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Design, engineering, and manufacturing are undergoing a digital transformation, and the need for a collaborative product development environment is becoming an ever-growing requirement. Autodesk® Fusion 360™ meets this need by connecting CAD, CAM, and CAE in a single cloud-based platform unlike any other tool of its kind. This course builds upon digital manufacturing trends and foundational CAD concepts discussed in Course 1 of this series by introducing Fusion 360 as a problem-solving tool. In this course, we take the next step in connecting CAD, CAM, and CAE through a series of short exercises on 3D modeling, rendering, simulation, and computer aided manufacturing. After completing this course series, you will be able to: • Demonstrate knowledge of and apply job entry level skills in computer aided design, computer aided engineering (CAE) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) using Fusion 360 software. • Describe and apply design based workflows for design, engineering and manufacturing using Fusion 360 software. • Utilize Fusion 360 cloud based collaboration features for project sharing and design review. Looking for Autodesk Fusion 360 certification prep courses? Check out additional learning resources to help you uplevel your skills:

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11 de jan de 2021

this course is very helpful for me and hope that others people .i have learn a lot of features and design concept .I appreciate and salute to coursera and Autodesk . thank you for this course


13 de ago de 2019

Gave a very basic and clear knowledge about the rendering, simulation and computer-aided manufacturing. Excited for more in-depth learning of these facilities provided by the software.

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23 de mar de 2018

Its been a very good experience, thank you coursera for providing me this opportunity.

por Kartikey J

14 de ago de 2019

Gave a very basic and clear knowledge about the rendering, simulation and computer-aided manufacturing. Excited for more in-depth learning of these facilities provided by the software.

por Gabriela M M

20 de jul de 2018

In depth enough to get you started and not leave you lost with the tools, and at the same time not overly complicated. I feel pretty capable of using Fusion 360 already.

por Federico G d C

13 de nov de 2018

Good material, really a good way to learn and start using Fusion 360 and CAD, CAM and CAE

por Richard L D

1 de jun de 2020

This course is very informative and easy step by step follow process, although it can go a little fast in some material, I found myself replaying some of the work. It shows you step by step process for sketching, simulation, rendering, pre check evaluation, set up drawing, edits and how to use proper tools, shortcuts, Converting CAM to G Code for CNC and 3D Printing

por Kenneth R I

14 de out de 2018

I learned a ton about fusion 360. As a hobbyist, I probably didn't participate in the class as much as I would have liked, and I'm sure I won't retain enough to draw competent engineering structures...but then, I'm not an engineer so I couldn't engineer them if I wanted to!! Phenomenal course for anyone attempting to graduation from Sketchup to real 3d design!

por Tariq A

11 de jan de 2021

this course is very helpful for me and hope that others people .i have learn a lot of features and design concept .I appreciate and salute to coursera and Autodesk . thank you for this course

por Dwijraj P

25 de nov de 2018

very interesting and understandable. I find it very useful.

thank to the autodesk for bringing such a course.

por Ahmed M

11 de set de 2018

The most beautiful and magnificent course i have taken great team and thank u for autodesk team

por Sumit V P

23 de fev de 2019

This course explains most of the basics and operations related to the CAD/CAM/CAE.

por acintron

18 de ago de 2018

Excellent course and well explained by deep knowledgeable instructors.

por likhith s a

27 de mar de 2019

A clean way of teaching... I loved it

por Aniket K

24 de fev de 2019

perfectly designed for the beginners

por kunal k

26 de dez de 2018

lectures were awesome learned a lot

por Everett J

23 de out de 2021

Quiz are poor quality - all memorizing Fusion 360 terminology, which is not practical or useful.

por Ron S

31 de mai de 2020

I found this course extremely helpful. Especially for those who are working on this software for the first time, this course covers all the basics of entire design process right from setting up a drawing page to CNC manufacturing

por Mayank Y

10 de mai de 2020

The videos are short and easily understandable and it also helped me to know about different tools in the software. It helped me learn how to make a designer's approach.

por Zafer I

25 de set de 2018

I recommend it

por pedro h

16 de nov de 2018


por Emir M Z

5 de jun de 2021

Hello, this course is amazing. they provided the tools, concepts, and the know-hows around the software. and they did not make you lost from the aforementioned tools. it basiclly give you a bicycle with training wheels, and they gradually take it off until you can do it by yourself. it was pretty effective, when it first came out. turns out between the day the course is released and 2021, alot has changed in the software. it became harder to navigate with the course because of it.

for example, some properties that you need to set is already set by default, causing confusion when i try to find the menu to do it. some menus also changed around, the first parts of the course tells you this, but that was atleast 3-4 years ago. the Sheet Metal workspace option was at the dropdown selection, but in the latest version changed, now is at the design tab toolbar. this is a great course, but you need to be a bit more creative and more willing to test out the new interface. the icons mostly are still the same. And im not saying this course is super outdated, im just saying get ready to use the CTRL+Z shortcut more often. once again, this is a great effective course for beginners like me.

por Jens E

13 de mar de 2022

This specialization should be called... `HOW DO I SEARCH FOR COMPONENTS FOR A DRONE ON THE INTERNET ´. You lose a lot of time searching for components for the drone, which could have been used for designing with Fusion 360. A waste of time in my opinion. If the assessment of the last assignment of each course takes at least one week, then this also means a significant financial loss for the student. Apparently the tutors from Autodesk don't take the evaluation of the course assignments very seriously, since about 80% of the submitted assignments by the fellow students are some crap. I could have saved myself a lot of time AND MONEY by also handing in csome rap to pass the course. Very frustrating... Autodesk should revise the specialization and take assignment evaluation more seriously.

por Oliver M

24 de mar de 2019

Having previously completed courses of study in CAD using Solidworks, It was great to learn a new UI for CAD and see the different tools and features in fusion 360. The CAD/CAM options make this program a lot more versatile as opposed to learning 2 or 3 different programs. I can't wait to keep learning and apply these new skills to future work and projects.

por Adnan M T

3 de out de 2020

This course helps me alot to get knowledge about Fusion 360 lots of features like sketching, 3d modelling, animations, simulation,etc .I am very happy to complete this course. Now i m really became a confidential for my journey to achieve more about my career. Thanks again

por Vijaykumar A B

22 de mai de 2020

So much useful and also I thinks that the way fusion 360 works is the future.In fusion 360 you have a whole kit, modelling, 2-D drawings, simulation, CAM & its cheap, of course student gets Autodesk products for free.its a good, comprehensive 3-D cad program.

por Krish S

28 de jul de 2020

Here is a good start to understand how to implement the theory of simulation and modeling using Autodesk fusion 360. This course is really helpful for someone who is really seeking employment on simulation engineers in the manufacturing industries.