Week 3 Intro by Marco te Brömmelstroet

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Urban Planning, Qualitative Research, Bicycle planning, Urban design


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12 de mai de 2020

I have to say all the hours of this course are worth it and it was not a waste of time. This is what you want to know when you are surfing on reviews, right fellow student? I hope you enjoy it!


7 de ago de 2020

I really loved it. I learned so much about cycling and its multiple aspects. I really want to keep learning about this subject and someday visit the Netherlands to experience it.

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Week 3: The street within a network

A four-part module alternating between academic articles and popular content examining the relationship between cycling and the environment on a meso scale.

Ministrado por

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    Anna Nikolaeva

    Assistant Professor in Urban Mobility Futures

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    Marco te Brömmelstroet

    Prof. Dr.

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    George Liu


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