Programa de cursos integrados Object Oriented Programming in Java

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Programa de cursos integrados Object Oriented Programming in Java

Grow Your Portfolio as a Software Engineer. Learn about Object Oriented Design in four project-based courses.

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This Specialization is for aspiring software developers with some programming experience in at least one other programming language (e.g., Python, C, JavaScript, etc.) who want to be able to solve more complex problems through objected-oriented design with Java. In addition to learning Java, you will gain experience with two Java development environments (BlueJ and Eclipse), learn how to program with graphical user interfaces, and learn how to design programs capable of managing large amounts of data. These software engineering skills are broadly applicable across wide array of industries.

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Beginner Specialization.
No prior experience required.
  1. CURSO 1

    Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software

    Neste curso, você utilizará computadores para desenhar criativamente páginas web utilizando HTML e CSS. Em seguida, utilizará Javascript ara desenvolver programas e algorítimos para resolver problemas computacionais. Conforme evolui no curso, possibilitará dominar os processos de programação que irão ser utilizados através do restante do curso desta Especialização. Após completar o curso você será capaz de: 1. Criar uma página web com HTLM e CSS; 2. Demonstrar o processo de alto nível para desenvolver um programa; 3. Pensar criteriosamente como resolver um problema; 4. Solucionar problemas de programação com Javascript, incluindo condicionais if/else e looping construtores; 5. Usar Javascript para manipular imagens e processar dados; e 6. Reconhecer uma depuração (debugging) como uma aplicação de um método científico. No fim deste curso, possibilitará você desenvolver um mini projeto onde utilizará Javascript para criar seu próprio algorítimo de imagens e uma website que você desenvolveu com HTML, CSS e Javascript
    English, Turkish

    Sobre o curso

    Building upon Duke’s “Programming and the Web for Beginners” course, you will grow in your ability to be a problem-solver and programmer by writing Java programs. We are excited that you've chosen to learn Java with us! You will soon be able t
  2. CURSO 2

    Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data

    4 weeks of study, 4-8 hours/week
    English, Korean

    Sobre o curso

    Build on the software engineering skills you learned in “Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software” by learning new data structures. Use these data structures to build more complex programs that use Java’s object-oriented features. At the end
  3. CURSO 3

    Object Oriented Programming in Java

    6 horas de estudo, 4-6 horas por semana
    English, Korean, German, Chinese (Simplified)

    Sobre o curso

    Have you wondered how huge software projects, like the Google search engine, are developed? In this course, you’ll move beyond coding in the “main” method to learn to design and build more complex Java software projects (though not quite as com
  4. CURSO 4

    Estruturas dedados: medindo e otimizando o desempenho

    6 weeks of study, 6-10 hours/week

    Sobre o curso

    How do Java programs deal with vast quantities of data? Many of the data structures and algorithms that work with introductory toy examples break when applications process real, large data sets. Efficiency is critical, but how do we achieve it, and ho


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