Learn how cooperation and collaboration lead to realization of your objective.

Career Success: Learn how to be an influential leader through emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Achieving Personal and Professional Success: Stay competitive in the 21st century through constant learning, growing, and improving yourself.

Data-driven Decision Making: Manage one of the most difficult tasks in leadership: implementing changes without disrupting the establishment.

Leadership in 21st Century Organizations: Manage your leadership trajectory in the context of the growing technological revolution.

Moralities of Everyday Life: Build a society that works for all. Consider the impact of your decisions and how they affect people and society as a whole.

Women in Leadership: Inspire positive influence in today’s world through creativity, intelligence, and innovation.

The Music of the Beatles: Learn how The Beatles were both hard-working and having fun, resilient and taking chances, aiming high and trying new things – and always challenging themselves. They never gave up, relied on themselves, and worked together to churn out hit song after hit song. This, for me, is the hallmark of true leadership.

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