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This course will teach you how to design futureproof systems that meet the requirements of IoT systems: systems that are secure, interoperable, modifiable, and scalable. Moreover, you'll learn to apply best-in-class software architecture methods to help you design complex IoT and other applications. Lastly, you'll come to understand the business impact of the technical decisions that you make as an IoT system architect. You'll learn all about software architecture in the next 5 weeks! In the first week, you'll discover why having a well-designed architecture is important and which challenges you might come across while developing your architecture. By the end of the second week, you'll already be able to write your own requirements! In the third and fourth weeks, you will learn how to correctly write quality attributes and quality attribute scenarios for a specific case. In the last week, you'll learn to describe your own patterns and tactics and see how they're used in an Android framework....

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15 de set de 2017

I learned a lot through this course and was able to apply some of my learnings to my current work. Definitely would like to recommend this course!


21 de abr de 2020

It was a very good and comprehensive course especially for those who want to work on IoT based projects and not have much knowledge of software

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por B V

11 de mai de 2020

good course

por Bharath K G

11 de mai de 2020

Good course

por Nich

28 de jun de 2017

Good course

por Roshini E

17 de abr de 2017

Good course

por A V R 1

16 de ago de 2019


por chandrakanth p

12 de jun de 2019


por Колдасова Г

7 de dez de 2021


por Gulmira K

25 de nov de 2021


por Johanna K

10 de set de 2017

The course gives a nice glimpse on how systems can be planned and documented. I liked the questions between videos, because they highlighted the important points and helped me understand the topic better. Videos were high-quality. I liked that the important points were shown as text in videos at the same time as the professor or instructor talked about the topic. That gave me both visual and auditory stimulus and thus helped me learn the topic more efficiently. The quizzes asked about important things and gave really good feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. The reading tasks were otherwise correctly timed, but reading the ADD paper took me more like 2-3 hours than promised 20 minutes. As said, the course gave a nice glimpse to one type of planning and documenting the system, so it feels bit exaggerating to promise the students to become software architects after the course. But this is one step forward that goal, thank you for this course!

por Chathura R D S

27 de jan de 2017

In terms of Theory for General Software Architecture this Course is a good refresher for a person who is working with Software Architecture already.

The Course could have more focused on IoT specific scenarios compared to Generic Software Architecture. What i recommend is to change the course title and have a separate one for IoT specific matters.

If the presenters can provide more practical examples that will help remember how and where we can apply these scenarios.

Overall this course content is good and interesting to watch.

por naveen t

17 de fev de 2017

Good : It is a very concise course with each week session providing references to books for learning more in depth. Overall I am very satisfied and glad to take this course.

Improvements: A lot of information squeezed into short videos. Students would benefit more if there are a bit more videos covering all topics in depth not just refer them to chapters in a book. Some questions are little bit ambiguous. I think reading the book along with this course is very important to understand clearly and apply it at work.

por José C C

5 de nov de 2016

The course covers a wide range of aspects about Software Architecture, even beyond the scope of IoT. The peer review assignments help to put into practice some of the concepts, which may seem to be quite abstract at first glance. An improvement suggestion would be to provide more exercises to work on the case study presented in the last units, in order to take advantage of the additional material provided.


14 de jun de 2017

A solid course which brings methods and examples to qualify and quantify requirements and their attributes.

Modifiability and interoperability for instance are applied to IoT.

Tradeoffs and techniques in architecture design and evolution are well explained.

Good background reading material.

Homework is quite difficult to understand and do.

por Khánh N

1 de nov de 2016

The course is almost focus on the SA for traditional software , not too much example, theories and miss some important core components of IoT architecture and especially is security that is also most important quality attribute for IoT project

por Jersey B

14 de nov de 2016

Excellent course as an introduction and overview of generic software architecture concepts. It would be great to get more in depth information about IOT specific patterns and technologies from the architecture trade-off perspective.

por Felipe C

12 de jul de 2017

Good overall course on software architecure with an emphasys on ADD and a little about IoT. Would like to have dug a little deeper and maybe have some more practical exercises.

por Roosvelt S O

10 de ago de 2018

Pros: The content is relevant, you receive valuable and extense info properly summarize. Cons: lack of participants for reviewing the multiple assigments.

por Thu H T

23 de nov de 2020

Useful course, but some content a little complicate. Better if can give us more detail for 1 project from the beginning

por Ligang S

6 de set de 2017

This lesson is a very good guideline of Quality Attribute Driven Software Architecture design.

por Rinaldo F

27 de abr de 2017

Very good course and material. Can be downloaded and read again .

por aditi j

11 de jun de 2017

Good Course , however can have more information on architecture

por Rasika R D

2 de dez de 2019


por nandini b

1 de fev de 2021

Essay to Complete the course

por Ahmad S

14 de out de 2016

Good, but not so deeply good

por Karthik S

5 de jun de 2017

A very designed course