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Sugerido: 6 weeks of study, 2-4 hours per week...


Legendas: Inglês, Árabe

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Dashboard (Business)Financial ModelingMicrosoft ExcelData Cleansing

100% online

Comece imediatamente e aprenda em seu próprio cronograma.

Prazos flexíveis

Redefinir os prazos de acordo com sua programação.

Nível intermediário

Aprox. 25 horas para completar

Sugerido: 6 weeks of study, 2-4 hours per week...


Legendas: Inglês, Árabe

Programa - O que você aprenderá com este curso

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Spreadsheet Design and Documentation

As an intermediate Excel user, you have the basics down. The first module of the Advanced course focusses on creating and maintaining accurate, flexible, responsive and user-friendly spreadsheets. You will learn how to design flexible and auditable spreadsheets, construct transparent calculations, create user-friendly navigation, and use styles, themes and formatting to tie it all up in a nice bow.

7 vídeos ((Total 69 mín.)), 7 leituras, 5 testes
7 videos
Week 1 Discussion4min
Practice Video: Spreadsheet Design Principles12min
Practice Video: Calculations14min
Practice Video: Formatting11min
Practice Video: Documentation10min
Practice Video: Interface and Navigation12min
7 leituras
Course Structure & Assessments10min
Course goals and weekly learning objectives10min
Read me before you start: Quizzes and navigation10min
Read me before you start: Versions and regions10min
Download the Week 1 workbooks5min
Keyboard Shortcuts, Terminology, and Ninja Tips20min
5 exercícios práticos
Spreadsheet Design Principles6min
Week 1 Final Assignment1h
3 horas para concluir

Advanced Formula Techniques

Excel often requires you to perform complex analysis on large sets of data. This can be made a lot easier using array formulas, which can perform multiple calculations simultaneously and ensure the accuracy of your spreadsheet. This module covers the use of array formulas, how to build them and use them effectively.

7 vídeos ((Total 41 mín.)), 2 leituras, 5 testes
7 videos
Week 2 Discussion4min
Practice Video: Tables and Structured Referencing9min
Practice Video: Using Functions to Sort Data8min
Practice Video: Introduction to Array Formulas5min
Practice Video: Working with an Array Function (TRANSPOSE)4min
Practice Video: Solving Problems with Array Formulas4min
2 leituras
Download the Week 2 workbooks5min
Keyboard Shortcuts, Terminology, and Ninja Tips25min
5 exercícios práticos
Tables and Structured Referencing6min
Using Functions to Sort Data6min
Introduction to Array Formulas6min
Week 2 Practice Challenge45min
Week 2 Final Assignment1h
3 horas para concluir

Data Cleaning and Preparation

Been handed a messy spreadsheet? This module focuses on data cleaning and preparation. You will learn how to use dynamic and automated fixes, clean messy data, automate these processes through functions, and ensure data remains clean dynamically. We will use functions to fix dates, replaces blanks and remove unwanted characters from data – all to help us build an efficient solution that lasts.

7 vídeos ((Total 37 mín.)), 2 leituras, 7 testes
7 videos
Week 3 Discussion4min
Practice Video: Replace blanks with repeating values5min
Practice Video: Fix Dates (DATE, MONTH, YEAR, DAY, TEXT)6min
Practice Video: Remove Unwanted Spaces (TRIM, CLEAN)4min
Practice Video: Diagnostic Tools (ISNUMBER, LEN, CODE)7min
Practice Video: Remove Unwanted Characters (SUBSTITUTE, CHAR, VALUE)6min
2 leituras
Download the Week 3 workbooks5min
Keyboard Shortcuts, Terminology, and Ninja Tips25min
7 exercícios práticos
Replace blanks with repeating values6min
Fix Dates (DATE, MONTH, YEAR, DAY, TEXT)6min
Remove Unwanted Spaces (TRIM, CLEAN)6min
Diagnostic Tools (ISNUMBER, LEN, CODE)6min
Remove Unwanted Characters (SUBSTITUTE, CHAR, VALUE)6min
Week 3 Practice Challenge45min
Week 3 Final Assignment1h
3 horas para concluir

Financial Functions and Working with Dates

This module introduces financial functions into our Excel knowledge base. Financial functions are often used in businesses and Excel has a variety of tools to help you with that. This week, you will learn to apply date formulas in calculations, create loan schedules with financial functions, as well as use depreciation functions.

