3.1 Historical Perspectives on the Suppression and Eradication of Aedes aegypti in the Americas - Interview with Prof. James Webb

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Module 3 presents the different types of vector prevention and control. You will get knowledge on the history of vector control and the lessons we have learnt over time. You will also be taught about large-scale control programmes that are now taking place to eradicate mosquitoes in many parts of the world. Beside the common use of insecticides you will explore one new “ecological” technology based on a bacteria that live within the mosquito Aedes. Prof. James Webb will start by talking about the history of vector control and eradication over time. Then, Dr. Frédéric Simard will explain who should be targeted first to prevent vector and virus transmission. You will explore with Prof. John Vontas the molecular analysis of insecticide resistance in major mosquito vectors from mechanisms to resistance management. Finally, Prof. Scott O’Neill will explain you the new and ecofriendly technology of vector control with the Wolbachia bacteria.

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