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Have you ever wondered how goods get delivered to us so quickly as soon as we order them? One word: Logistics! In this introductory Supply Chain Logistics course, I will take you on a journey to this fascinating backbone of global trade. We cover the three major building blocks of logistics networks: transportation, warehousing, and inventory. After completing this course, you will be able to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of different modes of transportation. You will understand what goes into designing and setting up a warehousing facility. Finally, you will be able to select the options that enable you to develop logistics networks, that minimize costs and deliver top customer service. This is an introductory course designed to provide you with a start on your learning journey in logistics. You do not need to have any background in logistics, but it would be beneficial if you had a basic understanding of business concepts. Join me and we will learn together about logistics! Interested in learning advanced supply chain topics? Check out the Supply Chain Excellence MasterTrack™ Certificate:

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22 de Nov de 2020

Very informative! the assignments are discussed before performing, supportive and responsive community. Very entertaining professor with real life references in the video lectures. Highly recommended

1 de Fev de 2018

This course was well organized, provided necessary learning materials, and hands-on learning experiences. I would highly recommend this course to others interested in learning supply chain logistics.

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2 de Abr de 2021

ok ok

por antony r r

28 de Nov de 2020


por Shawn P

16 de Jun de 2018



7 de Mai de 2019

Course material was good but stopped short in a couple of areas I felt it needed to go into to have real value. e.g. the location and number of depots is important and here's why, but no material covering the practical side of how.

This became really evident when grading the assessments for that module, one example included a solution where they had placed a depot next door to each customer, giving 10 depots to service 10 customers, I can in no way imagine this is a good or realistic solution.

This is my second minor issue with the course, the assessment criteria is more focused on was the assessment completed rather than was to content any good (which is understandable given its peer reviewed and most will not be qualified to judge the quality of the content.). In many ways I felt this devalued the certificate for completing the course.

por Christin C

24 de Set de 2020

There was a lot of missing information required to make an assessment about the efficiency of both warehousing design and network distribution, and yet the assignments were asking for an assessment and justification. Students would either have to make up a reason or leave it blank, which I think is half the subject matter. Also, the assessment questions weren't accurately written, so that when you go to assess peer responses you are asked to include things in the grading rubric that were not listed in the assignment. On every assignment I had to go back and add things to my submission after seeing the items we were going to be graded on. I've taken other courses that weren't this badly worded.

por AJ M

11 de Ago de 2020

This was my first online course through Coursera. This is a VERY basic introduction to the structure of a supply chain. The instructor glosses over many concepts that I would have very much liked further detail on. Concepts like - Pick to Light, inventory systems, sQ and sR methods. At one point the 7R's of logistics are mentioned, but then never listed.

This is intended to be a four-week course. I'm glad it allows you to work ahead because it really only required about 45 min of work per unit. I would have been quite upset if I had to pay anymore than the $40 monthly fee for this course. I'm hesitant about taking the follow up full Specialization if it's going to be more of this.

por Katie G

6 de Jun de 2021

I learned a few things from this course, but I am not a fan of other learners grading my assignments. With the final exam, it was clear that 1 learner did not even take the time to review my work and gave me a '0' while the others gave me a fair score. After completing several reviews from other learners, it is clear that many people are not taking this seriously and it should not be up to these people to grade my work (as someone who is taking it seriously).

por Ashish S

8 de Abr de 2021

The videos could have been more detailed. Questions in the quizzes were not challenging. It was impossible to see the incorrect answers and recommended correct answers to learn from. For the final assignment the system did not allow pdf to be loaded. Assignment reviews seemed to be "gamed" - some of the submissions did not seem real!

por Danner E S

22 de Set de 2020

Dejaré el curso porque no hay opción de subtítulos al español, quería llevarlo en realidad y me da tristeza no poder entenderlo. Debería de haber traducción al español del curso.

por Cam B

17 de Fev de 2020

The information was great but I was SOL when trying to ask for help on a quiz. The professor didn't respond back to any of my emails or post about the quiz.

por Utkarsh S

2 de Jun de 2020

This course is very very basic.No technical or in-depth knowlodge provided.Suitable for students of class 4 maybe.Nonetheless -assignments were OK

por Shawn T

17 de Jun de 2020

If you are not taking exams, you will not be able to "mark" the course as complete. The videos are informative but short (2-4 mins).

por Arup K D

27 de Mai de 2020

Very short course with very little information. I found peer graded system isn't that well. It differs from person to person.

por Deleted A

26 de Out de 2020



por Antonio V D

14 de Mai de 2019

In my opinion it is short of important contents and some of the tasks are not very productive to learn logistics concepts;

por Sayantani C

20 de Jun de 2020

A subject of logic has been made theoretical and memory game. That is not what Supply Chain Is. Really disappointed.

por Ralph P

21 de Jan de 2018

Missing connections between information and assignments and I found found the course rather shallow.

por Heide S

17 de Out de 2016

you have access to the material, but you have to pay 80 USD to take simple quizzes....

por Sergio M R

16 de Fev de 2019

Although this is a introductory course the theoretical explanations are a bit poor...

por Pjotrs O

23 de Abr de 2021

Links are broken. Video lecture to external articles in internet is like 20/80

por Abhinav K

5 de Jun de 2020

It did not provide much depth, highly unsatisfactory


16 de Mai de 2020

Poorly designed course with a very basic explanation

por ASI N R

8 de Abr de 2021

please review it once again supply chain logistics

por Mario B

2 de Out de 2017

Very Basically course about Logistics,

por Vilho R

4 de Fev de 2017

Too little content for the price.