<a href="">Charles W. Clark</a>&nbsp;is a Fellow of&nbsp; <a href="">the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)</a>&nbsp;and is Co-Director of&nbsp; <a href="">the Joint Quantum Institute</a>&nbsp;of NIST and&nbsp; <a href="">the University of Maryland</a>.&nbsp; He has a Ph.D. in theoretical atomic, molecular and optical physics from the University of Chicago and has spent most of his career at NIST.&nbsp; Since 1997 he has run a summer course on solution of physics problems for first-year graduate students of UMD, and he is co-editor of&nbsp; <a title="Link:" href="">the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions</a>, which will be used as a primary reference in some parts of the course.&nbsp; <br> <div> <br> </div>


Exploring Quantum Physics