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Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra, Imperial College London

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In this course on Linear Algebra we look at what linear algebra is and how it relates to vectors and matrices. Then we look through what vectors and matrices are and how to work with them, including the knotty problem of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and how to use these to solve problems. Finally we look at how to use these to do fun things with datasets - like how to rotate images of faces and how to extract eigenvectors to look at how the Pagerank algorithm works. Since we're aiming at data-driven applications, we'll be implementing some of these ideas in code, not just on pencil and paper. Towards the end of the course, you'll write code blocks and encounter Jupyter notebooks in Python, but don't worry, these will be quite short, focussed on the concepts, and will guide you through if you’ve not coded before. At the end of this course you will have an intuitive understanding of vectors and matrices that will help you bridge the gap into linear algebra problems, and how to apply these concepts to machine learning....

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por PL

Aug 26, 2018

Great way to learn about applied Linear Algebra. Should be fairly easy if you have any background with linear algebra, but looks at concepts through the scope of geometric application, which is fresh.

por CS

Apr 01, 2018

Amazing course, great instructors. The amount of working linear algebra knowledge you get from this single course is substantial. It has already helped solidify my learning in other ML and AI courses.

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300 avaliações

por Maximilian Pfister

Dec 12, 2018

Some exercises are completely incoherent to the preceding videos, which makes it very difficult to solve them. very frustrating

por Meixin Zhang

Dec 10, 2018

the content of this course is really clear, but the assignment system about program needs to be improved.

por Aviral Agarwal

Dec 10, 2018

A good course for gaining knowledge for Linear Algebra for machine learning.

por Hritik Kumar Sharma

Dec 08, 2018

I learned the best visualisation of linear algebra's concepts. Nothing is better that understanding the concepts and how the things are happening.

por Jishnu Bhattacharya

Dec 07, 2018

This is a very good course - less of symbols and more of intuition,which is more important in applications. Profs are excellent communicators - even if you zero knowledge of the subject - you will get 100% of it...

por Samuel Zhao

Dec 07, 2018

Amazing course!

por Dan Gomulkin

Dec 07, 2018

I very friendly introduction to linear algebra that makes you fully comfortable with it.

por Kyle Welch

Dec 06, 2018

Excellent course. It's very practical - focuses on building your intuition of core concepts and applying those concepts through simple programming exercises.

por Angelo C0d3r

Dec 05, 2018

Nice refresher! Excellent instructors! Not recommended as a first Linear Algebra course though. I would go for MIT OpenCourseware first.

por Zhuocheng Yu

Dec 02, 2018

The programming grading system doesn't work well, but the course is great anyway