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This 8 week online course equips learners with the basics of network virtualization with VMware NSX. To get the most of this course, you should have familiarity with generic IT concepts of routing, switching, firewalling, disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud and security. At the end of the course, you will be able to: • Understand network virtualization basics • Describe NSX business value and use cases • Explain how NSX is different from traditional networking • Summarize networking and security solution architecture with VMware NSX around these key areas: + Micro-segmentation + Automation with OpenStack + Automation with VMware vRealize Automation + Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity + Operational Transformation • Demonstrate understanding through hands-on experience • Develop a learning plan for network virtualization certification If you are new to network virtualization, download our Network Virtualization for Dummies guide. All Hands on Labs referenced in this course are OPTIONAL and available for FREE. Direct links to free labs can be found on the Resources Tab or you can access our full library at

Melhores avaliações

27 de Jul de 2018

Awesome course. Skilled instructors delivered very solid content. I really recommend this course to any forward looking individual interested in software defined networking and security approach.

24 de Nov de 2019

This course gave me a great awareness not only the technical aspects of NSX but also about mindset for design, operations, change/incident management.\n\nThank you so much to VMWARE.

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por Kishore K T

28 de Fev de 2020

Good for cloud networking & security; esp. for design and/or architecture. Should do Vmware lab modules in the course for understanding NSX concepts and working principles.

por Frantisek F

28 de Jul de 2018

Awesome course. Skilled instructors delivered very solid content. I really recommend this course to any forward looking individual interested in software defined networking and security approach.

por Christian D

3 de Set de 2019

Great content, however part wise outdated. NSX-T mainly missing

por Edwin C v E

21 de Fev de 2021

Although the course’s topics are highly relevant and the provided info is okay-ish, several things reduce the course’s quality.

As a previous reviewer already mentioned, the NSX part of the course focuses on NSX-V, which is the precursor to NSX-T. If you are primarily interested in learning about NSX-T and are already familiar with NSX-V, then this course will not be very useful. Although there is some overlap between the two, NSX-T uses different concepts, a different architecture and different components.

The course offers (optional) hands-on labs to internalize the theory. Unfortunately all five hands-on labs for this course, i.e. HOL-1903-01, HOL-1903-02, HOL-1921-01, HOL-1925-01 and HOL-1925-02, have been discontinued, severely diminishing the course’s practical value. See for details. The discontinued hands-on labs are the main reason why the course forums are abandoned. Almost all of the past forum threads were requests to review someone’s lab results.

If you want hands-on experience with NSX-T or associated topics such as vRealize Automation (vRA), you need to search for active hands-on labs yourself and work your way through those labs. Doing so can be done independently of this course, since the hands-on labs are self-contained and explain things well.

As is the case in other Coursera courses with multiple presenters, the quality of the presenters deviate highly. Some really “take their time”, explaining the material in an engaging fashion. Other presenters appear to be in an extreme hurry, focusing more on covering as much material as possible and rushing over slides, instead of conveying information in an understandable manner.

Now some generic remarks, not necessarily good or bad. The learning curve can at times be steep, especially if you have never dealt with NSX or VMware before. Some videos superficially cover topics, neglecting necessary details to fully understand the material. This can cause confusion, and might require quite some extra study time. A basic knowledge of routing, networking and virtualization is also a requirement. If you lack basic networking knowledge, you might want to take a look at existing hands-on labs before starting this course. See e.g. “Virtualization 101” on

IMHO, to improve the course, the course creators need to do the following:

(a) update all the course content to cover NSX-T.

(b) update all links to external resources (e.g. the dead link in chapter 8 to the NSX Day 1 Guides).

(c) update all hands-on labs, so that the practical assignments can once again be completed.

(d) consider including more practical material, such as a hands-on lab for SD-WAN (HOL-2140-01-NET) and vRealize Automation (HOL-2121-03-CMP).

por Tishin E

24 de Nov de 2019

This course gave me a great awareness not only the technical aspects of NSX but also about mindset for design, operations, change/incident management.

Thank you so much to VMWARE.

por Edward B

17 de Mai de 2019

My Personal experience with this course, makes me highly recommend it to any network engineer willing to make that transition.

por Gustavo A L D

17 de Jul de 2020

Great course on Networking and Security Architecture with VMware NSX. Great course to learn about virtualization. Very helpful labs to even measure more accurately if you have learned the concepts of NSX. I feel very happy that I took this course and I have learned so much about NSX and virtualization. Highly recommended course.

por Yekatierina C

2 de Abr de 2020

Very interesting and useful course with great material and really challenging tasks. Video lectures are extremely informative and in the same time easy to understand. I really enjoyed it.

por Jhon A T

7 de Abr de 2020

El curso es muy bueno, sin embargo los laboratorios estan desactualizados, VWmare los ha cambiado y aqui en el curso no se han actualizado los enlaces.

por Mahfujur B

30 de Dez de 2019

Execellent course to learn NSX both theoritically and hands-on. I recommend this couse to all Cloud Experts both private cloud and public cloud.

por Jeetendra U

10 de Mar de 2021

Very Good understanding of Networking and Security Architecture along with Operations view of VMWare NSX along with vRealize Operations.

por Puran C

16 de Jun de 2020

Very informative particular in network & security virtualization NSX concept, thanks to coursera/vmware for providing useful tutorials.

por Alexander L G V

5 de Set de 2020

Fue genial tener la oportunidad de recibir contenido de primera y por personal especializado directamente de VMware

por Shruti K 1

4 de Jun de 2020

quite informative course , discusses all the recent trends involved with the topics, well-explained by good tutors

por Alex M

8 de Mai de 2019

Awesome Course, but the labs had issue with accessing them, however it wasn't mandatory. Overall great content.

por gonzalo t

23 de Mai de 2021

Una tecnología demasiado útil en estos tiempos, estoy muy feliz con el contenido y todo lo aprendido.


11 de Jun de 2020

A stimulating course about a fascinating topic, going from deep level theory to practical exercises

por Manoj S J

1 de Mai de 2020

It was a nice learning experience and to understand few new Technical Terms by help of this course

por Sizolwethu D

2 de Jan de 2019

A valuable course on the future of cloud computing and virtualization of networking and security.

por Freddy I

22 de Out de 2020

Excellent course. I gained sufficient knowledge about VMware and networking from this course

por mahendra s

8 de Jul de 2019

This course is very useful for IT Engineer, I love it.

Thank to Coursera and VMware team....

por Dr. B N

3 de Out de 2021

Please make the letters for reading and the quiz bolder. I had to struggle to read them..

por Taher O

1 de Set de 2019

Excellent, use-case oriented, and delivered beautifully by the VMware team.

por Mohamed A

25 de Mai de 2020

Good Course with great Labs.

some Labs are expired and need to be updated

por Claudio S

18 de Dez de 2018

I like the Hands On Lab approach and the practical use cases discussed.