Programa de cursos integrados Competitive Strategy and Organization Design

Inicia em Aug 06

Programa de cursos integrados Competitive Strategy and Organization Design

Excel in Competitive Strategy & Organization. Acquire theoretical knowledge & tools to master internal & external strategic management challenges

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Paired with humorous elements and illustrating examples, the Competitive Strategy and Organization Design specialization is the ideal choice for curious individuals who enjoy unique learning experiences and innovative teaching approaches. Its style is likely to appeal especially to young, middle-aged and young-at-heart learners. The specialization is indended for learners interested in engaging in fundamental theories and concepts of strategy and organization and applying these to practice. Employed professionals and management students will benefit from deepening and refreshing their existing knowledge by means of our specialization. Learners with non-business backgrounds will gain valuable additional business insights complementing their existing knowledge. Participants will learn to understand and analyze ● behavior of organizations in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent ● strategies to build up and maintain a customer base ● internal workings of an organization as well as its interaction with the outside world, i.e. partners, complementors and competitors ● the design of an effective organization that can compete, grow and adjust flexibly to different environments This specialization is the only online learning program in which students can learn and laugh at the same time. That said, we are looking forward to learning and laughing with you!

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Intermediate Specialization.
Some related experience required.
  1. CURSO 1

    Estratégia Competitiva

    Próxima sessão: Aug 6
    10 hours of videos and quizzes
    English, Chinese (Simplified)

    Sobre o curso

    In this six-module course, you will learn how businesses and organizations behave in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. where my actions affect my competitors' profits and vice versa. Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyse how businesses choose strategies to attain competitive advantage. This course is also available in Chinese. Please go to our course catalog to access the Chinese version of Competitive Strategy.
  2. CURSO 2

    Estratégia Competitiva Avançada

    Próxima sessão: Aug 6
    7.5 horas de vídeos e questões
    English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Simplified)

    Sobre o curso

    Estratégia competitiva avançada irá intropduzir novos tópicos e módulos aom ainda mais exemplos do mundo real assim como oportunidades para a interação dos estudantes do que no curso anterior Estratégia Competitiva ( No Estratégia competitiva avançada, nós iremos ver como as companhias podem construir e manter sua base de consumidores através do aumento e manipulando custos e facilitando a fixação dos consumidores chaves.Nós iremos descobrir como as empresas conseguem aumentar seus lucros através de uma discriminação de preços razoável e estratégias de diferenciação de produtos. Nós iremos ver exemplos d'oque é um comportamento aceitável sobre a premissa da competição européia e das políticas anti-truste e descobrir formas excitantes de como companhias podem aumentar seus retornos pelo uso estratégico dos efeitos das redes e economias de escala. Nós iremos adiante, intensificar nosso recém adquirido conhecimento sobre efeitos de rede e estratégias que são explícitamente ligadas ao mercado de redes. Nós iremos analizar o funcionamento de fusões e quisições e mais adiante, apoiar você considerando estratégias alternativas que podem ajudar companhias a crescer organicamente.
  3. CURSO 3

    Strategic Organization Design

    Próxima sessão: Jul 23
    6 weeks of study, 5,5 hours/week

    Sobre o curso

    Strategic Organization Design will introduce new topics and modules with even more real world examples and opportunities for student interaction than its predecessors Competitive Strategy ( and Advanced Competitive Strategy ( The final course in the Competitive Strategy and Organization Design specialization covers the internal workings of an organization and its interactions with the outside world. Where the first two courses mainly covered the way firms interact with the outside world, in particular competitors and complementors, the third course looks at the way a firm’s organization should be designed to compete effectively.
  4. CURSO 4

    Competitive Strategy and Organization Design Project

    Próxima sessão: Sep 3

    Sobre o Trabalho de Conclusão

    This industry project is designed to allow you to apply the knowledge you have gained throughout the specialization for advising a real company. Our partner company will approach you with two specific questions the company is currently facing and that relate to the content of the specialization. You are asked to choose one of these questions and conduct an in-depth research on the topic. You need to collect relevant information, analyze it and relate it to the content you have learned throughout the Specialization. Based on your findings you will write a final report summarizing your research and consult the company how to deal with the issues they are facing.


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