Build your first Self Driving Car using AWS DeepRacer

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Explore technology which power Self Driving Cars (AWS DeepRacer)

Understand how to Train, Evaluate and Deploy models on AWS DeepRacer

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Self Driving cars have caught the attention of the automotive world in terms of operational efficiency and value they bring by automating driving. In fact, new age car makers such as Tesla who have reached highest market capitalization in Auto industry in year 2021, have developed technology which is well ahead by few years of traditional known automotive car makers. Technology which powers Self Driving car includes sophisticated algorithms such as deep reinforcement learning and that’s what we shall leverage to build your first self driving car on AWS DeepRacer platform. By the end of this course, not only you shall learn how to build your first self driving car but you could also participate in Amazon’s DeepRacer League. Please note: As part of this course, you would need your AWS Account to complete the course. It would be charged as per your usage of AWS DeepRacer service. However, if you are using AWS DeepRacer for the first time, at the time of creating this course – AWS provides 10 hours of free hours to train or evaluate the model and 5 GB of storage during the first month. Overall you need to use this service within the first 1 month post which you shall be charged.

Habilidades que você desenvolverá

Machine LearningReinforecement Learning ApplicationsArtificial IntelliegnceSelf Driving CarsAWS DeepRacer

Aprender passo a passo

Em um vídeo reproduzido em uma tela dividida com a área de trabalho, seu instrutor o orientará sobre esses passos:

  1. Get Started with AWS DeepRacer

  2. Choose the Race Track and Race Type

  3. Tune your Car Engine: Define Hyperparameters for our Training Algorithm

  4. Build your Car Engine: Define the Reward Function

  5. Train your Model

  6. Evaluate Model

  7. Clone, Tune and Deploy your model on Different track

  8. It's not over - Join the AWS DeepRacer League and be a Star

  9. Avoid Surprise Expense - Delete AWS Resources

  10. Summary

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Em um vídeo de tela dividida, seu instrutor te orientará passo a passo

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