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Code and run your first C++ program in minutes without installing anything! This course is designed for learners with no coding experience, providing a solid foundation of not just C++, but core Computer Science topics that can be transferred to other languages. The modules in this course cover printing, operators, iteration (i.e., loops), and selection (i.e., conditionals). To allow for a truly hands-on, self-paced learning experience, this course is video-free. Assignments contain short explanations with images and runnable code examples with suggested edits to explore code examples further, building a deeper understanding by doing. You'll benefit from instant feedback from a variety of assessment items along the way, gently progressing from quick understanding checks (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and un-scrambling code blocks) to small, approachable coding exercises that take minutes instead of hours....

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25 de out de 2022

very much interesting and amazing course , it was also a very new and effective way of learning , all my basics of c++ programming are covered in such a less time and more understanding way



25 de jul de 2021

An amazing course for beginners! Everything is stated clearly and easy to understand. Best for Hands-on code experience - thanks to Codio. A wonderfully practical course. Must try!

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por Rohan

22 de jul de 2021

Please give an option in codio to restart the assignment. This is frustrating to run the whole assignment from scratch due to a typo, which was a mistake.

also please specify whether you expect the output on a new line, expect a new line after the lats line, requirement of spaces, etc.

It is such a vague platform for a beginner to start with.

por Amanda M

9 de mai de 2021

Great course, easy to follow and instructions were very clear!

por Leo B

21 de jan de 2022

Very well done and engaging; you're learning by doing the whole time. Just be warned that the grading is a bit wonky and pretty harsh; sometimes I would be told that my solution was incorrect despite it looking exactly like a sample solution and providing all the same outputs. Your score for the entire problem will go straight to 0 if ANYTHING is wrong, like placing a period at the end of a sentence you print out when the sample output didn't have the period (which happened to me).


2 de jul de 2021

The course was really good and i was able to understand all the basic concepts related to c++ programming language

por James O

12 de mai de 2021

The material was good but when coming to tests did not hold up. For a basic course you were expected to write your own code with little to no help and use techniques that were barely touched on. I found myself looking back through the notes and my own and finding it very difficult to come up with a solution.

por Bob H

8 de fev de 2022

Hard for people to function in the enviorment especially if on have bad eyeshight. Program is not for me. I may not continue from here. I will look for a better C++ course to inroll in. PS keep your turtle graphic and stick to the basic fundementals.

por Alessandro S

22 de nov de 2022

The lack of any explanation other than a mechanical execution of instructions makes the course pretty much useless. The content itself is decent, but the slides lack many things you will lose access to once you pass that module

por Shamiso C

27 de mar de 2022

This is by far the best course ever. At first, I was concerned by the lack of videos when I started but to my surprise, this was the perfect way to teach a beginner like me. I am also a person who takes time to grasp basic concepts, but this was just perfect, every nitty-gritty is clear, no need to go in circles. It is worth all the time and effort and I will continue learning and fish all the courses in the specialization.

por Mance M

12 de ago de 2022

Such a great course, I 100% recommend it. I use Coursera a lot now because I found my motivation, but I honestly have always been kind of put off by how much the courses tend to lean on video lectures, which isn't a great way for me to learn. I'm so happy to have found such a well designed hands-on course. I will definitely continue to search out Codio courses for whatever relevant subjects I can find.

por harshil p

24 de set de 2021

Best course for C++ beginers as it has very great practice exercises it helps very much to remember concepts. I never learned any programming language by just reading I usually watch videos but in this course, concepts are written in very simple language and with code written blocks.I suggest if you take this course you won't regret it.

por Chia C L

19 de mar de 2022

I really love how the course is setup for hands-on practice rather than to follow some specific videos. It is because the hands-on allow us to play with the code and test out. We got immediate feedback and it make you want to try it out again to get it right.

por Arun N

30 de dez de 2022

This is how every course needs to be designed...full of hands on instead of providing videos is the best approach of learning that is taken by codio...full star from my side...loved this course s much..

por Nandi T

26 de nov de 2021

Great Course! The instructors explain everything about the basics of C++! At first i couldn't understand why i failed the graded exercises but after a while i understood why! Great course nonetheless!

por Vivek M

26 de out de 2022

very much interesting and amazing course , it was also a very new and effective way of learning , all my basics of c++ programming are covered in such a less time and more understanding way


por Xin Z

14 de mai de 2021

A great hand-on course for beginers to learn C++.

Very easy to follow and practice thanks to its online teaching platform.

It would be better if some review videos could be added in this courese.

por Suryakant B

1 de out de 2022

Designed in very intuitive and modern way, free of unecessary jargon. It delivers the required logic bang on! Must go through this course, once in a while, to brush up your skills.

por Aishwarya D D

26 de jul de 2021

An amazing course for beginners! Everything is stated clearly and easy to understand. Best for Hands-on code experience - thanks to Codio. A wonderfully practical course. Must try!

por Andrew T

4 de ago de 2022

This is an amazing supplemental course to take alongside early level college classes. If you can make it through this then any level 1 c++ college course is going to be a breeze

por John d

3 de abr de 2022

best course for basics of c++ and the platform on which they are teaching is so easy to use + i got notes downlad of every lecture/excersice


3 de jul de 2022

I learned lots of new knowledge about C++, its my first step in programming. Overall I enjoy alot across the whole course. Thank You.

por Joshua M M

15 de fev de 2022

Contains everything to start setting you up with basics C++, is very user friendly, and extremly interactive which is always a ++

por Muhammad W

28 de dez de 2021

I got hand on experience of C++ programming . very informative and interested.

thanks coursera giving me free courses.

por Sagar M

22 de dez de 2022

The course is very well managed and represented.

It is easy to understand and best part is the compiler alongwith.

por Nora Z L

7 de jul de 2021

Very well design content and hand-on-hand practice. Ii love Codio! User friendly! Will recommend it to friends.

por Farhad A

4 de set de 2022

it is a good course to learning cpp but it have one problem that the code block feature doesnt work correctly