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Extreme weather events, wars, famine and environmental destruction are just a few of the wicked problems faced by humanity. That’s why in 2015 the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that target the big challenges such as how to eliminate poverty, how to protect the environment and how to bring about peace. Every member state committed to achieving these goals by 2030. What can businesses do to counter climate change and create a sustainable business culture? Why is this relevant for business anyway? Explore how business can contribute to a better future for people AND the planet without giving up profits. This course has been developed by Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University (RSM). It focuses on the role of businesses in achieving the SDGs. You will gain insights from leaders of international companies and academics in business and management who will guide you through the issue of how businesses can contribute to the SDGs. The course received a 'MOOC Award of Excellence' by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the SDG Academy in September 2019 ( After completing this course you will: • know what the SDGs are, why they are important and how each individual can be an agent for positive change in the world; • understand the role of business in the transition to sustainable development to create a prosperous future for all; • be able to identify interconnectedness of the SDGs and the challenges behind solving them; • know how management insights can contribute to the SDGs; • be able to evaluate the effectiveness of current business strategies in contributing to the SDGs; • develop a positive, critical, aware and courageous attitude towards the SDGs. The course consists of seven units, each focusing on several aspects of sustainable development and taking one week to complete. You will study by watching videos, reading literature and by engaging in other activities such as weekly challenges. Assignments will consist of quizzes, discussions with your fellow students, and challenges to implement in your daily life. Are you ready to find out how you can be an agent for positive change? Register now!...

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30 de nov de 2020

This course is superb! I was able to understand thoroughly the SDGs, its purpose and impact to make each businesses sustainable. The wonderful part also it ables you to identify your purpose


19 de out de 2020

Great review for the SDGs, completely comprehensive, easily understandable.

The warmest gratitude for Erasmus University Rotterdam.

It was indeed the greatest of pleasures.


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por Can G

13 de jan de 2023

This course has opened my eyes to the importance of sustainability and the role that businesses can play in achieving the SDGs. It has also given me a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with implementing sustainable practices in a business context.

I believe that sustainability is no longer just a "nice to have" but a business imperative. Companies that integrate sustainable principles into their operations will not only be contributing to a better future for all, but they will also be better positioned to remain a competitive and secure long-term success.

I am excited to take the knowledge and skills I have acquired from this course and apply them in my work life. I look forward to sharing my learnings with my colleagues, and collaborating to make our organization more sustainable.


30 de out de 2021

Very detailed and at the same time very clear. A highly competent faculty with the capacity to transmit knowledge in a convenient and practical way. There are plenty of examples and case studies with a diverse range of sectors. There is also a global approach and at the same time reference to local examples from businesses in the school's local community. I highly recommend the course.

por Daphne J

6 de out de 2021

Extremely well built MOOC. The courses are progressive and always well illustrated. So many speakers, from so many different types of organizations, giving different perspectives.

I also appreciated the many links to various ressources.

I really recommand this MOOC to whoever wants to learn more about the SDGs and the challenges around them.

por Fatima d G

20 de jul de 2020

Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about the SDGs and how you can be an ambassador of change. The learning material is varied and inspiring, with different speakers presenting real-life cases from a wide array of businesses and management disciplines. And be ready for a bit of a personal weekly challenge as well!

por Alice P P

13 de out de 2021

It was a great program through sustainable development goals. I learned from lessons, case studies, and activities not only the importance of setting new sustainable businesses, but also adjest the "old" one to sustainability by integrating SDGs. The course is well organize and let the student participate a lot.

por Oliver S

4 de nov de 2021

Super interesting and well structured course. Provides great introductory info to the UN SDGs and how businesses can and are action on these goals already. Recommend for anyone who wants to learn about the SDGs or is looking to start or further their knowledge in sustainable development.

por Stefan S

10 de ago de 2021

Very well structured, inspiring, and with relevant business examples to relate the concept of the 17 SDG's to business challenges and how to address them. Recommended to everyone who starts the journey and wants to contribute in one or another way, starting to engage in sustainability.

por Saleh M A

13 de set de 2020

Well written course materials and structured and easygoing lectures. Suitable for any discipline. Even if I am a student of M.Sc in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University, I have enrolled this to add value to my CV and brush up my basic knowledge with utmost care and integration.

por Satish K B

10 de abr de 2020

It was a complete package for this course on driving the business towards sustainable development goals. I am pleased by the content, presentations and the way it was conducted by the luminaries and professors, academicians and corporate bigwigs who were experts in respective domains.

por stephen b

21 de mai de 2020

This course not only provided me theoretical knowledge on SDGs but also how SDGs are implemented in actual practice. On top of that, there were a few skills that I can use in my professional and daily life (e.g. systems thinking). I will definitely recommend this course.

por Joan Y S H

27 de fev de 2021

This is a great course on SDG. Everyone who is featured and has worked to bring this course has been very generous in sharing knowledge and stories. It shows the true spirit of the SDGs and I'm very inspired and motivated to follow in their footsteps. Thank you.

por Kamila O

10 de jun de 2022

I am so very grateful to be able to attend this fantastic course, full of great insights, concise information and practical knowledge. Thank you for this opportunity for me and other champions of positive change, you got us all charged up and well equipped!

por Heike O

15 de mai de 2020

Loved the content. Perfect mix of academic lecture and industry case studies. The weekly hummingbird challenges and other supplemental information was very diversified and interesting.

My first Coursera mooc and the bar of standards has been set very high.

por Philippe R

7 de jan de 2023

A fantastic and much-needed course! Carefully prepared, well presented and supported by excellent reading materials, this course proposes a concrete blueprint and stimulating examples, inspiring us to pursue the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

por Tashma K

15 de dez de 2020

Really good overview of the Sustainable Development Goals. I enjoyed the extra resources and the apps and tools I was introduced to. Now that I have an idea of what the SDGs are, I can focus more directly on those compatible with my industry.

por Bom N

24 de jun de 2020

I am from a developing country where has emission is double growing fast. I would like to concern "Developed or Developing countries should cut down CO2 now". We should account for Emission on capital per population, not the whole nation.

por Laura C

27 de nov de 2020

This MOOC is really well structured. It offers a good variety of activities that will keep you interested and motivated while learning, and it will offer you enriching materials to deepen your knowledge if you wish to. Highly recommend


30 de ago de 2020

You will immediately notice that a lot of thought and care has been put into developing this MOOC, it is very well set out. The videos are short and snappy and keep you engaged and there's a great variety of experts on each topic.

por Jyotika B

16 de jun de 2021

It was na informational, and completely action oriented course. It took through the journey of understanding the SDGs, their interconnectedness and how we as an individual and as an organization participate to achieving those.

por Glen A d C

2 de fev de 2020

This is a very helpful course in trying to understand the relationships of problems and potential solutions in today's world. It provides a sort of mental framework on how to look at things and how they are interconnected.


17 de nov de 2021

Very informative and insightful. I can see that there are so many people around the world are striving for those SDGs even though our roles differ. Those lectures and sharing were inspiring as well. Highly recommend.

por Katie L

8 de out de 2022

Informative and provide tangible examples of how companies are addressing SDG. The course has good resources and content, clearly explains what SDGs are and helps to provide a framework that drives positive change.

por Khalisah S

30 de dez de 2019

This course gave me the learning tools and foundational knowledge to transition into a career in green industries. As an outside I felt helpless in the climate crisis but now I feel ready to tackle the challenge.

por Muhammad i

22 de dez de 2019

i am Mr.Muhammad Idrees. i am very happy because this course give me very useful information about the SDGs goals and much information about the other strageties.

thanks for all instructors.