Os cursos na área de história investigam eventos e tendências sociais antigos e modernos. Explore temas como guerras, imperialismo e globalização, e estude a história de grupos ou períodos específicos em cursos sobre a história dos negros, das mulheres e outros temas.


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  • In a world accelerated by technology, where the future seems to become the present faster than ever, the study of history can sometimes seem quaint, or even irrelevant. What can analysis of the past tell us when the story of human civilization seems more unpredictable and chaotic than ever?

    In fact, the rapid pace of change in today's society is exactly why the study of history is more important than ever. Despite all of the ways that technology has transformed our daily lives, our fundamental nature and motivations as human beings have changed surprisingly little. History is the only lens that allows us to understand how the present is rooted in our past, and the ways that many questions surrounding contemporary culture and politics have been asked (and answered) in previous eras.

    History is also essential to understanding how to build a better future. That's because history isn't just a static description of how things were in the past - it's also a framework for examining the processes and drivers underlying periods of change in previous eras, which can provide a roadmap for catalyzing transformations in our society today.