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Certificados compartilháveis
Tenha o certificado após a conclusão
100% on-line
Comece imediatamente e aprenda em seu próprio cronograma.
Prazos flexíveis
Redefinir os prazos de acordo com sua programação.
Aprox. 12 horas para completar
Legendas: Inglês

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Semana 1

15 minutos para concluir


15 minutos para concluir
1 vídeo (Total 5 mín.), 1 leitura
1 vídeos
1 leituras
Some suggested reading material10min
4 horas para concluir

Modeling systems as token consumption/production systems

4 horas para concluir
11 vídeos (Total 70 mín.), 3 leituras, 6 testes
11 videos
Consumption and production of tokens5min
Modeling an intensive care unit5min
Modeling a wireless LAN radio4min
Modeling and refining an industrial robot6min
Pick your own system1min
Classes of Petri-nets8min
Causality, choice and concurrency (modeling patterns)9min
Refinement of consumption/production systems8min
Interpreting pictures for performance analysis10min
Draw your own model3min
3 leituras
Always ask yourself...10min
The refinement of the robot.10min
5 exercícios práticos
Basic modeling ideas16min
Modeling Warehouse 136min
Modeling features10min
Definition of refinement2min
Which is a refinement of which?4min

Semana 2

3 horas para concluir

Syntax and semantics

3 horas para concluir
14 vídeos (Total 103 mín.), 5 leituras, 5 testes
14 videos
Syntax and semantics3min
The basics9min
Prefix orders7min
Exercise on prefix orders7min
Proof that flows form a prefix order14min
Formalizing interpretations as functions8min
Counting is order preserving6min
Formalizing the Petri-net interpretation10min
Proof that the number of tokens in a single-rate dataflow cycle is constant13min
Formalizing timing6min
Formalizing eager scheduling5min
Formalizing periodic scheduling4min
5 leituras
Flags and Fitch style proofs10min
Slides of the proof10min
Slides of the proof10min
Exercise: Formalize best-case response times10min
About the next quiz.10min
5 exercícios práticos
Bipartite graphs2min
Thinking about observation functions4min
Formalizing performance properties16min

Semana 3

3 horas para concluir

Performance analysis

3 horas para concluir
20 vídeos (Total 131 mín.), 2 leituras, 5 testes
20 videos
Throughput is bounded by 1/MCM8min
Proof - a1min
Proof - b9min
Proof - c1min
Proof - d3min
Proof - e7min
Proof - f4min
Proof - g4min
Proof - h8min
Proof - i12min
Proof - j8min
The throughput bound is tight5min
Periodic scheduling of a dataflow graph12min
Latency analysis of a periodic schedule6min
Latency analysis of an eager schedule9min
The formal definition of latency5min
The boot-up time of a dataflow graph4min
Optimizing latency estimates w.r.t. boot-up time5min
Buffering and backpressure5min
2 leituras
Slides of the proof10min
Alternative proof in synchronization and linearity10min
5 exercícios práticos
Calculating the MCM and worst-case throughput10min
Calculate some periodic schedules8min
Calculating optimal periodic schedules and their latencies16min
Calculating suitable buffer sizes8min

Semana 4

1 hora para concluir

One final example

1 hora para concluir
1 vídeo (Total 21 mín.), 5 leituras
1 vídeos
5 leituras
2015 Assignment on dataflow modeling.10min
Additional dataflow exercises10min
Example of an exam at masters level (without solutions)10min
Another example of an exam (with solutions)10min
Material created by fellow students10min

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