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This course introduces you to the basic biology of modern genomics and the experimental tools that we use to measure it. We'll introduce the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and cover how next-generation sequencing can be used to measure DNA, RNA, and epigenetic patterns. You'll also get an introduction to the key concepts in computing and data science that you'll need to understand how data from next-generation sequencing experiments are generated and analyzed. This is the first course in the Genomic Data Science Specialization....

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27 de Mai de 2020

It was well taught. I liked the fact the two professors focused on two different subjects- biology and statistics portion of this course. The paragraphs written below each video was extremely helpful.

20 de Nov de 2017

Relatively nice introduction course, contents are maybe rather limited, yet as an instructive course, it does provide a clear overview which correlates well with the required answers for the quizzes!

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por Cameron P

25 de Ago de 2019

Would've liked more technical information. more basic than I was expecting

por Dr K R

24 de Abr de 2017

I have done the data sciences specialization from JHU and that was 4 star on 5. Compared to that, this specialization is pretty bad.

Not worth doing this specialization. Instructors are clueless on the plan

por Heikki M

22 de Jun de 2017

-poor material, no usage of assistant technologies

-hasty teacher

-bad exams, exams very playing with the wording and not with the understanding

por Ramin R

10 de Mai de 2018

Complete waste of time

por Sohail B

24 de Out de 2017

Brief Profile: Sohail Butt

I am a man of 58 years old and having an experience of almost 30 years of Business Management of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Industries of Pakistan. Presently I am having my own Consulting Company " AIMMS CONSULTING" and extending my services as Management Consultant to different companies of said sectors.

I am of the conviction that learning is never ending and have a habit of learning new ideas about my favorite subject about Data Science. Although I have the limited usage of this subject in my working areas but I love to know about new areas of different specialties.

I really appreciate highly the efforts of Prof Steven Salzberg, PhD & Sssociate Prof Jeff Leek, PhD and enjoyed the course material and videos presentation of this course. Mind blowing approach was adopted especially in the conceptual background with extremely useful Bioinformatics, Computational and statistics in the course of Introduction to Genomic Technologies.


MY PERSONAL HUMBLE REQUEST, Please make also the important components of course material as a part of this Certificate with % AGGREGATE so that it has a much more worth & impact for the courses participated.

A separate Transcript must be issued with having Aggregate % Score and important Components of participated course.

Hard Copy of this certificate mail to my home address in Pakistan. Please use my credit card,I am ready to pay all expenses in this connection.

Thanks & best wishes to all Coursera Team.

por Marta K

8 de Jun de 2016

I highly recommend this course for everybody who has literally no biological background and would like to learn something about Molecular Biology and Genomics.

I have tried to learn a little bit by myself a few times in my life but for every try I ended up with some endless clicking at next and next definition from wikipedia, not knowing what is crucial and what I can skip to get a general idea about the subject. Everything but not a successful way of learning. Here, they give you the essence in an understandable way, together with some of these "interesting funny facts" from the field that, added to a lecture, make you more willing to stay focused.

por Jonna U

23 de Set de 2021

This course have helped me get ready for the next step in my career. It has helped me understand what is going on in the laboratory that I am working at. It is a good course for me because we are planning to put up a molecular biology laboratory in my Department. It has helped me conceptualize what are the things that we will need. The course made it easier to understand with the visual presentations even though I am not familiar with bioinformatics. Ideally we will be doing sequencing as well on our research and it is a good thing that the course introduced new technologies as well that are cheaper and more efficient options. ThankshnThankThank

por Dr. B N

6 de Mar de 2021

This course introduces you to modern genomic technologies, some statistics and the importance of computational biology. I think anyone taking the course could understand how understanding the basics of statistics, genetics, molecular biology and even some programming could help them if they are serious about Genomic Data Science. But that's it. You could become confused and overwhelmed if you have no real understanding of any of these subjects. The fact that this is just an introduction to the 8 part specialization would escape your mind if you feel overwhelmed.

por Rubaisha A

9 de Mai de 2020

This is from an AS Level student with relatively low knowledge about Genome and the technology regarding it, this course was perfect for beginners who wish to just learn. The basics were explained and at times acknowledged. But, after this course, I'm definitely determined to proceed in this specialization.

The instructors are proficient, well-spoken, and did an amazing job at explaining and the quizzes were definitely well-constructed. I loved learning about Genetics not just in terms of biology but through a computational and statistical perspective.

por Yonatan M

14 de Set de 2020

It was a very good introduction to the genomics field!

