Week 2 Introduction

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What are some of your own individual successes and failures at effectively voicing and acting on your values? What conditions made it easier for you to speak and act, and which conditions made it more difficult? We will spend week two of the course recognizing and reflecting on your responses to these questions so that you can gain some insights into your own strengths, abilities, and personal styles that empower you to act on your values. You'll do so by continuing to explore the pillars of GVV by taking an in depth look at Choice, Normalization, and Self-Knowledge and Alignment. Often people do not act on their values because they felt as though they had no choice. We learn that we often have more options than we believe we do. The Normalization pillar helps us perceive values conflicts as a normal everyday part of our lives. The Self-Knowledge and Alignment pillar helps us understand how to identify and use our strengths and abilities to effectively act on our values. Finally, we will hear a story about Ceilia and how she framed a challenge that played to her strengths to address a values conflict in her work. By the end of this module, you'll be able to identify and consider your own strengths and preferences for values expression in your career and your broader life.

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