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Legendas: Inglês, Russo, Árabe
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100% online

Comece imediatamente e aprenda em seu próprio cronograma.

Prazos flexíveis

Redefinir os prazos de acordo com sua programação.

Nível iniciante

Aprox. 18 horas para completar

Sugerido: 4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week...


Legendas: Inglês, Russo, Árabe

Programa - O que você aprenderá com este curso

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Virtual Reality- Hardware and History

15 vídeos (Total 78 mín.), 7 leituras, 1 teste
15 videos
Welcome to Introduction to Virtual Reality!1min
Introduction to Week 147s
What is VR and How is it Different from Other Media?5min
Displays | CAVE and HMDs3min
Head Tracking5min
Choosing your VR Device5min
HMD | Oculus Rift1min
HMD | HTC Vive3min
HMD | Sony PlayStation VR4min
HMD | Mobile VR | Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear2min
CAVE VR Systems8min
Part 1 | VR in the Analogue Age7min
Part 2 | VR in the Digital Age16min
7 leituras
Course blog10min
HMD | Windows Mixed Reality10min
HMD | Oculus GO10min
HMD | Oculus Quest10min
Where to Download VR Apps10min
Summary | How To Choose Your VR HMD10min
VR History10min
1 exercício prático
VR HMDs and VR History30min
4 horas para concluir

VR Applications

9 vídeos (Total 33 mín.), 7 leituras, 2 testes
9 videos
Introduction to the VR Technical Framework5min
360 Video and Model Based VR6min
Being Someone Else4min
News and Documentary Films2min
Scientific Data Visualisation3min
Medical Training2min
Physical Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy3min
7 leituras
Further Reading on 360 Video10min
Being Someone Else10min
VR in Sports10min
VR in News and Documentary Films10min
Medical Training10min
VR in Physical Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy10min
Enhancing Our Lives with Virtual Reality10min
1 exercício prático
VR Applications10min
3 horas para concluir

The Psychology of VR: the Three Illusions

22 vídeos (Total 105 mín.), 4 leituras, 1 teste
22 videos
A Brief History of VR4min
Levels of Immersion in VR Systems10min
Sensorimotor Contingency (SC)2min
Sensorimotor Contingency in VR4min
Why Do We Need Immersive VR?4min
Introduction to the Three Illusions4min
Introduction to Place Illusion (PI)6min
Does Immersion Cause PI?4min
Introduction to Plausibility Illusion (Psi)3min
Necessary Conditions for Psi4min
Break of Presence2min
Presence, Immersion, PI, and Psi2min
The Pinocchio Illusion2min
The Rubber Hand Illusion2min
Psychological Effects of Embodiment Illusion7min
Visual-Tactile and Visual-Motor Synchrony13min
The Technical Setup of VR Embodiment2min
Changes in Attitude, Behaviours, and Cognition9min
Self-Counselling and Treating Depression5min
Comparing CGI and 360 Video4min
The Future of Embodiment in VR2min
4 leituras
The Three Illusions10min
The Technical Setup of VR Embodiment10min
Changing Bodies Changes Minds: Owning Another Body Affects Social Cognition10min
Embodiment in Self-Counselling and Treating Depression10min
1 exercício prático
The Three Illusions of Virtual Reality30min
3 horas para concluir

Challenges in Virtual Reality

7 vídeos (Total 26 mín.), 3 leituras, 2 testes
7 videos
Realism | Graphics6min
Realism | Animation4min
Meeting Other People3min
Haptic Feedback2min
3 leituras
Basic Concepts in 3D Computer Graphics10min
Simulation Sickness10min
Thank You and Course Blog10min
1 exercício prático
Challenges in VR10min
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por NCJan 29th 2018

Very good overview of theory of VR and a great start to deepen the knowledge. The course encourages you to seek out additional information and prompts you to think of applications of the technology.

por ICJun 15th 2018

Being a non-techie, I find this course quite easy to understand. The required readings are academic papers and I took some time to understand them but it is good quality readings.



Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan

Lecturer, Department of Computing
Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Marco Gillies

Senior Lecturer
Computing Department, Goldsmiths, University of London

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Realidade virtual

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