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Transmedia storytelling is the practice of designing, sharing, and participating in a cohesive story experience across multiple traditional and digital delivery platforms - for entertainment, advertising and marketing, or social change. Have you ever read a book, seen a movie, watched a television show, or played a game that centred around different aspects of a larger story or universe? You may be familiar with popular examples of such universes like Star Wars, Marvel, and The Walking Dead (to name a few). How do the professionals develop such expansive narratives? How do they ensure that each element stays true to the original story? How do they innovatively use different technologies to share the stories, grow audiences and create an active and involved community of fans? More and more, we are also engaging with elements or franchises of larger and more complex stories across a much more diverse range of platforms like interactive web experiences, social media communities, mobile devices, theme parks, and even augmented and virtual reality. A major challenge that current and future storytellers face is being able to engage different audiences in a story that is seamlessly told across all of these different platforms. WHAT WILL I LEARN? This course will help you to design a strategy for developing and telling your own transmedia story. You will learn about what it takes to: • Shape your ideas into compelling and well structured narratives and complex story worlds • Identify, understand, and engage different audiences in your stories • Create cohesive user experiences across different platforms • Evaluate existing and emerging technologies to share your story with the world, and help your audience participate in the larger storyworld you create The course provides you with a unique, authentic, and industry relevant learning opportunity. You will have access to current theory, industry examples and advice and undertake learning activities that will equip you with the tools you need to start developing your own ideas. WHO WILL MY INSTRUCTORS BE? You will learn effective transmedia design strategies from leading UNSW Australia Art & Design academics. You will also examine case studies that demonstrate how amazing ideas, technology and audience contributions can be brought together to create dynamic storyworlds. You'll see examples of major, successful transmedia storytelling projects involving movies, digital entertainment, gaming, virtual reality and more. In collaboration with our industry partner X Media Lab, the course will give you inside access to the personal stories, insight and advice of the following innovative transmedia storytelling professionals from Hollywood USA, Canada and Australia. • Susan Bonds, 42 Entertainment, Los Angeles, USA • Flint Dille, Screenwriter, Game Designer and Novelist, Los Angeles, USA • Cindi Drennan, Illuminart, Australia • Tom Ellard, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia • Catherine Fargher, Dr Egg Digital, Sydney, Australia • Hal Hefner, 3AM Creative, USA • Brian Seth Hurst, StoryTech, Los Angeles, USA • Henry Jenkins, School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California, USA • Mikey Leung, Digital Storytellers, Sydney, Australia • Alex Lieu, 42 Entertainment, Los Angeles, USA • Geoffrey Long, Annenberg Innovation Lab, University of Southern California, USA • John McGhee, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia • Joseph Narai, Transmedia Entertainment, Sydney, Australia • Jeff Nicholas, The Uprising Creative, Los Angeles, USA • Sergio Paez, Graphic Artist working in animation, TV, video games, and film. Co Founder, StoryboardArt, California, USA • Steve Peters, No Mimes Media, Los Angeles, USA • Stuart Samuels, Stuart Samuels Productions, Toronto, Canada • Charles Santoso, Concept Artist, Sydney, Australia • Seth Shapiro, New Amsterdam Media, Los Angeles, USA • Scott Snibbe, Eyegroove, San Francisco, USA • Tracey Taylor, The Pulse, Sydney, Australia • Robert Tercek, Public Speaker, Digital Media Strategist, and Executive Leader for Creative Ventures and Business Innovation, • University of Southern California, USA • Kevin Williams, Founder & Director of KWP Ltd and DNA Association, UK • Brent Young, Super 78, Los Angeles, USA • Maya Zuckerman, Transmedia SF, San Francisco, USA COURSE CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Karin Watson, Iman Irannejad, and Dr. Simon McIntyre....

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15 de ago de 2021

Being someone who loves movies, this course has provided me deep knowledge about storytelling . the lectures were very understandable for a beginner. Hope to use this knowledge in future. :)


23 de mai de 2021

I definitely recommend this course to all those who want to improve their creativity, their storytelling skills and learn to use different technologies to engage all types of audiences.

