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The University of Alberta, the University of Tromso and the University of the Arctic invite you to explore this four week course that examines the environment and climate of the circumpolar North. This course is the result of an international collaboration and provides you with an insight into our planet's North. Following an overview of regional geography, we will focus on the cryosphere (ice), as well as the atmosphere and ocean of the region. We will learn why the Arctic is cold and ice covered, and how that impacts its climate and ecosystems. We will also consider how the Arctic is connected to the rest of the world. Finally, we will examine present day climate change, the processes driving it, and evidence for it in the Arctic, before looking at the implications in the rapidly evolving North. Watch a preview of the course here:

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12 de mai de 2020

It was a really amazing and an informative course. If you are interested to know how things work in the Arctic region and how the climate varies in the Arctic, this is a must do course.


15 de jun de 2016

Great! I love the fact that it is a very simple course and information is easy to understand! I also adore the professionalism that is present in every lecture. Absolutely fantastic!

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por Franck L

16 de fev de 2017

The content was good and very instructive but the videos and graphic material could be more dynamic and interactive.

por Sophie B

18 de jul de 2021

It was a very good course. All of the topics were explained perfectly for anyone to understand. Very pleased.

por Ron G

20 de fev de 2021

Very well organized and presented. Good visual aids accompanying the lectures. Highly recommended.

por Jonathan D

20 de ago de 2017

Great introduction to the artic region, its people, economy, environment and global importance.

por Alice v O

4 de ago de 2022

​very good information, but the presentor speaks as if addressing a group of small children

por Gina W

20 de ago de 2020

it was a very informative course. The presenter was easy to listen too and likeable.

por Anne G

17 de mar de 2018

Very interesting. Easy to understand. Prof seemed very enthusiastic about the topic.

por Shannon A C

28 de jan de 2021

Love the open-book quizzes but hate the time limit as someone with test anxiety

por Kirsten W

9 de jun de 2020

very informative and thorough, though some videos were a bit too long

por Elvis A

27 de jul de 2019

This is very well informed course about Arctic sea-ice. Thank you.

por Tom A

19 de dez de 2020

Difficult course as not a scientist but explained well.

por Ankit G

1 de jan de 2022

Great introduction to the arctic.

por Antoni B

22 de jan de 2016


por Jocelino R

11 de ago de 2016

The course content was very interesting, however, the way it was presented was very dull and monotonous. The script was great - very insightful and informative, but having the presenter talk for the whole lecture without more frequent use of diagrams, figures, etc. to help understand the concepts is not helpful and incomprehensible to me. Specially when it comes to a course with so much geographical content, it would be good to have a more consistent depiction of maps. Furthermore, with all the new concepts, visual aid would help students understand what things are and what they look like since the backgrounds chosen for the lectures have little or nothing to do with the course whatsoever.

On the other hand, I do think that the questions throughout the videos are extremely useful as they (usually) tackle problems that were not mentioned previously and gets the student to think independently. Finally, the end of lesson tests always have one or two challenging questions which is great. This course has a 5 star potential, so I hope the reviews are being read so they can work towards that goal!

por Robert S

12 de nov de 2017

I very much understand the course material may be "dry" at times and difficult for the instructor to keep the attention of the student(s) focused. However, at times during the course, the material was a bid much in the sense that the presentation made it very difficult to follow along and completely understand the material - monotone presentation. Perhaps the material could have been described by more examples and made more understandable. On a technical front, the audio went out in video 4.2b between 12:07 and


3 de out de 2020

The information was rather basic but good for an introduction. The biggest issue I had with the course was the way the instructor presented the material. The voice inflections made me feel like I was sitting in an elementary school class. It was clear the instructor was reading from a script. A more conversational speaking approach would have been much more effective.

por Lynn B I

14 de jan de 2022

T​oo many technical terms for the lay person who wants to understand the basic information. Dates of studies were often old. More current studies or predictions would be helpful. Size comparisons to things that are more understandable who help to understand the magnitute. Using only metric and centigrade numbers is lost for those who don't use them regularly.

por Diane F

3 de jul de 2022

A​ lot of good information, but the presentation is lacking. I was glad that the notes were available for each secion. However, I think it could have been presented better than the presenter just reading to us with pretty backgrounds.

por G D

12 de jul de 2022

I​mportant information but I did not enjoy the presentation of the material, how it was read by the professor. Would prefer more organic (casual) speech.


23 de abr de 2020

The course content was good but the instructor panache of teaching was very impassive and he should also explain the concepts in a better way

por Tiffany M

23 de jan de 2016

There is a very technical portion to this class making it difficult for the neophyte to truly understand and explain course content.

por Ian R

12 de nov de 2018

some of the content was interesting. the lectures were horrendous.

por Carmen P

20 de jan de 2021

Quizzes were so poorly designed that there was no way to pass them. Material was great, but the course has not been updated, which is a pity,

por Jonathan G

7 de jan de 2018

this horse was boring as hell. Not only was the information something you would in high school and very self-explanatory, but the instructor was monotonous and had no life in him whatsoever. Anyone can learn how to do this course. Although the questions in the last quiz in module for more marked wrong even though most of them would be right. The only two things you need to know about the Arctic it's freezing and miserable, and also you don't need a course like this to know about climate change. I wouldn't recommend this course anybody, unless you want to be and Arctic ecologist and freeze your ass off! Did d

por Paul G

20 de jul de 2020

This course needs more visual aids - particularly for some of the more complex material - and a diversity of presenters. The lack of both meant that I sometimes used the videos to put me to sleep...

Another issue - for which I bear significant responsibility - is that I expected the course to spend a lot more time on the human dimension of the Arctic. I discovered at the end that there are additional courses that cover this in more detail.