Who is this class for: The course is useful to persons both inside and outside the European Union, whether they are students, professionals, or simply interested in the European Union and/or European Business Law. The series is ideal for entrepreneurs and businessmen/women who plan to work or do business in a European context and want to sharpen their competitiveness. For lawyers it is a great course to take in order to refresh European Union law or to gain an understanding of law in the context of European business. Those preparing for a legal career will also benefit from the course as it gives a good understanding of European Union law while including lectures by some of the most leading academics and practitioners in the field. Prior knowledge of law and the European Union is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. If you have taken our introductory course on Understanding the EU Fundamentals and our second course Doing Business in Europe, you might however have a bit of head start.

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Trabajo del curso
Trabajo del curso

Cada curso es como un libro de texto interactivo, con videos pregrabados, cuestionarios y proyectos.

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Ayuda de tus compañeros

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Considering you've taken all of the three modules provided by Lund U. on European Business Law, this final course is extremely informative and invaluable for the foreign practicioner. I feel a lot more confidence exploring the european law after being exposed to the material. The interviews on the end of each session also approximates the student of the pragmatic realities of lawyers and attorneys, easing the anxiety that comes with considering a practice on foreign countries.

This course, as the third and final part of the European Business Law unit, deepens the knowledge in matters of competition and IP rights. The three courses escalate smoothly from an introduction to the structure and institutions of the EU, to business transactions in Europe and finally, in this course, to the fundamental issues arising when competition comes into play.

The course is well structured, with adequate and sufficient supportive material, for those who want to get a really deep insight in the matters mentioned.

What's more, the interviews at the end of each module are a pleasant summary of the information disseminated in the module.

Lund University, as far as these three courses of European Business Law that I have attended, has done a great job. As proof, the tests at the end of each module are easy to pass but only for those who have watched the videos and done all the preparation. That is for me, valuable new information but also well corresponding to the examination required.

Looking forward for more courses like this one!

Very useful course!

Great course to understand how Competence works in Europe.