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This course is the first in a series of six to equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level roles in project management. Project managers play a key role in leading, planning and implementing critical projects to help their organizations succeed. In this course, you’ll discover foundational project management terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a project manager. We’ll also introduce you to the kinds of jobs you might pursue after completing this program. Throughout the program, you’ll learn from current Google project managers, who can provide you with a multi-dimensional educational experience that will help you build your skills for on-the-job application. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define project management and describe what constitutes a project. - Explore project management roles and responsibilities across a variety of industries. - Detail the core skills that help a project manager be successful. - Describe the life cycle of a project and explain the significance of each phase. - Compare different program management methodologies and approaches and determine which is most effective for a given project. - Define organizational structure and culture and explain how it impacts project management. - Define change management and describe the role of the project manager in the process....

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12 de jun de 2022

Great delivery of material. Interactive and easy to digest. I was able to apply the conccepts covered in this course to my daily duties as a leader in my organization and was surprised at the results.


26 de dez de 2021

This course is very helpful for those who want to kick start their career in project management field. It is highly interactive and covers basics of project management thoroughly. I really enjoyed it.

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por Martin P

1 de mai de 2021

More practical knowledge

por krishna j

24 de abr de 2021

Should be more practical

por Ilaria C

1 de abr de 2021

Too repetitive sometimes

por Mari L

23 de nov de 2021

Completely waste of $40. Information of this course could be in 1 video, since it is basis. Of course they enlarge it for 4 weeks to say that it is a course and get your money. Most of information is like "nice to know", but not applicable for the real job. So, you can get this info for free or buy cheaper course which will be more useful for your career. The only good point of that course is a certificate of completion. It will work for your CV, HRs like "Google" certificates and other stuff like that.

por Muhammad F

22 de dez de 2021

Certificate should be free for this basic course.

por Sarah G

29 de mai de 2022

The information is great, the platform is terrible. I loved learning from Google PM's, I love the practice activities, and the scinarios the teachers used, but I hated the peer reviewd documents. I have ben an educator for 12 years prior to my career move and everything I know to be true about assessment was ignored in this entire 6 course program.

Peer reviews are incredably frustrating. One peer accesses your work and give you great marks with awesome feedback. The next person has trouble opening your document so they give you all 0's and you have to start again. This occured for most of my work in this program. I spent the last week of my "learning" begging my peers to review my work in the discussion boards. On average, I would say that I had to resubmit each one of my peer reviewd assignments 3 times. Then there was the posting in the discussion board and "returning the favor" by grading even more of my peer's work. This is not a system that works. With the course fee being what it is, I'd prefer to have my work graded by instructors.

Lastly, when I did finish a course I was prompted by Coursera to "verify my ID." I've been verifying my ID for completed coursrses for weeks now, every time I log in, and the promt never goes away. So I figured when I did complete the course, it would be a surprise what name appeared on my certificate. I've completed and I'm being prompted now to "purchase certificate." Clicking on that button, again, does nothing. I've been doing this for 3 days. I don't know how much the purchase is, who's name (if any) will be on it, or how long it will take to get it.

I begin a new career in July and I thought starting this course in late April would be enough time to complete it and provide my new employer with certification. I worked really hard to get the classwork done quickly, little did I know that the hardest and most time consuming part of the process was just getting Coursera to work. Also, don't count on the moble app to be any help. As long as you have the work posted, it shows you have completed 100%. This is great until you log into the website and it says 97% and tells you that you failed 3 more of your peer reviewed assignments (with feedback saying "I can't access your PDF or Google Doc." Then the cycle continues: re-posting, begging for help in the discussion board, returning the favor of grading MORE of your peers work, praying people who can't access your work don't fail you (and just skip past yours). It is infuriating!

I am a Google Certified Educator and I loved that program. I learned so much! I was really hopeful that this learning would be of the same quality. Sadly, it was not.

por YASR A K

6 de jan de 2022

The contents is good but the system accessing is very unstable. When I need a support, it's never can contact them. They have no email or phone no. to contact except the help center which is no way to access when you have problem with accessing.

por Soy M

26 de out de 2021

Pense que el mismo podria estar en espanol y no estaba asi, espero que puedan subir la version en espanol para tomarlo.

por Khatir M

10 de fev de 2022

​forcing ppl upload personal info like id and pics of them for the course that they paid is basically stealing !

por David B

14 de jun de 2021

The course is more focused on phrasing than critical thinking.

por Katherine K

6 de set de 2021

Very low quality, super time-consuming, and useless.

por Hamza A

29 de dez de 2021

Not recommanded to advanced people

por Jordan G

5 de jul de 2022

The title of the course is self-explanatory as it truly consists of the foundations of project management. If you have any routine experience working with Agile-Scrum, Waterfall, or Lean Six Sigma, this will be a piece of cake for you, though you may learn more nuanced and interpersonal qualities required in project management and may still find the real-life application job search, keyword use, and interview-style sections of information useful. If the Agile, Waterfall, or Lean Six Sigma methodologies are unfamiliar to you, this will be an excellent place for you to start.

