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This is the first of seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate, which will equip you with the skills you need to apply to entry-level roles in these fields. People who work in digital marketing and e-commerce help their organizations attract new customers, engage customers through various digital channels, and drive transactions like purchases and customer loyalty. In this course, you’ll explore entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce and identify the roles and functions that those jobs play within an organization. You’ll also learn about the marketing funnel and how it shapes the customer journey. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you, providing hands-on activities and examples that simulate common digital marketing and e-commerce tasks, and helping you build your skills and prepare for the job. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following: - Define the fields of digital marketing and e-commerce - Describe the job responsibilities of an entry-level digital marketing coordinator and e-commerce analyst (and similar job titles) - Summarize how this program will help prepare you for a career in digital marketing and e-commerce - Identify the roles and functions that digital marketing and e-commerce play within an organization - Understand the customer journey and the function of journey maps - Explain the concept of a marketing funnel - Understand the elements and goals of a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy...

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19 de jun de 2022

thank you google for this course to know what is digital marketing , how it works , what are the definations to various tacts , various terms , types of marketing, marketing funnel and so much ...


17 de jul de 2022

Its really satisfing learning with google because they always try to makes you understand with detailed things examples and at the end they also try to help you to remember everything by recaps.

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por Debashree B

25 de jun de 2022

Great sources to learn from for people with no prior backgroung knowledge on the course.

por Akash A S

19 de jun de 2022

Good and Helpful for learning digital marketing and ecommerce especially for beginners.

por Yuto K

26 de mai de 2022

This is less than intro to marketing....

por Ravi R

2 de jul de 2022

Greeting from Nepal!

First of all, i would like to express my sincere gratitude to all instructor associate with this course.

I am thankful for your valuable insight on digital marketing as well as e-commerce course of study. I hope this lesson and skill will be fruitful in my career advancement. I took this course because I am a marketing graduate hence, I believed I must develop more skill in digital marketing and e-commerce industry. I am going to use all the useful tools and skill in my day to day life, which enhance my knowledge and leads me to the better future in the large organization of the global market. I loved the entire session and some practical example of the real-world context. It helps us to know how it works in the industry hence, in future we can easily cooperate and do the needful accordingly.   Once again thank you very much to all the instructors, for guiding us & helping us.      

With Regards, Ravi Rayamajhi

por Rich R W G

8 de jul de 2022

Wow, the internet is no joke. I have great respect for my fellow classmates and the eCommerce and Digital Marketing community. I never knew how much training and education went into building a business online. I feel like I am starting all over again. Not only did I learn tons of new information and concepts. Unfortunately, I also learned what I am not good at. But that's okay with me, and it's more important to do it right rather than just getting it done. I love digital marketing, storytelling, websites, and graphic design. Numbers and charts are my growth area. I will leave that to those of you who love numbers. I am so excited and grateful I can't wait to take the next course.

por Vicki B

25 de jul de 2022

This course has been priceless in the knowledge and confidence it has given me. I look forward to completing the entire digital marketing and e-commerce certificate. I recommend this to anyone struggling with what to do next with their lives.

I had no confidence in myself and my ability to retain this information. I have not had the best experience with trying to learn on my own in the past.

I feel like I have a solid understanding of where I can use these skills I am learning and look forward to seeing how these course will change my life for the better.

por Kathleen C

23 de jul de 2022

Learning online is very challenging. Learning another vocabulary I found difficult. I liked having lots of tests and especially I liked doing the small projects. They were fun. The discusssion groups were sometimes helpful. It was comforting to know that lots of students were having the same thoughts as I was. I feel after taking the 4 first courses that I have accompplished what I wished. I am not sure if I will be able to complete the last three courses. I am trying. I need some help in taking notes on the course. Where is it that located?

por Tanu

30 de mai de 2022

Being from a marketing background and working in an e-commerce industry, this course really helped to understand how digital marketing is the need of the hour. This course will help you to understand the basics of digital marketing and e-commerce and as one move forward in the course, one can learn more about planning and execution of the strategies learned so far. Interpretation of data is very important for any organization and you will learn about the basics of data interpretation too at the end of this course.

por Weronika

10 de jul de 2022

T​he course kept me excited 'till the end. Nicely designed, clear and interesting. Mix of videos, readings and tests gives good stimulation. I'm impressed the most of the tests composure, especially in further stages! It was not about memorizing definitions which can be easily forgotten but about real understanging the problem. I wish all the tests are made this way.

