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Comentários e feedback de alunos de NoSQL systems da instituição Universidade Nacional Autônoma do México

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Welcome to the specialization course of NoSQL Systems. This course will be completed on six weeks, it will be supported with videos and exercises that will allow you to identify the differences between the relational and NoSQL databases. As part of these alternative technologies the student will learn the main characteristics and how to implement the typical NoSQL databases, such as Key-value, columnar, document and graph. Let's start! After completing this course, a learner will be able to ● Identify what type of NoSQL database to implement based on business requirements (key-value, document, full text, graph, etc.) ● Apply NoSQL data modeling from application specific queries ● Use Atomic Aggregates and denormalization as data modelling techniques to optimize query processing Software to download: MongoDB Neo4j SAPIQ Cassandra In case you have a Mac / IOS operating system you will need to use a virtual Machine (VirtualBox, Vmware)....
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por Ivan S C A

Jun 24, 2019

Se contemplan sutilmente los principales elementos de los temas haciéndolos fácil de entender sin perder de vista la importancia de cada uno.

por Matteo

Jul 29, 2019

The lessons and the material in general are of good quality, I had some issues with the rating of the assignments

por Daniela D

May 31, 2019

It was difficult to complete the course within 6 weeks due to the "peer" evaluation mechanism

por Enric E T

May 29, 2019

Even though I have learned about Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j and some other concepts, the proposed exercises need to be rebuilt from scratch.

The questionaires have some problems/errors. Good for learning, not good for "getting a certificate". I a sure they will fix this issues in the future

por MANU V

Mar 07, 2019

Very average content

por Chris B

Mar 05, 2020

The instructor knows what she's talking about but is difficult to understand - she speaks quickly with a heavy accent and even the course notes don't always accurately track what she says. The techno-music in the background during the lectures is very distracting - lower the volume or get rid of it.

Finally, you apparently need a computer science degree to install the Apache Cassandra program for Windows as the installation instructions given in the course are wildly outdated - the installation procedures have completely changed since this was recorded. I was unable to properly install this critical program and Coursera was completely unable to help me. This course was a big waste of my time.

por Rayson L J K

Jul 29, 2019

This course does not have much content. You can find most of the content with a quick Google and I don't see why anyone should pay for this. The exercise in week 2 was just a copy-pasting exercise. The exercise in week 3 and 4 are not doable since the data is not given. The exercise for week 5 was great and I enjoyed it. I feel that the exercises for the other weeks should follow the one in week 5. Week 6 just had two super short quizzes. I did not learn much from this course.

por Manash S

Jan 26, 2020

You cannot interact with instructor for any query

por Amir G

Sep 09, 2019

just awful.