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Have you ever paid someone for doing you a favor? You may be accustomed to tipping wait staff or other service providers, but what if you paid a police officer for NOT issuing a parking ticket? Or if you gave a “gift” to a government official for signing a contract with your company? Tipping might be okay, but paying a bribe is a violation of the law. Bribery is widespread and exists almost everywhere and in many forms. Compliance programs address this and other forms of corruption. In this course we’ll discuss what corruption actually is by examining, for example, the difference between a tip and an illegal bribe. We will examine where corruption exists, how it exists, its ramifications, and the genesis of today’s anti-corruption laws. We’ll also focus on practical strategies for creating compliance policies and procedures that address and prevent corruption. We will learn about the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, and many other anti-corruption laws. Much of the course will focus on building out compliance policies and procedures that address corruption. We will also look at practical methods for preventing corruption in an organization as well as red flags and other mechanisms for identifying corruption early so that it can be adequately addressed....

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9 de Mai de 2020

Best specialization for starting a career in compliance, highly recommended, Thanks to Andrew Kandel and Lauren Steinfel. you are always in my prayers

12 de Mai de 2020

It has been a terrific experience and the materials /lecture provided were very much sufficient for learning and understanding the course

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por Stacey H

2 de Mai de 2020

Mr. Kandel's soothing voice and calm demeanor along with the use of simple language made this course VERY enjoyable! The reading material is golden, don't skip it! This was highly informative with a lot of practical tips and examples.

por Mauricio W

22 de Nov de 2019

SImple the best!!!! the quality of readings was awesome!!! My unic concern is the interaction with the lecturers, it doesn't exist!!!!

por gibin t

8 de Set de 2020

Well laid out, easy to grasp and bite-sized. Excellent course for those looking to expand their knowledge in the field of compliance.

por Jonathan A E R

15 de Ago de 2020

Thank you for such an excellent course. It is a knowledge that will serve me a lot in my professional life. Greetings from Honduras

por Leonard R

18 de Abr de 2019

Great course. Ton of information.

por Muyanja S Z

15 de Jul de 2019

This is a good course on the practical side. I specifically found the course format and sequencing easy to follow and understand. The lecture delivers lectures that are rooted in case studies , making the course grounded in what goes on in society around us. The case study format also opened my eyes to the degree to which corruption in corporate and government in US ,despite far and between, remains a nagging problem.

por Alexandre K

10 de Mai de 2020

I worked for a local chapter of Transparency International as an intern and wanted to get a certificate to materialize this experience in something which can be shown other than experience on a CV. Thus course filled this role. I'm very happy and proud. The content was very good and the examples were practical. I acquired knoledge and skills which I can use in work as from now.

por Christian L

8 de Mai de 2020

Very well done. I took this course to help to prepare with the job vacancy for higher position. Even though I have not received any confirmation yet following the interview, but I believe I have understood better the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, my local Anti-corruption Law, and policies applied across the world to fight the corruption and bribery practices. Thank you for making this!

por Deborah C

7 de Out de 2019

Very interesting course about corruption. Quite interested even how the meaning of the term changes accordingly to the country and cultural background. A note for the university of Pennsylvania: Why not adding a paper of notes to do better the revision in order to prepare the final assessment?

por Lalit N L B

27 de Jun de 2021

For a person who didn't know anything about Compliance, this course provided all the insights in to it. I now can use this knowledge when I start a business of my own. This is a valuable course and I thank both the trainers and all the backend staff who put this together. Thank you so much.

por Vicky

29 de Mar de 2021

This course is definitely a must-do. The lecturer, Andrew Kandel is experienced and qualified in his field, material is adequate, a basic knowledge everyone should have regardless of the profession. Would be nice if there's an advanced version of this course. Thank you Coursera!

por Gustavo H

18 de Set de 2020

excellent course, I learned a lot from great examples of behavior and new ways of observing and analyzing an anti-corruption program, in addition to being able to apply what I learned in an innovative way to an efficient compliance program.

por Aintza P V

9 de Abr de 2020

Es un curso fácil de seguir que te ayuda a identificar y comprender actividades sospechosas dentro de una compañía de una manera ágil. Además, aprendes cómo luchar contra estos comportamientos dentro de la empresa. Realmente recomendable.


1 de Out de 2019

It was a very interesting topic. I learnt a lot. I thought i knew so much but this exposed me to a lot and opened my understanding the more to corruption and its prevention especially as it relates to different countries.

por Любовь К

8 de Jun de 2020

This course was extremely interesting and engaging. I love both lecturers and the context of the Course. I've received many practical skills and knowledge. Thanks a lot both Coursera and Penn University.

por abdul w

10 de Mai de 2020

Best specialization for starting a career in compliance, highly recommended, Thanks to Andrew Kandel and Lauren Steinfel. you are always in my prayers

por Marco P

1 de Abr de 2020

I found this course very helpful to understand the basic principles of the anti-corruption and the guidelines of an anti-corruption program.

por Suresh M

13 de Mai de 2020

It has been a terrific experience and the materials /lecture provided were very much sufficient for learning and understanding the course

por Marius P

18 de Fev de 2020

Was a very useful course. especially because I wanted to get a better knowledge and understanding in FCPA and UK Bribery Act.

por Umair A S

17 de Nov de 2019

Great learning course on corruption , i have a good scene about corruption, the main anti-corruption law's and on compliance

por Mari K

13 de Abr de 2020

Really good overview of corruption, how it works, what are the points every company should think of in their work field.

por Roberto G J

10 de Jul de 2021

This course was great. I got knowledge about the structure of anticorruption program, and preventative measures.

por Abhishek S

19 de Jul de 2020

An effective beginners course for everyone wanting to know about anti-corruption and bribery, especially FCPA.

por Neal B

26 de Mai de 2020

the messaging is clear . the presenter makes the content understandable even for those not from this field.

por Margo L

30 de Jan de 2020

Loved this course and really learned quite a lot of useful information. Many thanks for a great experience!