The course is simple and easy to understand and follow. The quizzes are not difficult if you consume the course material as it's designed. The course includes a handy digital note-taking feature, but I preferred to take notes by hand for retention.

To answer a common question: Yes, you can complete the first course in less time than it says it will take. While the course claims to take 4 weeks, someone who's unemployed, not in school, doesn't have kids, and isn't a caregiver can probably complete the entire first course in 11-16 hours. You can earn the first course's certificate (not the Professional Certificate) as soon as you finish the final quiz, at your own pace.

***IMPORTANT FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID*** If you apply for financial aid to take this Foundations of Project Management course and want financial aid for the other 5 courses in this 6-course Professional Certificate program, know that you will have to separately apply for financial aid for each of the other 5 courses in this 6-course Professional Certificate program. The financial aid application does not umbrella apply to all 6 courses. If you know that you want to take all six and you believe you'll be able to take them quickly in succession, I recommend applying for each of the six courses on the same day or in the same week so that you can progress through all six courses without delay. Otherwise, you have to apply for financial aid for the second course and wait another two weeks after you finish the first course to hear back about your application, and so on. The six courses are listed on the Google Project Management Professional Certificate page about halfway down. Open each one and click on the Financial Aid link to apply to each one separately.

por José Á C A

10 de jun de 2022

In english:

This course provides a very broad perspective on the approach that should be taken as the person in charge of a project in order to have the different stages of the project well defined, as well as the strategies, tools, models, methods, very interesting tips and, in general, everything that must have to carry out successfully when undertaking a project. It is a super interesting course and it is highly recommended for all people who play any role of middle and high hierarchy. Many thanks to all the speakers for providing their wonderful advice and teaching us through their experiences.

En español:

Este curso brinda una perspectiva muy amplia sobre el enfoque que se debe tener como responsable de un proyecto para tener bien definidas las diferentes etapas del mismo, así como las estrategias, herramientas, modelos, métodos, tips muy interesantes y en general, todo lo que se debe tener para llevar a cabo con éxito al emprender un proyecto. Es un curso súper interesante y es muy recomendable para todas las personas que desempeñen cualquier rol de jerarquía media y alta. Muchas gracias a todos los ponentes por brindar sus maravillosos consejos y enseñarnos a través de sus experiencias.

por Kanokphorn P

4 de jul de 2021

I do appreciate what I have studied and leant from this course. It is very helpful, understandable and practical. I gained more than just knowledge, I discover my skills that I overlooked. I found myself to be more confidence and smarter than I ever thought I was. Moreover, I found out that even just a simple sentence the speaker encourages about the job or course but it is even more touched and healed me when I am very depressed during this period. I found that one simple sentence helped encouraging and releasing out the heaviness in my heart to believe that tomorrow will be better days and yes don't give up yet. Lastly, I have been being happy and eager to learn because of the precise, straightforward, short, sharp lessons, plus the tone of voices of the speak really encourage me to be very active to learn more. As far as I have been lecturing, your voice and intonation is very comfortable and easily understand. Thank you for letting me know myself more and getting me more than just knowledge. <3

por Rufus F R j

7 de mai de 2022

Emilio, [the instructor/presenter for this course] (was) is outstanding. The course is very well organized, and the content covered many subject areas. The videos are interesting and entertaining. All of the project assignments are useful. The course provided many tools to help learners. The required tests were at times thought provoking while being good learning tools in and of themselves. The featured Google employees all had fascinating stories to tell, and they gave many words of encouragement and good advice. Many resources are available to learners also. I really enjoyed this course, and I am looking forware to course 2. In closing, I wish to thank Google and Coursera for offering this course to learners who wish to better their lives. THANK YOU GOOGLE! THANK YOU COURSERA!

por Nicolas L

14 de abr de 2022

First of all, thank you to the course's intructor for his clear explainations , his smile and the energy he shares during each one of the course's videos! That was a great part of why I engaged and kept the momentum during the course.

Then, the concepts and different inputs of the course are very valuable when it comes to project management and are a very good introduction to whoever is willing to know more about it!

Learnt a lot but most of all, I now feel more confident about skills I have regarding project management I didn't know about before taking the course.

