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Legendas: Inglês

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Prazos flexíveis

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Legendas: Inglês

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Plato's Euthyphro I: Bad Dads, Good Arguments

We start with Plato's "Euthyphro", a short dialogue in which Socrates debates the nature of holiness with a priest, Euthyphro. (The Bad Dad is Euthyphro's. Maybe. If he's a murderer. Do you think he's a murderer?) But mostly the videos for this first week and general and introductory. Plato, Socrates. Who are they? How should I read? For more detail, click "Advice About Reading", under "Overview", below.

7 vídeos ((Total 75 mín.)), 9 leituras, 2 testes
7 videos
Lesson 1 Part 2: What's it all about?15min
Lesson 1 Part 3: Plato, Socrates, Dialogues, Masks 8min
Lesson 1 Part 4: Symposium, Socrates, Satyr 12min
Lesson 1 Part 5: Contradiction5min
Lesson 1 Part 6: Let's Have An Argument 9min
Lesson 1 Part 7: What's Socrates LIke? 14min
9 leituras
Lesson 1 - Readings, and Let's Meet Our Players!10min
About The Quizzes (for Lesson 1 and the rest of the Plato weeks)10min
1.1 Euthyphro and the Bad Dad10min
1.2 What's It All About?10min
1.3 Plato, Socrates, Dialogues, Masks10min
1.4 Symposium, Socrates, Satyr10min
1.5 Contradiction10min
1.6 Let's Have An Argument!10min
1.7 What's Socrates Like?10min
2 exercícios práticos
Euthyphro Quiz 112min
Euthyphro Quiz 212min
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Plato's Euthyphro II: Two Problems

This is our second week reading "Euthyphro". (But we hardly got into it last week!) The two problems are: 1) Should Euthyphro do? 2) What is holiness? Mostly the dialogue concerns 2) but 1) is there for a reason. Suppose a friend asks you for advice: 'I think dad murdered someone. What should I do?' Probably you wouldn't pull down the dictionary and look up 'holiness', right? But why not? Food for thought. This lesson also contains quite a bit of background about ancient Greek religion and law.

8 vídeos ((Total 105 mín.)), 9 leituras, 2 testes
8 videos
Lesson 2 Part 2: Mystery Machines8min
Lesson 2 Part 3: Meeting Euthyphro11min
Lesson 2 Part 4: Thinking Straight, Thinking in Circles15min
Lesson 2 Part 5: Mantis & Mess12min
Lesson 2 Part 6: What Is Holiness?14min
Lesson 2 Part 7: What Is Holiness? Continued?16min
Lesson 2 Part 8: Divine Service Industry11min
9 leituras
Lesson 2 Readings - and More Thoughts About Personalities10min
2.1 Agony Aunts10min
2.2 Mystery Machines10min
2.3 Meeting Euthyphro10min
2.4 Thinking Straight, Thinking In Circles10min
2.5 Mantis and Mess10min
2.6 What Is Holiness?10min
2.7 What is Holiness, Continued10min
2.8 Divine Service Industry10min
2 exercícios práticos
Euthyphro Quiz 312min
Euthyphro Quiz 412min
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Plato’s Meno: What is Virtue?

We're moving on to our next dialogue, Plato's "Meno". Meno is a slick fellow: sophist-in-training. He wants to know whether Socrates thinks virtue can be taught. Socrates doesn't even know what it is! Meno doesn't see the problem. He can talk about this stuff! But his tongue gets stung numb by the Socratic stingray. Overall, the dialogue has a peculiar virtue-geometry-virtue structure. And we meet two more characters: the boy, who learns geometry; the sturdy citizen, Anytus, who doesn't trust sophists. In this first "Meno" lesson, we don’t get past the poetry that introduces the geometry. (What's with that?) We consider difficulties defining ‘virtue’, and whether definitions are a good thing to ask for. We consider some oddities about virtue. Why does everything think they know what it is? And: is there any science around here?

7 vídeos ((Total 81 mín.)), 8 leituras, 2 testes
7 videos
Lesson 3 Part 2: What's Wrong With Euthyphro?22min
Lesson 3 Part 3: Virtue, Geometry, Virtue (Persephone, Pain & Gain) 8min
Lesson 3 Part 4: Does Anyone Know What Virtue Is?9min
Lesson 3 Part 5: What Is Virtue? 13min
Lesson 3 Part 6: The Socratic Fallacy?7min
Lesson 3 Part 7: Science? & Does Anyone Want What Is Bad?5min
8 leituras
Lesson 3 Readings; and Let's Meet Our Players!10min
3.1 Self-Help10min
3.2 What's Wrong with Euthyphro?10min
3.3 Virtue, Geometry, Virtue (Persephone, Pain & Gain)10min
3.4 Does Anyone Know What Virtue Is?10min
3.5 What Is Virtue?10min
3.6 The Socratic Fallacy?10min
3.7 Science? & Does Anyone Want What Is Bad?10min
2 exercícios práticos
Meno Quiz 112min
Meno Quiz 212min
3 horas para concluir

Plato's Meno: Virtue - Geometry - Virtue.

We are still working on Plato’s “Meno”. This week we get to the geometry lesson and Socrates’ tentative definition/formula for success: virtue is mindfulness. That means: when you do things, you do them for the right reasons, and with knowledge of those reasons. That sounds good, but it’s kind of a high bar for humans to clear. Could it turns out that there is such a thing as virtue, only none of us have it?

7 vídeos ((Total 91 mín.)), 8 leituras, 2 testes
7 videos
Lesson 4 Part 2: Ethics, Math, Certainty & Surprise 19min
Lesson 4 Part 3: How Useful Is The Socratic Method?16min
Lesson 4 Part 4: The Geometry Lesson12min
Lesson 4 Part 5: How To Teach Math15min
Lesson 4 Part 6: Virtue As Mindfulness?11min
Lesson 4 Part 7: Formulas For Success?7min
8 leituras
Lesson 4 Readings, and Further Thoughts On Personalities10min
4.1 Is Ethics Like Math?10min
4.2 Ethics, Math, Certainty and Surprise10min
4.3 How Useful Is The Socratic Method?10min
4.4 The Geometry Lesson10min
4.5 How To Teach Math10min
4.6 Virtue As Mindfulness?10min
4.7 Formulas For Success?10min
2 exercícios práticos
Meno Quiz 312min
Meno Quiz 412min
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Principais avaliações do Razão e persuasão: o pensamento através de três diálogos de Platão

por SSFeb 3rd 2017

Very interesting. The questions were rather challenging. The book clarifies a lot, and porf. Holbroke has a nice way of teaching. The videos were rather enticing and very informative.

por TWDec 17th 2017

Very interesting, diversity of material (drawings used) and of texts used makes every chapter seem fresh. Professor is funny and random jokes kept me involved whilst staying relaxed.



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