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Discrete Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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Discrete mathematics forms the mathematical foundation of computer and information science. It is also a fascinating subject in itself. Learners will become familiar with a broad range of mathematical objects like sets, functions, relations, graphs, that are omnipresent in computer science. Perhaps more importantly, they will reach a certain level of mathematical maturity - being able to understand formal statements and their proofs; coming up with rigorous proofs themselves; and coming up with interesting results. This course attempts to be rigorous without being overly formal. This means, for every concept we introduce we will show at least one interesting and non-trivial result and give a full proof. However, we will do so without too much formal notation, employing examples and figures whenever possible. The main topics of this course are (1) sets, functions, relations, (2) enumerative combinatorics, (3) graph theory, (4) network flow and matchings. It does not cover modular arithmetic, algebra, and logic, since these topics have a slightly different flavor and because there are already several courses on Coursera specifically on these topics....

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por NP

Oct 23, 2017

Fantastic course. Fascinating material, presented at a reasonably fast pace, and some really challenging assignments.

por AG

Dec 05, 2018

This course is good to comprehend relation, function and combinations.

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25 avaliações

por Palak Mathur

Dec 06, 2018

The course is most pathetically setup. Most of the people are not able to go beyond Week 1 because of the missing lectures and the Quiz, which is set on the content which is never talked about or explained. Ridiculous course.

por Abhay Gupta

Dec 05, 2018

This course is good to comprehend relation, function and combinations.

por Gorka Elorduy García

Nov 25, 2018

A very interesting course. Thank you

por Bahaa Ibrahim

Oct 24, 2018

The instructor is summarizes the content too much. I've been always in need to lookup Youtube for further and simpler detailed instruction. The content is too short (Duration of every lecture) comparing to such an important and wide field

por Brandon Godbold

Jul 06, 2018

The video lectures have nothing at all to do with the quizzes. Even the books barely help, and the instructor ( I use that term very generously ) does not provide any guide whats so ever as to where we should be reading, and absolutely no preparation for the quiz. After trying the quiz for days, I was able to learn more by searching on Youtube than I was in these video lectures. Worst course I have ever experienced. If you paid for this, please get your money back.

por Bret Ohrazda

Jul 06, 2018

The lectures online have little to nothing to do with the course material. Way too much informarion that is unnceesary and not nrealy enough practidcal examples. When the book for the ocurse was purcheesd it was a bit of help, but once again the video lectures neevr once mentioned it, or even guided to where to find the material we would need to review for the test. A complete waste of time. I leanred more scouring the internet and Youtube for material that was relevant to the course. And peer reiewed homework is a joke. Haveing hundres ofother people who also do not understand what is going on rating my homework is an absolute joke. Hands down the worse course I've ever taken. There were even parts of the Transcript that simply read ( INAUDABLE) .

por Xuanqi Xu

Jun 24, 2018

Imagine that I have 0 math background. Is it possible for me to catch up with the videos? probably. Is it possible for me to do the quizes? 0% possiblity

por Sixiang CAI

May 01, 2018

The level is advanced undergraduate.

It contains challenging excersises.

You spent more than 10 hrs per week to solve them and typesetting them(at least for me).

And you can make friend with your peers.

It is for me a unique experience!

por Xichu Zhang

Dec 16, 2017

Actually I haven't finished course in the eleventh week yet, I've only done all the tests:). However, I'd like to say that I like this course very much, it's inspiring and difficult enough. Though I always have to struggle a lot to find the cocepts and meaning of the notations online, there have been enough hints. The only pity was that sometimes there's something which can't be shown normally in exercise, this has caused me some trouble. Overall it's great, and thanks a lot, professor Scheder.

por pawan tiwari

Oct 28, 2017

Very good course sir.