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Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy offers an overview of the latest research findings and international recommendations on a variety of nutrition-related aspects and outcomes of pregnancy. Ensuring a healthy nutritional status and lifestyle prior to and during pregnancy is one of the best ways to help support the healthy growth and development of the unborn child. We will look at how a healthy diet and lifestyle should ideally be achieved prior to conception and provide recommendations for pre-conception counselling of women. We will also look at the nutritient recommendations for a healthy pregnancy to ensure optimal maternal and fetal outcomes as well as focus on the most common nutrition-related pregnancy complications; obesity and gestational diabetes. The learner will have the opportunity to delve into the cutting-edge world of epigenetic and metabolomic research and appreciate the enormous role that these programming effects have in long-term health and disease outcomes. Finally, we offer real life, everyday situations and questions from pregnant women to aid healthcare professionals in the nutrition-based counselling of pregnant women and their families. In addition to the English original, subtitles in Portugese language are available now!...

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20 de mar de 2022

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course.


28 de abr de 2017

I'm a GP interacting with pregnant woman on a regular basis. This was a very enlightening refresher course. will highly recommend it to my peers. beautifully presented. N.B very pretty obstetrician!

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por Sofia B D B

8 de jul de 2020


por Liliyana K

16 de ago de 2019

not bad

por Abadir S Y

7 de mai de 2019


por Şebnem T

19 de nov de 2020



1 de out de 2020


por Marwa H M

25 de jan de 2020



2 de jan de 2021


por Samira A S

29 de set de 2020


por Nadar s

22 de set de 2020


por Moayyed A A R

29 de out de 2017


por Andrea G C

9 de mar de 2021


por Dhavalbhai J P

27 de nov de 2020


por Navin P

4 de ago de 2020


por Bhranti P

14 de jul de 2020



6 de mai de 2020


por Mathangi.S A P

23 de abr de 2020


por minumol j

29 de abr de 2019


por ALAA J K

26 de jul de 2022


por Francis M M

14 de mai de 2022


por Javeria M

6 de ago de 2021


por Agho L O

29 de jun de 2021


por Naema A A

17 de jan de 2021


por Dean P

13 de out de 2017

Great course! My only notice is that fats were not advised, mistakenly by my opinion. Saturated fats, mono and some polyunsaturated are necessary in specific amounts to induce better hormonal health. I'm a nuritionist and I believe that low fat is not the answer. I don't think high carb diet of 50%+ is always the best for humans, and I do believe that pregnant women are no different. But I understood the cycle, and it makes sense that when people usually had sex was usually spring, which means that the first and second trimester should be full of sugary fruits for the mothers. The third trimester (Oct-Nov-Dec) would be the time where fat mobilization would come in play, naturally from the absence of fruits and much food in general. ALthough it seems harsh to be born at that time (cold, etc) it just makes sense if you sense the natural rythm if life (sex drive in spring, fruits in spring, summer and autumn.

por Ingrid M

18 de ago de 2020

This was a very informative course, a review for someone with nutrition background. I liked that it provided articles and websites based on USA recommendations as well as other countries (mainly UK). Again, I liked that it provided a list of peer reviewed articles that you can access later on for supplemental reading. It was short and to the point. This wasn't really in-depth for someone with nutrition background, but if I didn't know anything about nutrition; this definitely helps a lot. I would recommend it! Easy to understand and loved that you can create notes.

por Jenny C

13 de ago de 2021

This was a good course to give an overview of nutrition in pregnancy. It could have offered a bit more information on nutrition itself but as an entry level course it was sufficient. I felt you would need to do more study in this area if you wanted to go on to work with pregnant women and their nutrition if you didn't have that background already. However, for me it consolidated what I already knew and helped me understand a bit more about gestational diabetes and groups who are at risk during pregnancy.