Great professors and efficient assignments. Generally i enjoyed the course, but had two difficult points:

1) the 4th week was harsh because very broad subjects were given only for a few minutes and werent deeply explained (there werent enough examples or calculation exercises)

2) the final project was hard and merely connected to the course's material in my opinion. there were a lot of terms that were not mentioned in class.

por Steve Y

16 de Out de 2017

A good, very brief, overview of genomic data science covering basic molecular biology, techniques, CS and statistics. The quizzes are not difficult and the end project is quite interesting. Would appreciate explanations of the correct answers after getting our scores. You do need to have a bit of a background in high school / introductory college classes on these topics, especially for the biology part as the lectures go pretty fast. Overall a good overview.

por Diana M

23 de Dez de 2019

I've learned many new things. Coming from the CS / Data Science background, this was a great introduction to biology side of genomics.

I'd also recommend to all students in this class an excellent book on the history of genetics and genomic research that was recommended in my Data Science course at Indiana University: "The Gene" by Sidhartha Muherjee. The book is non-technical, but gives a great background knowledge and motivation for further study.

por Logan B

22 de Fev de 2018

This is a great course that covers a lot of ground very quickly, including an overview of the central dogma of biology, mitosis and meiosis, and basic concepts in computer science and statistics. The lessons are clear, understandable, move at a good pace, and are full of practical examples applying concepts to actual problems in genomic data science. This class was a great starting point for the specialization and I highly recommend it.

por Mehwish

19 de Ago de 2018

this was good course. Its really appreciating that you are teaching students sitting at home and learning online. this course was also good but i feel difficulty in learning 4th week course. Especially calculating p value and plotting data . I think that should be more precisely and should be describe with more examples. Thank you so much for this course and for increasing my knowledge.

por Rida Z

27 de Mai de 2018

This is my first online course I ever took. I did not know much about importance of online courses before this course but while taking this course I was only wishing that if only I had known these things before while I was doing my masters research, it would have been a great help. Still, I am glad that I am able to know these things now. Thanks to the creators of this course.

por Кирил З

28 de Mar de 2021

I enjoyed this course a lot! I t was well structured and had a brilliant introductory pace. The instructors were very precise and eloquent. They really motivated me to gain deeper knowledge in this science topic. I would recommend this course to any computer scientist that wants to explore the possibility of gaining valuable insights into the wonderful field of genetics.

por José A R N

31 de Dez de 2016

My name is Jose Antonio. I am looking for a new Data Scientist career (

I did this course to get new knowledge about Data Science and better understand the technology and your practical applications.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by the Teachers.

Congratulations to Coursera team and Teachers.

por sweta

22 de Jan de 2017

I think this course was a good introduction to various aspects of genomic data science. The quizzes were great for testing the understanding of the material and the paper for the final exam was an interesting read. I liked the section on statistics, where a real life example was used to motivate the importance of statistics in genomic data science.

por Fadime O

21 de Dez de 2016

The content of the course is concordent with the course title. Videos and readings are spread into weeks classified within topics. Quizzes are qualified, some of them were challenging :) Special thanks to Dr. Salzberg and Dr. Leek. Happy to take to course and stepping into "Genomic Data Specialization". I am planning to take following courses.

por Jorgen E

8 de Mai de 2021

I enjoyed doing this course. The pace was just about right for me as I have a bit of experience. I particularly like how lectures contextualised some very complex techniques and ideas in computer science, genomics and statistics providing a good background and basis for further work. I wish I had this earlier in my career. Good job 👍🏾

por Charles Y

19 de Ago de 2020

This course is a very nice, helpful introductory course to JHU Genomic Data Science Specialization. If you are already experienced or knowledgeable in genomics, a lot of the material will be review for you. However if you are new to the field, you will likely find this course to be very helpful.

por David M

21 de Nov de 2017

This is the best way to keep up with the speed of innovation for a genomics veterans. I have been supporting bioinformatic solutions for 15 years and highly recommend this course. Even for the people involved in genomics for decades. Excellent instructors and content. Thank you JHMI!

por Charles W

22 de Mai de 2020

There were a few minor points that I didn't agree with, but I posted those in the discussion forum.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent course. I am going to suggest that anyone who wants to perform a sequencing experiment be able to pass this course before they submit a sample!

por Omar R

1 de Mai de 2019

As a clinical scientist, the course gives you a taste of the field in a way that you have not thought of before. The final project was a bit challenging and daunting!

Overall, the professors presented the material in a way that is easy to understand and follow up with.

por Zachary L

23 de Mar de 2020

This first course gives a high level overview of the material to come, and mentions many of the topics I hope to learn about like next-generation sequencing and DNA methylation patterns. I'm excited to move towards the next courses that involved diving into some code.