Great content (I would say starting week 2 though as week 1 is the introduction of the introduction ;)) and the mix between videos and lectures are just perfect to learn the way you feel more confortable with.

por Ihor Z

22 de abr de 2022

Great course with interesting knowledge and structure. Based on the course, he made a template with stages for any project. It is a great thing to always stay on a solid foundation. Also on the course I noticed things that I do not understand or do not like and this is a signal to dive into their active study. For each school week he summed up his own notes not only on the subject of the course but also on the training itself, what are the feelings, what is the pace of learning, what decisions and tips allowed to increase the speed of mastering the material. I noticed that the advice at the beginning of the course was the most appropriate, real magic. Thank you for the opportunity to take the course and gain useful knowledge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

por Hanna B

6 de jul de 2022

The speakers , course structure , materials, tests were really brilliant. I also highly appreciate all people  in course forum for sharing their views, work history and mindsets.

I got inspired by so many of them. Which is really great.

My biggest takeaway, however, from this course is that I’ve already possess a lot of previous job experiences and qualifications which will help me to move forward in this career.

I’ve definitely received more profound and more systematic extra knowledges  on methodologies and project governance and got some useful tips which will help me to move forward in learning strategy and boost my career prospects by getting the needed skill sets.

T​hank you to Google and Coursera Teams for this wonderful PM Course.

por Ihsan H

2 de set de 2021

This course is amazing, great presenter and the way it delivered its really understandable. To be honest, I am really really afraid when I enroll this course because my English is not really good enough. I am really really scared that I will not finish the course on time and just waste my money. But after follow the course , i do falling in love with this course. I even learn some new vocabularies during the course.

So many things i have learned from this course from the day 1 I join the Foundations of Project Management until the last course Capstone : Applying Project Management in The Real World. Thank you very much for Google and Coursera Teams for bring this course. Hope to see you in the next course. Keep up the good work!!!

por Gianina P

26 de abr de 2022

It was a great course. I indeed learnt about different aspects related to Project Management, core aspects about project life cycle, and another very interesting issues as organizational culture. But also it was useful to understand I already have some skills and I already do tasks related to the formation. So it was also was empowering.

Another good aspect is the way the course is arranged, the perfect timing for videos and lectures to keep your attention alive, and teachers/speakers seemed kind and clear.

Perhaps one aspect to bear in mind for future learners, you better reserve a little more time for videos, because sometimes at some points you will need to stop and go back and take notes.


por Elena G

1 de mai de 2022

The foundation of a successful bussiness management acoording your experience and eager to learn anything.According to your skills nice planning budgetting and flexibility.And to choose a good teammate and share with their own opinion.You need big amount of money materilas how much cost they need and what qualiy.And you need to show your planning book like wedding.First venue decoration,music,chairs,flowers,make up artist,clothes,ring ,priest,food,invitation,how many guest,arrangement,what introduction,before start the wedding,photographer,video.And before we set everything you tell how much it cost.Before we start the we need the approved and signal when the start time and finish the project

por Alaa Q

2 de ago de 2021

This course made me aware of what project management is really about! This realization brings me comfort and relief that what I am currently doing in my work is not a waste of time. We all have some skills in project management .. highlighting that and reading more about each of the PM components is very helpful for me as a person and in my work!! Can't wait to take the other courses and strengthen my skills for each phase of the project lifecycle. I love the content and the variety between using the short videos, readings, real stories and infographics!! so helpful to grasp the meanings of each lesson. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing project course!! Thanks Coursera and Google!!

por dkar

28 de nov de 2021

Coming from a theoretical background, this course helped me transition smoothly to a formerly unknown world, where people don't speak about Socrates & Plato, but about business and strategies. To my pleasant surprise the way the new material was presented was clear and coherent. Moving from one logical concept to the next created a chain of reasoning that made the learning procedure interesting and solid. Interchanging between videos, readings, interacting through discussions (not my favourite part I admit, but that's just me), small exercises, assignments, practice tests offered variety and ensured that this way or the other the foundations of project management will be laid.

por Z. M

24 de jun de 2022

So far so good. I am really excited to do a few courses so that I can change careers and make more money, honestly. and this course for Project management is really already in my wheelhouse, I need to get all the terminology down.

I am excited to learn the other courses to obtain a certificate. I do feel like the course is too short. It should be grouped to where it doesnt cost so much. people are in desparate need of higher paying jobs. getting things done without having to repeat material is better.

I do like how all the sections are bite size. I need financial aid for all courses. Solo mom, the care of my kids comes first above everything. The money isnt there to do both.