Of course there are some small disadvantages but even though the course deserves 5 stars.

por Jackie L

13 de ago de 2022

Excellent introduction for Digital Skills/Marketing. I am a complete newbie Gen Xer, late adopter of technology and can only search, read email and buy stuff on Amazon, Walmart.

Definitely a game changer for folks who have obsolete skills, or just starting out in their career. The principles of traditional marketing evolved into today's technological world without the difficulty of computer science and math based concepts. Well done!

por Parker G

8 de ago de 2022

T​he course itself was a great start and foundation for all the basics around digital marketing and e-commerce. I look forward to continuing with the subsequent courses. I'm just disappointed that I have to wait 15 days for more applications for financial aid for those courses, as I can't afford it just on my own. I was under the assumption that my financial aid had approved me for the entire certification program.

por Lesti L

9 de jun de 2022

This is a great course! Joi (Product Marketing Manager at Google) is a great teacher and takes the time to thoroughly explain Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce in this course. I enjoy taking these courses and have learned some valuable skills. I plan to take the next series of courses in Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce to improve my skills. I highly recommend this course.

por Nirmal D

21 de jul de 2022

It was a wonderful and marvellous start for the journey of digital marketing as being a business student things are relatable and so nicely explained in layman's term about the concept which encourage to continue it further. hoping good in the further courses. Thankyou coursera for providing such courses and google to making such courses.

por Tushar P

18 de jul de 2022

From reading a review to writing my own, i have really came a long way. Being honest, i was very confused at the initial stage about which place or platform would be the best for me to start my digital marketing career and then i got this as a recommendation from my brother. I'm glad that i found this. Thanks Coursera & Google :)

por fayyaz a

17 de jun de 2022

Through this course, I have learn about Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO and Digital Campaigns. Also, at the end of each session, i have done to me given assignments that will increase my chances of being practical and will help me to get hired on my right path of interest.

por Regina S

2 de jun de 2022

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. This will come in handy for my next professional move. All of the information is provided in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner. Because the lecture is so short, the learning environment is considerably more focused. I'm hoping to be able to attend the next class.

por Vanessa I

2 de ago de 2022

Such a helpful and informative course. Suitable for beginners or entry-level who are looking forward to changing their career path or pursuing more knowledge in digital marketing and e-commerce. Looking forward to starting the second part of this course. Thank you Coursera and Google for this opportunity.

por Roland A

1 de ago de 2022

I learned so much from this course. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to take this course as I am just new to the realm of digital marketing and e-commerce. Definitely, after taking this course, I learned valuable concepts and major points that I need to know in this certain field.

por Neha A

26 de jul de 2022

Thank you Google for this great knowledge which I have gained through this Foundation course....I have cleared concepts like Digital Marketing, goals, and many more concepts...This basic course is the best in the industry, but this is the best in basics. Going to Course 2!!! hoping for best!

por Julieta E

6 de jul de 2022

It is a comprehensive course. It teaches you the foundations of this new era of marketing. All the new concepts, keywords, etc. It is important to know the best practices of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing to take the advantage of this and have outcomes that will benefit your business.

por deepak k

6 de ago de 2022

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in E-commerce & digital marketing feild. It doesn't matter wheather you are a beginner or already employed. Go for it. Its all worth it. Kudos to Coursera and Google for coming up with such curated programs. More power to you !

por Hyperx S

12 de jul de 2022

very helpful detailed & motivational videos through the course , and my advice always save glossary terms from week 1 to 4 & revisit them when you have the time . im excited & looking foward to learn more and improve my knowledge and skills about digital marketing & e-commerce .


21 de jun de 2022

A brilliant course that packs in a great deal of concepts in such a simple yet powerful way. One of the most engaging online course I have attended so far. I am so excited to apply skills learned through this course in coming future. All in all, it was a great learning experience.

por brawndy d

1 de ago de 2022

Running a career in Digital Marketing and completing Google foundations of digital marketing and E-commerce has really help to shapen my career, the lessons and practical assessment in this course is great for anyone looking to take a career in Digital Marketing and E-commerce