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Do your students spend too much (or too little) time learning, with disappointing results? Do they procrastinate in their study because it’s boring and they’re easily distracted? Are you working to make your teaching even more inclusive? Uncommon Sense Teaching will give you practical new insights that will help you solve these goals and challenges, and many more. This is like no other course on teaching—it weaves late-breaking insights from neuroscience with personal insights from the classroom to provide unexpected, yet practical, new approaches. You’ll discover how to bring out the best from all your students in today’s diverse teaching environment, where students often have a wide range of abilities. Uncommon Sense Teaching will take your teaching to a higher level for whatever subjects you teach, whether math, physics, literature, dance, art, or anything else; and whether you are teaching K-12, university, business, vocational, or at home. Join us today to move into the new era of education!...

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26 de ago de 2021

Another teaching masterpiece from Barb and Terry . Beth seems to be as enthusiastic as Barb . I am not a teacher but using these courses to update teaching methods for myself . Time well spent!!!


23 de abr de 2022

Amazing course. I have learned many ways of versatile teaching strategies. It opened up a whole new prospect in my mind, how to strategies my lessons and make my students independent learners.

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por Shirley B

21 de ago de 2021

Empowering! Raises the art of teaching to a new, much higher, yet accessible level. It also provides much needed hope for the "slow" learner.

por Francy L G C

15 de ago de 2021

It is a great course. Highly recommended for those interested in knowing more about how we learn and how we can teach effectively

por Jack G

31 de jul de 2021

Jezz, did I learn from this course, Beth, Barb, and Terry are the best instructors.

por Tshewang T

2 de set de 2021

Great Course -Learning linked to neuroscience

por Monica M

19 de fev de 2022

Thank you so much for a fantastic course! I have learned so much that I can now implement in the training that I present.

In particular I'd like to comment on the Honours assignments - these really are active learning in action! I thought I knew the content (sound familiar?) only to discover that there were still some details that I needed to pin down.

I've had some positive feedback from my learners too about the recall exercises - they were similarly able to identify gaps in their knowledge when they had to write down what they could remember about the topics they'd just been trained on.

I hope the next series is on the way soon - I can't wait!

por Polly-chan

23 de out de 2021

You know the course is exceptionally valuable when the 3 instructors explain concepts in a simple and easy manner, structuring their videos to be short and including their own thoughts and puns and using metaphors. They use every possible opportunity to provoke our thinking and memory, strengthening our neuron links every time we do the quiz or watch a new video. It feels like a long journey, but a short course that's easy to remember and recall. I will probably rewatch it some time again in the future to reconfirm my links with the wisdom being discussed here!

por Augusto P

17 de abr de 2022

Excelente curso, no solo para enseñar mejor sino para aprender mejor. La combinación de experiencia de los instructores hace que el material sea increíblemente valioso y el curso en sí mismo está diseñado con los métodos que están enseñando. Lo recomiendo a cualquier persona interesada en el aprendizaje o enseñanza. No hay necesidad de conocimiento previo pues todo es explicado de manera muy sencilla sin perder la calidad.

por Q J Y

18 de mar de 2022

Totally love the course and inspired to buy the book. Great reinforcement of the concepts that I learned back during my pre-service training for teaching, accompanied with a more coherent framework of evidence from neuroscience. The instructors also made the content engaging through the ways they deliver the presentations and the modelling of strategies that they were advocating for in the course. Great for all educators!

por A M

7 de mai de 2022

Another excelent course from these amazing people that help us, teachers and instructors in all levels, understand and take advantage of the breakthroughs in neuroscience to put it to work in our classrooms. Thank you very much for this incredible learning experience Beth, Barb, Terry and all your team that makes it possible for the whole world to have access to this magnificent educational path.

por Pham N A T

27 de jan de 2022

I think one of the best course on teaching on Coursera. It helped me reflected on my own learning methods during early years and confirmed lots of my understanding on what makes a good student and good teacher too! Definitely recommend it to anyone interested in teaching, either as teachers or as parents who are keen on helping children learning better.

por Robert D S

15 de dez de 2021

T​his is an amazing course. There are many great insights into how students learn. I teach in a dental school, and have picked up a number of ideas on how to improve my teaching. The instructors walk the talk. They provide practical ideas, but they are also teaching by example throughout the course. Thank you for a great course.

por Teresa G

17 de mai de 2022

This course reinforced many of the concepts presented in Barb's "Learning how to learn" MOOC and clicked with me on a personal and professional level. This course presented complex topics in a very effective manner and it is definitely time to start working with Direct Instruction across all grade levels and disciplines.

por Kylie C

20 de fev de 2022

This course was fantastic. It has given me some great insight into how our brains work and how kids learn. I am feeling very inspired heading back to school. I had not read the book but during this course I did purchase it as I was so impressed with what I was learning! Thanks everyone!

por robina q

5 de dez de 2021

This course really helped me rethink the structure of my teaching and how to make it work better for all my students. There are some really great ideas and practical tips to get you started too. Highly recommended if you are serious about developing your teaching (and learning) skills!

por Seth T

20 de fev de 2022

This is a unique class on education, examining not only didactic technique but the biological rationale for understanding varying teaching methods. Moreover, I really enjoyed the instructors, who are quirky and charismatic. It's my favorite education class that I've taken.

por Arlene P

7 de nov de 2021

It was such a great course! I enjoyed every second of it. I´m currently teaching public university future elementary school teachers to be and the information given in this course will help me as well as them with their children. Thank you!

por Shirley L

14 de mai de 2022

I like this course very much, and I love all three professors so much. they are so genuine that they are trying to create a wonderful way for most students to be successful. I just cannot admire them enough.

por Uzma B

24 de abr de 2022

Amazing course. I have learned many ways of versatile teaching strategies. It opened up a whole new prospect in my mind, how to strategies my lessons and make my students independent learners.

por Elena T

10 de abr de 2022

Highly practical insights into learning from neuroscience point of view. Clear description of teaching methods to improve students engagement and their success.

por Alessandro Z

18 de jan de 2022

Excellent course. Every teacher, instructor, and professor of any school or university should follow it and apply the described teaching guides and suggestions.

por Carsten S

14 de mai de 2022

Thanks a lot for these insights. Happy to transfer a lot the concepts to my personal and organisational learning. See you in the next course! Best, Carsten

por Esther S

28 de jan de 2022

WOW!! I just sailed through this course because it was fascinating! I'm looking forward to taking the more advanced sections of this course. Thank you

por Pavan G

24 de out de 2021

Amazing course not just to teach kids but oneself. Kudos to the instructors, this is an incredible course that can change lives of people for the better.

por Karen M

8 de out de 2021

E​xpertly and engagingly delivered course that provided important and useful knowledge for anyone interested in the dynamics of effective learningf