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por Mogeeb A R M

25 de mar de 2020

What a wonderful journey!

Intensive, crazy, beautifully designed. genius content and flow of information.

I enjoyed, nearly, every second of this course.

por Debashish S

9 de mar de 2019

Had a very excellent experience! The instructors were really very awesome. The course has surely improvised my understanding of transmedia storytelling.

por Farid N

17 de mai de 2020

I'm sure this course will play major role in my career. I can't wait to use these new skills in my future career.

por David L

23 de abr de 2020

Un gran curso, me encantó y aprendí muchísimo

por Aaron d l C

11 de fev de 2017

Es un excelente curso para quienes quieren proyectar su talento artístico en proyectos de cualquier tipo. Los profesores son claros y concisos, y el material de estudio es abundante para entender el propósito de contar historias a través de diversas plataformas de forma sustentable en el tiempo.

This is an excellent course for those who want to project their artistic talents in any kind of project. Teachers are clair and concise, and the material to study is numerous. It is a great course to understand the purpose of telling stories across diverse platforms and in a sustainable form in time.

por Naijachic x

1 de abr de 2020

I really enjoyed this course and the the structure of the videos along with the reading materials. Each of the weeks flowed seamlessly into the next. I kind of wish I had studied something like this earlier or when I was in school. However, this course gave me so much and I am glad I can go back and access the lessons whenever I feel like it. I just wish that for some of the assignments we had a little more time to complete, so we could really thoroughly go through the material and then write. That stated, I had a phenominal experience and I am happy I chose this course.

por Pam C

19 de abr de 2021

Thanks to the diverse, experienced combination of instructors in this course, I learned a great deal about transmedia storytelling. Each video is kept short and focused, so I never felt overwhelmed by the content. The assignments are clearly defined, and each assignment addresses a discrete, focused aspect of the transmedia storytelling process, from audience to purpose. so I was able to apply what I was learning. Again, I truly appreciate the expertise of the instructors. I got a great deal out of this course, and I have solid next steps for my work. Thank you!

por Chandrakant S

7 de jun de 2020

This is a wonderful course, and thanks to UNSW, and Coursera for the opportunity. For me, this has given a new dimension to my writing which I love to do. This course not only developed my story-world but would be useful to revisit some of the stories I had written.

How to disperse the story? How to engage the audience? How the co-creation and fandom can help to build the story-world? Which technologies and platforms are best suited to which segment? These are some of the questions that were best addressed through this course.

Thanks for the opportunity!

por Nevena B L

20 de nov de 2016

A great course that will let you in on a world of possibilities when it comes to storytelling. Videos and readings are focused and to the point, with many points of view from both specialists and interdisciplinary experts as to give you a wide variety of opinions, approaches, and food for thought. Even if you're not interested in marketing your stories and making money, this course is still a top resource to refresh your Storytelling 101, as well as enrich your toolkit for the purposes of giving your story the best chance by enhancing it the right way.

por Estrellita R

22 de dez de 2020

I really enjoyed this course and the weekly assignments. I liked how they focused on the different pillars of transmedia and shared great examples of how each of them work in the real world. The assignments were helpful in thinking about the other aspects of a story, such as audience, technology, and format, all of which are just as equally important as the story itself. If you are interested in creating a larger world for your story, or want it to be accessible on various platforms I recommend taking this course!

por Daniel M

13 de jun de 2021

Es un curso muy interesante donde te muestran las nociones básicas del Storytelling acompañado de bases teóricas y cómo la estrategia no solo es contar una historia sino todos los elementos que se unen a su alrededor, por ejemplo las nuevas tecnologías como VR y AR, otros campos del transmedia como distintos medios: libros, videojuegos, comics, etc. Además otro elemento importante es la música por ejemplo y los aspectos visuales que pueden ser determinante a la hora de diseñar una narrativa.

por Vickery P

30 de nov de 2020

Really well structured learning experience, and a long list of talented instructors and guest lecturers. Rigorous, thoughtful content that will give you a solid grounding in this subject and as many tools and references as you could want to build out your own transmedia project, be it for entertainment, social change or marketing. Having peers review work was hit and miss. I only had one person provide more than a few words, so that is the biggest drawback. Otherwise, well worth the time!

