7.2 关于英语演讲的一些建议与问答

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张宏岩老师邀请美国好友Charles Odendhal 先生为大家上课。Odenhal 先生自98年致力于为中国知名大学和企业包括央企高管做沟通方面的训练。他从母语者角度不仅告诉大家应该如何做一个好的演讲,而且提供了克服演讲中障碍的方法,更有一些关于英语演讲的建议与问答,简直是倾囊相授啊!速速来看!Mr. Charles Odendhal, an experienced lecturer from USA who had been providing communication training to many leading Chinese universities and enterprises, together with executives from SOEs under supervision of the central government. He shared, from a native speaker’s point of view, his own experience teaching a Chinese to make great English speeches and presentations.

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