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What is Fashion? What is Luxury? Defining Complex Competitive Systems and Business Logics

Welcome to the first week of our course! Before moving this week contents, please dedicate some time to read the About the Course section where you can find a series of useful information to approach the course the best way. The Trips&Tricks section contains some insights and best practices that Lucia Paladino (an industry expert) shared with our community. Once you have done with these introductory readings you can finally move to the first contents! This first module is dedicated to a general introduction to fashion and luxury concepts: what they imply, how they are perceived, how they differ, and what other basic ideas in this industry are.

10 vídeos ((Total 55 mín.)), 8 leituras
10 videos
2. New Trends6min
3. The Dream Factor and Media System4min
4. What Is Luxury?6min
5. Luxury as a Product4min
6. Luxury as a Business3min
7. Luxury as a Culture4min
8. Luxury as a Customer3min
9. What Is Luxury Not?4min
10. Fashion, Luxury, and Millennials: Interviews (Additional Material)5min
8 leituras
Above and Beyond the Course10min
Surviving the Course10min
About Professors10min
Additional Readings & Material10min
Coffee with a Fashion Expert10min
Careers in Fashion and Luxury Companies10min
Best Practices in Fashion and Luxury Companies10min
Slides and Pinterest10min
2 horas para concluir

The Evolution of Business Models: From Designers to Fast Fashion Retailers

This second week will be significantly denser and more time consuming than the first one. The topic is that of Business Models in Fashion and Luxury, and will give you a lot of important insights on this industry.

16 vídeos ((Total 125 mín.)), 1 leitura
16 videos
Fashion Market Segmentation10min
Business Models Framework5min
Business Models in the Market5min
Luxury Brands6min
Luxury Conglomerates4min
Premium Brands5min
Designer Brands6min
Vertical Retailers - Mass or Fast8min
Interview with Moncler10min
Interview with Rainbow3min
Textile Industry3min
Ingredient Brands3min
Interview with Albini16min
Interview with Vitale Barberis Canonico11min
1 leituras
Slides and Pinterest10min
2 horas para concluir

Stylistic Identity and the Product Development Process: The Role of Heritage, Stylistic Codes and Icon Products in Defining the Seasonal Collection

Welcome to module 3! The main topics here will be the complexity of product development, brand identity, stylistic identity, and the development of the collection. Remember also that at the end of this module you will find the first QUIZ (counting 40% of the final grade)! This quiz is going to test your knowledge and understanding of the first three modules. You need to listen to all video lectures and to read all the slides of the three modules carefully to successfully complete it.

8 vídeos ((Total 50 mín.)), 2 leituras, 1 teste
8 videos
The Concept of Stylistic Identity5min
How to Develop a Collection7min
Brand Identity7min
Case Study: Woolmark2min
Interview: Landor and Associates8min
Case Study: DSQUARED27min
Case Study: BOTTEGA VENETA3min
2 leituras
Slides and Pinterest10min
About Quizzes - Read carefully10min
1 exercício prático
Modules 1-340min
2 horas para concluir

Image Identity and the Communication Process: Key Activities, Decision Makers, the Challenge of Creating Digital Contents for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Week 4 will cover another very crucial topic: Communication. Communication per se is an extremely rich and broad topic and the fashion and luxury industry requires a specific and dedicated chapter as it encompasses unique aspects that need to be correctly addressed and understood.

7 vídeos ((Total 100 mín.)), 3 leituras
7 videos
How to Build a Strong Communication Identity12min
The Digital Challenge4min
Round Table with International Bocconi Students18min
Interview with Tomaso Galli18min
Interview with Attila & Co.14min
3 leituras
Slides and Pinterest10min
Additional Material10min
How is 3D printing changing fashion?10min
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comecei uma nova carreira após concluir estes cursos


consegui um benefício significativo de carreira com este curso

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por PMMar 2nd 2017

What a great resource for both Fashion and Business Students around the world. I am a student in London using this resource to further my knowledge and Iove it. I will continue using and supporting.

por WZFeb 5th 2016

very useful course, not only for Luxury industry. Many topics talked about are enlighted. After learning, I think I am more reasonable facing all fancy things and choose them more sophiscated.



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