por german e m b

4 de jun de 2021

I found this course very good, excellent and accessible because it has shown basic and important points about transmedia stories, its media classes to transmit the story, the types of formats that stories can be produced and the advantages and disadvantages of the media and formats. It also encourages the creativity of ideas to capture the teaching points and acquire them as a source of wisdom for people of any stratum and of any country.

por Rina

10 de mai de 2020

This is a great course with amazing instructors, who put a lot of work into creating the materials including the tasks. It has taught me how to get to know my audience and to make sure they get a fulfilling experience. It has taught to focus on what is important while developing and delivering a story. Thanks to the information and the tasks I have designed my own project and received constructive feedback which helped along the way.

por Yogitha S

11 de nov de 2020

This truly is one amazing gem for students interested to step into the world of Transmedia storytelling and learn the basics from the art of storytelling, knowing the audience to sculpt user experience design, and technology. The assignments will enable the students to equip their ideas from a linear format to a multimodal storytelling experience with the help of lecturers from various media backgrounds and industrial experts.

por Jasmine Y

11 de mai de 2020

This was a very exciting and interesting course and I've learned a lot in the six weeks that I've done the course. The instructors and both the video and the reading materials were quite helpful. The peer-reviewed assignments and also reviewing other participants' assignments were quite helpful in developing the story that was part of the assignment. Some links provided in the reading materials were not working.

por Elias K

25 de ago de 2017

An excellent course. It makes clear why transmedia storytelling is triving, while giving you the tools to set up your own story. I'd recommend any professional involved with media to become more acquainted with the topic of transmedia experiences on itself; and, for that, I have to say that this course provides a great insight on the structure, purpose and design of such projects.

por Shashank U

13 de set de 2018

The course is well structured and filled with abundant resources. I loved the assignment section that helped me organise my thought process and be productive. Plus, this industry is something I really want to be working in, so I might be biased. Also, what makes this course truly valuable is that one gets to hear so many experienced professionals and their stories.

por Uwem O

4 de mai de 2020

I wanted 'something' that would move me from the regular, ordinary experience- 'something' holistic. Holistic used not as a cliche, but having a universal experience that will make the experience of the world being a 'global village' a reality, and I found that in the Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds of emerging technologies, and global audiences.

por Claire R

4 de jun de 2018

Great course! I gained so much from this, both in insight and confidence. Thoroughly recommend this for people wanting to improve their understanding of how transmedia storytelling can work for you and how you can implement it. Creating my own story helped what I learned sink in and I'm excited to try some transmedia techniques in my role. Thanks

por Sabrina L

25 de abr de 2020

I enjoyed this course thoroughly. I feel like it gave me a much deeper understanding of all the elements that go into creating a story and catering to my audience in a more effective and meaningful way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering any field in creative writing, journalism, marketing, or content writing. So good!

por Djahane Z

10 de abr de 2021

Excellent course!! It really gives you all the tools to build a solid strategy for your transmedia project, and the insight from people working in the industry is very helpful! The course is also very well structured and the assignments make you put to use all that you learn, so all in all a definite five stars course! I highly recommend it.

por TANG Y

11 de out de 2020

The four assignments of this course is a bit challenging but a very evoking process for me to think about how to create a true transmedia story and how to engage audience properly then deeply. Transmedia storytelling is required in different areas increasingly, I think this course is a good start for any beginners who are interested in it.

por Mauro I V

8 de jun de 2020

Great content, well researched refferences. If you want to go deep on the subject of transmedia storytelling, you will find lots of invaluable links to bibliography and authors. Professionals and professors involved in the videos are recognized authorities and provide interesting insights. Very inspirational assignment. Really loved it.

por Lokapriya B

12 de fev de 2017

The best online course I've learned by far. Right from the course structure to the content everything was just awesome. The team has relentlessly worked in getting the global gurus to talk about the content and created the best content online for trans media storytelling. I've already recommended my colleagues to take this course.