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    Computing Science, Faculty of Science
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Avaliado em 4.6 de 5 decorrente de 1,293 avaliações

I have read about Agile practices and well aware of the software process models beforehand but this course still managed to teach me a lot more. It was surprisingly to know about the Waterfall model being misunderstood as presented by the author in his paper. Also, I enjoyed the TedX video choices as the course content. It kept things interesting.

One thing that stood out to me was how the delivery of content is ordered to show the differences between different process models and agile practices, in a crystal clear manner. I am taking a lot of good information and can confidently suggest or identify a certain agile practice as a solution. Thank you to all the people who made this course possible!


This course is very objective and accomplish the basic objectives of anyone that need a better understanding/revision of concepts about software processes and good practices

The course encompassed all the important aspects of Agile Practices. It was a fun and engaging learning experience!