7 vídeos ((Total 48 mín.)), 2 leituras, 6 testes
7 videos
Week 4 Discussion6min
Practice Video: Working with Dates (EOMONTH, EDATE, WORKDAY.INTL)5min
Practice Video: Financial Functions (FV, PV, PMT)8min
Practice Video: Loan Schedule (PMT, EDATE)10min
Practice Video: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return (NPV, IRR)7min
Practice Video: Depreciation Functions (SLN, SYD, DDB)6min
2 leituras
Download the Week 4 workbooks5min
Keyboard Shortcuts, Excel Terminology, and Ninja Tips40min
6 exercícios práticos
Working with Dates (EOMONTH, EDATE, WORKDAY.INTL)10min
Financial Functions (FV, PV, PMT)10min
Loan Schedule (PMT, EDATE)12min
Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return (NPV, IRR)10min
Depreciation Functions (SLN, SYD, DDB)10min
Week 4 Final Assignment1h
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por ZNSep 13th 2018

This course has really changed my life! I especially loved the section on dashboards, where excel's functions were used creatively to construct interative and dynamic dashboard.

por MPMay 25th 2018

This was a great experience in learning Excel. The intro course walks you through the basics but by the time you finish the advanced class you'll see the true power of Excel.



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Sobre o Programa de cursos integrados Excel Skills for Business

This specialization is intended for anyone who seeks to develop one of the most critical and fundamental digital skills today. Spreadsheet software remains one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. In the United States alone, millions of job advertisements requiring Excel skills are posted every day. Research by Burning Glass Technologies and Capital One shows that digital skills lead to higher income and better employment opportunities. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, completing this specialization will position you way ahead of others. In this Specialization, learners develop advanced Excel Skills for Business. Upon completing the four courses in this Specialization, learners can design sophisticated spreadsheets, including professional dashboards, and perform complex calculations using advanced Excel features and techniques. Learners have acquired the skills to manage large datasets efficiently, extract meaningful information from datasets, present data and extract information effectively. In addition, learners have mastered the skills needed to validate data and prevent errors in spreadsheets, create automation, apply advanced formulas and conditional logic to help make decisions and create spreadsheets that help forecast and model data....
Excel Skills for Business

Perguntas Frequentes – FAQ

  • Ao se inscrever para um Certificado, você terá acesso a todos os vídeos, testes e tarefas de programação (se aplicável). Tarefas avaliadas pelos colegas apenas podem ser enviadas e avaliadas após o início da sessão. Caso escolha explorar o curso sem adquiri-lo, talvez você não consiga acessar certas tarefas.

  • Quando você se inscreve no curso, tem acesso a todos os cursos na Especialização e pode obter um certificado quando concluir o trabalho. Seu Certificado eletrônico será adicionado à sua página de Participações e você poderá imprimi-lo ou adicioná-lo ao seu perfil no LinkedIn. Se quiser apenas ler e assistir o conteúdo do curso, você poderá frequentá-lo como ouvinte sem custo.

  • In this course, we are using Microsoft Excel 2016 (Office 365) on a Windows PC with all options set to default. The Office 365 version of Excel is the latest version at the time of writing and developing this course. If you have a different version of Excel or you are using a Mac, some tools and buttons will look different, they may be located in a different spot, or some might be missing altogether. If there are any major differences, we usually point them out during the practice videos. If you cannot find a tool that we mention, you can always ask in the forums or search the Internet. Most of the functionality we demonstrate is also available in other spreadsheet programs, although the interface will look different. Most other spreadsheet software can import and export files in the Microsoft Excel format. If you are not sure which version of Excel you are using, check the Microsoft support pages for help.

    If you cannot use Excel 2016 on a PC, you will be able to follow along with the videos, however, please note that some of the assessment tasks will require Excel. Where possible, we have designed assessment tasks so that users of older versions of Excel (such as 2013) can still solve them.

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