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You may never be sure whether you have an effective user experience until you have tested it with users. In this course, you’ll learn how to design user-centered experiments, how to run such experiments, and how to analyze data from these experiments in order to evaluate and validate user experiences. You will work through real-world examples of experiments from the fields of UX, IxD, and HCI, understanding issues in experiment design and analysis. You will analyze multiple data sets using recipes given to you in the R statistical programming language -- no prior programming experience is assumed or required, but you will be required to read, understand, and modify code snippets provided to you. By the end of the course, you will be able to knowledgeably design, run, and analyze your own experiments that give statistical weight to your designs....

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17 de nov de 2020

One of the best courses I have taken in relation to UX. Very good design, engaging lectures and examples, and well designed exams. I learned alot and enjoyed listening to Dr. Webbrock. Kudos to him.


28 de nov de 2020

Great course.\n\nHighly recommended. It was very clear and I'm very thakful because there were many subjects I only understood partially before this course but are now very clear to me.

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por Juliana E R

7 de jun de 2017

I could immediatly implement the concepts and instruments provided in this course to my professional activity. I must say that I have a poor training in statistics and a superficial knowledge of R, but I needed to implement more professional usertests (I'm an instructional designer with a background on education).

I really enjoyed the clear explanations; above all, how the concepts where linked to R practice, which was thrilling to me.

Thanks to the team! Great course!


por Volkan Y

5 de mar de 2022

Improve the course: more feedback, more verbal interpretation on the results, and more text on why its Right/Wrong. Learning from Errors, Learning from Feedback is cruicial (Learning Scientists => Bjork, Dunlosky, Metcalfe et al) Y​ou should learn a little bit R before. Also knowing something about stats, research methods is also very helpful. I can imagine, that some students without stats background are a little bit lost with this course.

por Ann T

12 de mar de 2021

I've taken a few stats courses many years ago. I wanted a good overview of how to do a range of statistical tests within R and an introduction to GLM, LMM and GLMM. This course really fit the bill for me. It is also helpful in sorting through the huge "ocean" of R packages to figure out a useful subset that work together. The sample code provided by the instructor is an EXTREMELY valuable starting point.

por Julie B

17 de out de 2018

This course was extremely helpful in understanding which statistical test to use when, with applications specifically for interaction design, which is what I need :) I appreciated the clear relationship between the lectures and the quizzes & assignments. The lectures also were clear. The course was broken up into doable chunks that made it easy to take while still having a full-time job.

por Anastasia T

8 de jun de 2016

That course was going to drive me mad but it's one of the most useful parts of the specialization. I already know where to use it in my job as most people listen to numbers more. I think that the problems that appeared in the process of calculating the results are some bugs in R and have nothing to do with the design of the course. Good job, Jacob and Scott! You're great, guys!

por Victoria D

13 de ago de 2019

Great course on experimental design providing a detailed overview of running and interpreting factorial ANOVAs beyond the 'standard' t-test and chi-squared test. Given that the bulk of the assessment is based on analysis of experiment data in the R programming environment , I can see why this course may be challenging for those without programming or statistical knowledge.

por Gez Q

2 de out de 2016

Excellent course. Very well organised. Challenging yet satisfying. Jacob Wobbrock is a very good tutor and despite the complex nature of the course material, he is engaging and thorough in his approach but leaving just enough for the student to explore and practice on their own. Very enjoyable. Thanks

por Timo S

3 de mar de 2018

This course was an deep dive into data analytics and designing experiments for analytics. Although there was a great requirement to perform the tests by yourself - which i guess some designers don't appreciate - it still was an exciting and challenging experience!

por Lance F

17 de mar de 2018

Great course! Very applied and less theoretical which is great in understanding how to analyze experiments without getting too deep into the theory. Would love a follow up course that dives deeper into the mechanics of the functions used in this course!

por Olena B

27 de jun de 2016

It's a great course. It is very well structured and provides a foundation of research and I am glad that it is a part of Interaction Design specialization. However, might be extremely challenging for people without Statistics experience.

por Giny C

2 de jun de 2019

A challenging but very fruitful course.

If you do not have sufficient statistics background, you will find it much more challenging and need to pay much effort on it.

Having said that, you can learn a lot of practical and useful concepts.

por Maria A

1 de dez de 2016

This is a thorough course, but was way harder than I expected. I needed to understand the experiment design more than to learn R programming language. I am glad I did, but it was hard for me and took a lot more effort than anticipated.

por Flores-Andrade, E

3 de jan de 2020

Excelente curso. Todos lo temas fueron explicados muy bien. Los comando R muy prácticos. Ejemplos reales. Lo único que me gustaría es que presentaran un libro para profundizar en los conceptos estadísticos y ejemplos prácticos.

por Jonathan S

22 de jun de 2017

A very complete tour of methods for analyzing experimental results using R. Its more about practice than theory, but it filled in crucial gaps in my knowledge and I expect what I learned will be very valuable moving forward.

por Parul K

19 de jul de 2017

Great course, easy to comprehend various tests/models and their usage! Definitely recommend to anyone running A/B tests. Would be nice to have a short video on which tests are related to multivariate testing.

por Anna R

18 de mai de 2017

It was very helpful for me, thank you! I thought that I will never be able to make this challenging course, but after completion I think that I have courage to design, run and analyze experiments on practice!

por Faraz A K

10 de mar de 2019

as a first introduction to the analytical side of quantitative/ qualitative experimentation amazing course, pulls you in... it is tough and requires more time than what is mentioned... but totally worth it.

por kinsley n

5 de jul de 2020

Great and Challenging course material. The course will make it easy for you to understand what kind of experiments to conduct in different scenarios.

por Beatrice S

22 de jun de 2020

The only course worth doing in this course series. Very clear to the point and helps to learn a bit of statistics that you can use.

por Samantha S

22 de fev de 2022

T​hrown in to this with little programming background. Sink or swim situation. I swam. It was a challenge and I learned so much!

por Ilya M

6 de nov de 2021

For those who know R, at least a bit, the course will give a quick and very hands-on introduction to analyzing experimental data.

por Wirawan A

14 de mar de 2021

Very good course! A comprehensive overview on how to conduct experiments and various analyses. Very helpful for my PhD research!

por ZHUO W

25 de jul de 2017

Have to watch three times to keep up because it is really hard for people without former experiences... Anyway it is worth it

por Jon T

17 de abr de 2017

Really great course on statistical tests for experiments. The long quizzes are a little annoying, but helpful in the end.

por Abril G

5 de mai de 2021

This course is the best of all. Jacobo put a lot of effort into designing the exercises and videos in R. I