Para quem é direcionado este curso: This course is aimed at beginning learners with or without Chinese learning experiences. Anyone who is interested in the language and culture is welcome.

Desenvolvido por:   Universidade de Pequim

  • YU Bin

    Ministrado por:    YU Bin, Chinese Lecturer

    School of Chinese as a Second Language
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Compromisso6 weeks of study + 1 week final test, 4-6 hours/week
Como ser aprovadoSeja aprovado em todas as tarefas para concluir o curso.
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Cada curso é como um livro didático interativo, com vídeos pré-gravados, testes e projetos.

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Ajuda dos seus colegas

Conecte-se com milhares de outros aprendizes, debata ideias, discuta sobre os materiais do curso e obtenha ajuda para dominar conceitos.


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Universidade de Pequim
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Avaliado em 4.8 de 5 decorrente de 115 avaliações

The course is well designed and well deployed. The objective is to prepare the learner for the HSK exams. Pay attention to every lecture all the dialogues and build a course specific vocabulary/phrase notebook. Listen to every possible source of spoken Mandarin language that you can so you'll be prepared for the voices you'll hear in the course final. Pay attention to the format and layout of each 'practice' quiz that's going to be your orientation for the course final and the HSK exam. I'm going to improve my final grade score and then move on to the next sections of this certification course...James.

Have completed HSK Level 1 and have benefited much from this Course. I am now able to converse basic Mandarin to food vendors and friends, Wish to provide a few feedbacks for improvement. Certain Videos are slightly faulty, and the certain audio of two of the Weekly Test are not available. Also, the Chinese writing strokes be given stroke by stroke and at the end to mention the words and the meaning. Wish to say Thank You to my Teacher Yu Bin for teaching me. I wish to proceed t o HSK Level 2. Could I continue with the Lesson 2, again with financial assistance.

I love this course, well done

xie xie lao shi. wo xue hui le hen duo zi.