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Welcome to Introduction to Front-End Development, the first course in the Meta Front-End Developer program. This course is a good place to start if you want to become a web developer. You will learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of a web developer and get a general understanding of the core and underlying technologies that power the internet. You will learn how front-end developers create websites and applications that work well and are easy to maintain. You’ll be introduced to the core web development technologies like HTML and CSS and get opportunities to practice using them. You will also be introduced to modern UI frameworks such as Bootstrap and React that make it easy to create interactive user experiences. By the end of the course, you will be able to: - Describe the front-end developer role - Explain the core and underlying technologies that power the internet - Use HTML to create a simple webpage - Use CSS to control the appearance of a simple webpage - Explain what React is - Describe the applications and characteristics of the most popular UI frameworks For the final project in this course, you will create and edit a webpage using HTML and the Bootstrap CSS framework. Using a responsive layout grid, you will construct a responsive webpage containing text and images that looks great on any size screen. This is a beginner course intended for learners eager to learn the fundamentals of web development. To succeed in this course, you do not need prior web development experience, only basic internet navigation skills and an eagerness to get started with coding....

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6 de jul de 2022

I liked that it's not boring and deal with an individual on above average level. A lot of concepts were covered and were clear, with advancing in the certificate it will be more clear.


2 de ago de 2022

This course is perfect for beginners as it guides you to learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap from the very basics. A must take course to upgrade or add new skills to yourself. Thank you Meta!

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por Gemma D

6 de jul de 2022

S​ome lab tests are failing because silly things like the ones from the week2 about css in the page styling process are failing because of the css property ordering suggested in the assignment, in the practice we know css properties order doesnt really matter much if we are not overwritting the property. So please take a look at your test cases and check that.

por Amanullah A

14 de jul de 2022

The course was amazing and tought everything you need to know about basic front-end development. Looking forward to study the rest of the courses.

por Beamtan T

4 de jul de 2022

One of the strong point of this course is the voice of the speaker is so clear, even with the non-native english speaker can understand almost 100 % of the content good job.

por Suvam A

22 de jul de 2022

This course will give you everything you need to start learning about front-end development. You will get a glimpse of all the basic but core concepts.

por Neil B G

1 de jul de 2022

More theory than actual learning.

por Ashley

8 de jul de 2022

As other reviewers have said, the spoken content does not keep pace with the text on the slides which makes for an unsatisfactory experience. Assignment 2 (CSS) was wrongly coded and it took moderators a few days to look at comments from users and finally correct the scoring algorithm. The main problem with this course is though, by far, the breakneck pace with which the instructor (otherwise lovely in every way) is forced to go through the material, without stopping to explain the logic behind a coding convention or its practical applications. For CSS, not a single concrete example is given and the very first one such is encountered during the assignment ( no wonder the vast majorty of learnerns failed it, according to Coursera). There are far better courses on these topics out there (UMich on this platform, all their courses are great, or the WEB3 Consortium's tutorials which are all very well taught- and free!). Sad to say, but I would not recommend this course to anyone - it needs vast improvements if it is to be of any value for someone who actually wants to learn these topics.

por Victor E

10 de jul de 2022

I t is not beginner friendly. It is too fast. I know this is jsut the introduction, but for a beginner who learns it for the first time it is too much. I will not finish this certification even before i begin. Other certifications like W3 School are more user friendly. Please concider the way you are teaching. Espeacially the first course should not be overwhelming from the beginning, since people try it for free and make their decisions based on their experience.

por Shervin R

20 de jul de 2022

Extremely comprehensive material and simple teaching style. I was shocked when I received the email from Meta on becoming a Meta certified Software Engineer.

This is a credential that will cause employers to take an extra look when submitting a job application.

I mean, Reach which is being taught in paid bootcamps and courses for several thousands dollars by hundreds of professional developers was created by... Meta!

What is better than learning straight from the source?

Amazing opportunity for all aspiring developers, what more could we wish for?

por Michael

17 de jul de 2022

This course went over all of the basics of HTML/CSS and leaves you without any questions of how websites are constructed and made. Regardless if you have 0 experience with HTML/CSS, you can pick up all of these concepts very easily with the way the instructors introduce and explain everything.

por Mo R

7 de jul de 2022

I liked that it's not boring and deal with an individual on above average level. A lot of concepts were covered and were clear, with advancing in the certificate it will be more clear.


2 de ago de 2022

Very good for a beginner... The instructor is very clear and concise. Also, even as one who is a bit experienced, some concepts were better explained here for my understanding.

por Chisom O

29 de jul de 2022

This should be the best fundamentals course I've ever come across on the internet. Everything is so well outlined and explained. I highly recommend!

por Cristopher P

19 de jul de 2022

I freaking loved it had prior experience, even if you don't it is to complete. Truly recommend from your homie from modesto Ca. 209 representing .

por Morish W

5 de jul de 2022

One of the best course I have ever enrolled to. Excellent explanation. Recommanded to anyone who is interested in Front End Development.

por Boat

5 de jul de 2022

some problem with subtitle issue and i just want to learn Javascript quickly.

por Abubakar B

18 de jul de 2022

Although I have a strong knowledge of front development, I still found some of the concepts in this Introductory course really powerful. The instructor was eloquent and explained everything clearly. My favourite lesson was the accessibility part. There is a lot we take for granted when building a website. I learned that building a website that serves everyone is not only important but necessary.

por Hossam O

27 de jul de 2022

A Strong Begining for web development , Very clear and very detailed instruactions to help you as a web developer to understand every thing happens and why it happen like that ! , ITS Not Just a coding course its a full course starts from very basic fundamentals like what is an HTTP request to a very advanced level, I hope I can finish this course and work in a leading company like meta!

por Akshay D

27 de jul de 2022

One of the The Most Rooted Course that drives you with all the fundamental knowledge of HTML CSS and Bootstrap , A perfect guide to start a web development carrer , As an experienced developer I recommend this to all students who want to start their carrer in web development field , this course will be more than exciting , Thanks Meta and team to build such amazing course :)

por Jason S

3 de jul de 2022

As an Introduction to Front-end it is a good one. It just needs more exercises that arn't as hand held that can be graded. Maybe not graded but that can give you a design and you attempt to recreate the design yourself with what they've taught so far at which point you can assess yourself.

por Snehangshu B

28 de jul de 2022

The course is exactly what it promises to be. The videos and readings are super easy to understand and any beginner can understand with just a little bit of effort. Highly recommended if you plan on starting your front-end web dev journey or if you want to know if it's for you.

por Seyi T

19 de jul de 2022

T​his is a great introduction indeed. It is very beginner friendly and the tasks aren't burdensome. Meta did a great job in delivering the course content. I urge you to take this course either you're a beginner or a pro. There are lots of discoveries to be made.

por Tsang S S

16 de jul de 2022

A beginner-friendly course. Apart from how to code and create a website using CSS, HTML, Bootstrap library and grid, it also teaches a lot about the working mechanism behind the web with a clear description but not those hard-to-understand terms. Learnt a lot!

por Federico A S

7 de jul de 2022

Great course! excellent materials, and practical challenges. There is an issue in certain videos in where the subtitles are having certain delays and some times it's a bit annoying but appart from that this course is deff 5 stars. Great job Meta

por Ezra N

27 de jul de 2022

g​ood course, but very brief in detail. As a learner, use the resources provided to learner more about the topics taught. books can help a lot. Handy practice will always win you a good record of the skills. Goodluck !

por Mann J

3 de ago de 2022

This course is perfect for beginners as it guides you to learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap from the very basics. A must take course to upgrade or add new skills to yourself. Thank you Meta!