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Useful quantitative models help you to make informed decisions both in situations in which the factors affecting your decision are clear, as well as in situations in which some important factors are not clear at all. In this course, you can learn how to create quantitative models to reflect complex realities, and how to include in your model elements of risk and uncertainty. You’ll also learn the methods for creating predictive models for identifying optimal choices; and how those choices change in response to changes in the model’s assumptions. You’ll also learn the basics of the measurement and management of risk. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build your own models with your own data, so that you can begin making data-informed decisions. You’ll also be prepared for the next course in the Specialization....

Melhores avaliações

12 de Abr de 2018

covers good amount of material and exactly what is in the outline, presented with enough detail to follow. Good walk-through of the spreadsheets helps understanding, easy to follow along and practice.

18 de Dez de 2016

Material was very well presented. Week 3 was challenging, but taking time to print out the slides, work through them rigorously proved very helpful. I found all sections very, very informative.

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por Stanley L W

6 de Mar de 2019

the first two lectures are great, but the last two come a little hurry and not illustrate very well

por Brendan C

4 de Jun de 2018

quiz should be unlocked. Some concepts could be explained better.

por Patrick N

3 de Dez de 2021

Lots of info yet lack of reinforcement in readiness for the quiz

por Zijian D

2 de Dez de 2018

The second lecturer only read all the text in lecture slide.

por André I

6 de Out de 2018

the quizzes are not really helpful/relevant.

por Evan H

21 de Mai de 2019

Some concepts were hard to follow.

por Cong W

17 de Fev de 2020

The courses can be quicker.....

por jz

25 de Mai de 2017

Slides were not useful.

por Zeming Y

12 de Jan de 2018

okie not that great

por Ao Z

19 de Nov de 2017


por Deleted A

12 de Fev de 2017

Basic Course.


11 de Abr de 2018

I do not recommend this course or the specialization. I will cite below sentences from the course and you can be the judge yourself.

*** start of cited sentences ***

if we plug in the expected values … we get fifty thousand times ninety, plus nine hundred thousand times ten, plus one hundred thousand times six, plus one hundred fifty thousand times two …….

*** end of cited sentences ***

The professor was actually reading this calculation:

500,000*90 + 900,000*10 + 100,000*6 + 150,000*2

I sat through 3 courses to realize that I should have dropped it in course 1 week 1.

por Brijesh B

21 de Ago de 2020

The course was basic and doesn't prepare anyone with an industrial perspective. The content is not enough explanatory on why are we calculating certain numbers. Week 3 was totally unclear topic. Also, more realistic examples would have made the course better.

por Natalia B

16 de Mar de 2019

Although great content, I found that the week three has been more theoretical with not enough detail. I still manage some key concepts, but I would have love to understand more how to use in practice the theory.

por Joshua G

9 de Jun de 2020

Instructors were not very descriptive. Worst course within the specialization. Really disappointing because the topics covered would've been super useful if I completely understood them.

por Davide B

7 de Ago de 2016

Basically i resume of economics concepts that can be taken for granted as a prerequisite of the course

por Andrey T

3 de Jul de 2017

Could be more content, and quizzes are really stupid - it's just plugging in numbers!!!

por Charles C W

24 de Mar de 2019

Too basic for the subject matter. Didn't learn anything I didn't already know.

por Omolola C

22 de Ago de 2020

Week 3 was very vague and unhelpful in completing relevant quiz

por Xin C

22 de Fev de 2017

Not very helpful for stat major students

por Bertrand R M

15 de Ago de 2017

very poor qual

por Zak R

13 de Mai de 2021

As of this writing (currently in the middle of week 3) I can't recommend this class to anyone that has never had a stats class. Week 1 and 2 are well done and easy to follow and I felt like I learned a lot. Then they change the teacher in week 3 (not sure why) but he's not very good, he has a lot of great information (I'm guessing) but he does not have an affective way of communicating this. He's very math oriented and mostly lectures with little hands on or excel methods. I've finished 3 of the 4 of his videos and he opened excel 1 time on the first video for approx. 10 mins regarding a histogram and again in the last video for approx 15 mins. The first question on the test is about figuring out how many times a hockey team with a 2/3 probability to win will win in 12 games. The only time in the first 3 videos that he's mentioned any type of similar real world example was on video 2 around the 1:44 marker. He never once opens an excel sheet to show you how to set it up or what kind of formula to use in order to figure it out or how to apply the information he lectured on to real world examples. It's a lot of variables, a lot of formulas, and a lot of vocabulary but nothing on the week 3 test has really correlated with what I've learned. I'm not even sure if I'm going to finish this certificate because I have no idea how I'm going to learn the information the test is asking for when the teacher didn't explain really any of it.

por Francisco A I

20 de Mar de 2020

Good introduction course, however in the overall description is not specified that is a basic course.

por Pramit S

1 de Jun de 2016

The distributions were not well explained, it could have been handled in a much better way!

por Tommy O Z X

23 de Abr de 2017

very watered down