Making it Real

After you’ve gone through the ideation process, how do you make your ideas tangible so that you can test them with others and answer critical questions necessary for pushing your idea forward? To help you make ideas real, our final lesson will introduce you to the rules of prototyping including building ideas quickly, making a lot of prototypes, and providing only essential details. We’ll discuss questions you’ll want to ask when testing your idea with different people. You’ll learn the importance of making many prototypes so as not to get attached to any one idea and so you can pick the parts that work best for each idea. Through rapid iteration and testing, you will more quickly get to a meaningful and accessible experience that you will be proud of. We’ll conclude with four popular forms of prototyping including storyboards, role-plays, walkthroughs and touch-points – all forms of prototyping you can do with materials you can find around your home. No coding needed! What I hope you'll take away from this lesson is a love of making ideas tangible to answer specific questions and how different forms of prototyping will influence the questions you can answer. So we can take all of those ideas written on sticky notes and make them real!

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