Optics Lesson: How Does a Lens Work?

This week, we're exploring optics and how to make images with light. In addition to our exhibit and activity demonstrations, you'll learn how to put activities together into a lesson that helps students develop and test a mental model of how the world works. <strong>We want you to do this lesson as a learner and then reflect and discuss with your peers in the forum. </strong><br/><br/>The lesson is designed as a series of experiments, each one giving you a piece of information that lets you make a mental model. You'll be presented with several scenarios, asked to make a prediction <strong>(it's VERY important that you stop and do this at each stage of the video),</strong> and then we'll reveal what happens. You'll have an opportunity to revise and adjust your model at each stage. <br/><br/> For those of you taking this course for credit, we recommend you begin working on your <a href="https://www.coursera.org/learn/teach-light-color/peer/GKysS/design-your-own-lesson">peer-reviewed assignment</a>. If you want some feedback before you submit your assignment, we suggest you post questions and drafts of your lesson plan in the forum.

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