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Cultural Competence - Aboriginal Sydney, Universidade de Sydney

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This course explores some of the key themes and capabilities of cultural competence by exploring Aboriginal experiences and narratives of Sydney. Australia was ‘claimed’ for the British Crown in 1770, by Captain James Cook, but the invasion began in earnest when the First Fleet of British arrived in 1788 and established a penal colony in Sydney. As a consequence Sydney is a city rich in diverse pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary sites of significance to Aboriginal peoples. Too often though our perceptions about Aboriginal peoples consign them to an ancient past or perpetuates stereotypical imaginations that Aboriginal peoples live in remote communities (Hinkson, 2010). At the heart of this MOOC is the theme that Sovereignty was never ceded and Sydney always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. Despite this the Aboriginal presence in the city is often invisible to non-Aboriginal eyes. This course aims to bring to light marginalised narratives of Aboriginal presence in this space. To understand hidden and marginalised narratives and experiences it is necessary to develop cultural competence capabilities. Key elements of practicing cultural competence include being able to understand and interrogate context, which in the case of Sydney includes not only learning about the peoples, places and histories of Aboriginal Sydney but to also understand issues about how knowledge is created and how dominant narratives can exclude diverse knowledges and experiences. Course learning outcomes 1. Develop knowledge about cultural competence capabilities. 2. Develop a deeper and multi-layered knowledge and understanding about Aboriginal peoples, cultures and places in Sydney. 3. Develop a greater understanding of how history, cultures and places are represented, contested and interpreted and how that relates to their own context. Acknowledgement of Country We acknowledge that this course was developed on the land of the Gadigal Peoples of the Eora nation. We pay our respect to the Traditional Owners of this land and acknowledge that the land that the University of Sydney was built on has been a place of learning for many thousands of years....

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por RM

Jun 04, 2018

A valuable and hugely informative course. I am new to Australia and this course has helped me to understand many of the complex issues to do with the land's identity; past, present and future.

por DG

Jul 16, 2017

A fantastic and vital course. Lectures are succinct and easily digestible, with beautifully filmed and edited interviews providing a range of expert insights on the subject. Thank you!

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por Catherine Hess

Dec 22, 2018

I was pretty disappointed with this class. I really wanted to learn more about the Aboriginal culture, philosophies, and just about the way of life of these people (ie spiritually, family structures, migration, etc.). This class is more centered around how the native people, today, are living in society, and how they combated discrimination throughout their lives. It all really focuses on post-colonial contact.

por Robert W Monk

Jun 04, 2018

A valuable and hugely informative course. I am new to Australia and this course has helped me to understand many of the complex issues to do with the land's identity; past, present and future.

por Nicole Padden

May 18, 2018

Very informative course delivered in a very accessible format with lots of video from people active in the Koorie community in Sydney. Thanks so much.

por Andrew Cutbush

Apr 20, 2018

I was disappointed

por Jess Massa

Mar 28, 2018

This was a great course, really valuable, insightful and important. Thanks so much for making this material available, we completed as a group of colleagues and all took a lot from it. I will definitely recommend it to others to complete.

por Ines Gruber

Mar 14, 2018

Liked it a lot and will be looking forward for more.

por Anders Alexander

Mar 05, 2018

An engaging, interesting and highly important course for anyone living in Sydney or indeed Australia. The course teaches a modern, unique perspective on Aboriginal culture with a particular focus and lens on Sydney.

por Joy Smith

Feb 19, 2018

Not sure I believe a very caucasian looking "aborigine" got picked on in school.

por Annette van Ham

Dec 31, 2017

This course gives a very diverse insight in Aboriginal Sydney. I particularly enjoyed the fact that most people speaking in the course are experts by experience, telling their own particular, very interesting stories. The readings support the very diverse range of subjects and were well doable in a week (for me anyway). The assignments made me think about my own environment and its meanings, which made the course very inclusive- it is not only about a far away country and an alien people but can be applied to all of us. I would like to compliment the designers of the course on this specific aspect. Thank you!

por David Hearst

Dec 28, 2017

I found in this course everything I was hoping for. It was presented in an easy to follow format and ran together very well. Being from Canada and having such similar issues with our Indigenous Peoples I wanted to see if your country was the same after being colonized by the British and that has been most definitely confirmed. To see two regions on this Earth of ours and thousands of miles apart it makes one stand up and take notice as to how the Europeans operated and conquered Land and all the vast resources for wealth and power was all it was about. Now the tide has turned and the Authorities can no longer ignore issues as everything going on has worldwide attention and more and more people want to know.