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Today innovation is everyone's business. Whether you are a manager in a global corporation, an entrepreneur starting up, in a government role, or a teacher in an elementary school, everyone is expected to get lean – to do better with less. And that is why we all need design thinking. At every level in every kind of organization, design thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there – you're just not seeing them yet. In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, we provide an overview of design thinking and work with a model containing four key questions and several tools to help you understand design thinking as a problem solving approach. We also look at several stories from different organizations that used design thinking to uncover compelling solutions....

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15 de ago de 2020

Excellent program to learn lots of tools towards Design Thinking !! Thanks a lot! Very interactive and the last activity of completing the assignment was very thought provoking !! thanks to all pears!


14 de set de 2020

Very well explained with lots of practical examples - would highly recommend this course to anyone looking at getting an initial understanding of design thinking and how it can be applied practically.

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por Enrique M

21 de mai de 2019

I found the course very interesting. I have known the tools on which Design Thinking is based. I have met application cases which help me expand my use landscape in my work life. I recommend all professional and non-professional interested in obtaining unconventional tools to have innovative solutions to work and personal problems.

por Bruce P D

7 de fev de 2019

Great course that had just the right level of detail for a busy executive. I will be considering this for some members of my team. Covers the philosophy and mindset around Design Thinking in a refreshingly different way, and also some simple but foundational tools that can be applied to harness quick results from the methodology.

por Javier R

13 de jan de 2021

I like courses in which when you finish them you feel like something was removed inside you, and that it is up to you to grow with it. This is one of those courses, it is inspiring, it provides good materials to go throw them (like the book "Designing for Growth"), and has a good way to apply what you learnt. My congratulations.

por Adriano R

20 de abr de 2020

O curso é muito interessante e os conteúdos são ótimos. Claro que o assunto possui muito mais tópicos, porém como uma introdução e para conhecer o assunto, é excelente.

As atividades são bem interessantes e na parte final onde podemos avaliar os colegas, podemos ver pontos de vistas e análises bem diferentes que só agregam valor.


13 de mai de 2020

Very Good course. The faculty is extremely good.Really made tough concepts easy to comprehend and understand and that is a hall mark of a good faculty. I really liked the various example videos that the faculty has used which shows that design thinking can be used in various settings whether, it is a NGO, a start up or an MNC.

por Claudia H M

14 de mai de 2018

This is a great course which has lots of helpful examples. I really enjoyed taking it and learning more about design thinking. The good explanation of design thinking tools will help me to apply them in several times and opportunities. There are a lot of ways to use design thinking tools and I am able to take my next challenge.

por Diptiman C

19 de jan de 2020

The content is very well presented along with examples which helps connect the dots. This course helps us plan, design , understand and implement the day to day as well as complex decisions. Sure this has been helping me as a manager in my current activities and also train others in delivering their responsibilities as a unit.

por Aniruddha M G

15 de jun de 2021

This is a great course. This course has helped me make a framework to implement Design Thinking. Would strongly suggest that one takes time to think about the contents of every lecture and does not rush through it. It would be useful to complement this course with additional reading depending upon the interest of the student.

por Angel H

14 de mai de 2022

Overall, this course on design thining was a huge help to give me a gist of what working in the design field would be tailored towards. If you are thinking about getting in the field, this course is a must! For it will demonstrate the fundamental strategies you may use and why they serve a purpose in the business world.

por Eduard J G S

18 de jun de 2020

Consider best practices for the correct management of projects that are affected by time, cost, scope, quality, resources, organizational capabilities, and other limitations that make them difficult to plan, execute, manage, and ultimately succeed.I am grateful to Jeanne Liedtka and each trainer in this excellent course.

por Kevin K

3 de out de 2017

As a beginner, this was a perfect course to start with and get deeper understanding of Design Thinking and its application in real. The mix of other learners and reviewing peer-assignment is great way to understand how people work with Design Thinking globally. I recommend this course for beginners in Design thinking.

por Yash K

13 de jan de 2017

I enjoyed learning about the several Design Thinking tools with practical examples for each of them. Breaking down the design process into the four 'What' stages changed my perception towards how to approach problem solving in the industry. I believe the lessons I learned in this course will be helpful in my career.

por Ignacio C

6 de mar de 2020

I just loved the course. Not only it is interesting when it comes to content, but also the learning process is easy and flows in quite a natural manner. Improvements? It'd be great to add some content explaining more real cases, as they are hugely effective to settle concepts and give them a hands-on perspective.

por Fabrice M

11 de ago de 2020

I have really enjoyed the course, very nice to listen and very highly skilled contributors. It was perfect mix between theory and very good examples to illustrate how to apply Design Thinking methodology. Very structured class that gives you the essentials to start using Design Thinking, you feel well equipped.

por David F

7 de ago de 2019

An exceptional orientation to the design thinking process. Examples clearly illustrated design tools and methods for people who are new to this field. The assignment facilitated my thinking for how to apply these concepts to my own context. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it highly useful to my work.

por Coral A

30 de out de 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was excellent, logical, thought-provoking, clear, useful and applicable to my work environment. I have already been using so many of the methodologies in my work projects and with clients. I highly recommend this as a short introduction to the principles of design thinking.

por RaviKumar S

18 de jun de 2021

The instructor greatly presented with different situations on how the Design thinking tools could be adopted in the daily challenges we have with our work. The material covered was sufficient and it gives a lot of thought process for us to apply design thinking principles in our day to day challenges we face.

por Pramod K D o M

15 de jun de 2021

"Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course." "This has more than met my expectations." "A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally.

por Camilo J C R

11 de fev de 2016

Compelling and interesing course mainly oriented to business and/or management students and workers. It's also complementary knowledge for designers (of any kind) who are looking to manage and direct different communication approaches to specific stakeholders groups in order to develop design applications.


23 de jan de 2020

Nice balance in the presentation of the course materials - Although much of the course is listening and paying attention to the course videos and examples if you are serious about Design Thinking, this course provides exceptional details and a rigorous final project to support your growth in the subject.


26 de nov de 2021

Design thinking is essential to design the products and services for achieving business competitive. I learned about various design tools and their processes. Because of various activities and blog records, I have been able to gain the skills and knowledge of design thinking and put them in the practice

por Chiranth R

8 de mar de 2021

I like the course a lot... I need to spend time to reinforce my learning.. maybe read a full book. But it certainly has intrigued me enough to learn more... The peer evaluation of cases is a little bit of a letdown..

Didnt get much in terms of meaningful feedback. Hope there is a way to change that.

por Manuel A B A

7 de mar de 2021

This is a short but thought-provoking course that provides insight into design thinking for innovation, the cases of study reflect the essence of the process and what the author wanted to share. It encourages self-reflection and practice from the student's site. Thank you very much for this course!

por Israel L

22 de nov de 2020

Thank you for sharing this short course. I was able to validate some of the design tool that I am currently using. I was also be able to learn a lot of new things and determine what I lack as a manager. I think I have an idea on how can I help my fellow to change our perspective as a test engineer.

por Doreen Z

24 de set de 2020

The course provides a human-centered, possibility-driven, option-focused, and iterative and solution-based approach to solving problems. I am now more confident in my creative problem-solving abilities. It is a practical tool that we may use to advance our organizations thru innovations. Thank you!